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omg i had the third worst pooping experience yesterday so i had to poop in the morning and the turd was on its way to the water but it wouldnt drop and i was pushing so hard my head was gnna explode and whenevrr i stopped pushing my anus contracted and the poop got sucked back in it was so frustrating i had tk give up just let it go bCk inside my colon until finally this morning i pooped it i imagine thats what anal feels like and im scared

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Muitos homens acham que o sonho das mulheres é arrumar um amor correspondido, estão errados, o sonho de toda mulher é comer sem engordar.
Eu amo, amo muito, amo mesmo, intensamente, imensamente, e infinitamente, não sei amar pouco, nem moderado, sou exagerada nesse quesito, pois para mim amor é exagero do sentir, é ser da pessoa, é se entregar de corpo e alma a quem se ama, sem medo, sem dramas, somente com amor.
—  Since 1997.

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Just in case someone asks, there's an Omegle tag set, #affectedbyhate for those who are feeling down and don't feel like sharing who they are. They're free to discuss their feelings anonymously with their fellow SPN fans who're willing to help them. Here's my post about it harriscortese(.)tk/post/106387034631/affectedbyhate-on-omegle


"I couldn’t do anything when my brother was hurting and closed his heart up to everyone around him… I really regret that. My parents were trying to separate me from my brother, and they wouldn’t let him out of the room they’d locked him in. But as I just wanted to be by his side a little, I stood in the hallway, and I heard my brother’s crying voice. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to save him, but I couldn’t."

Excerpt from Noiz’s drama CD, disc 2, track 2, when Aoba’s having coffee with Theo, and they’re talking about Noiz’s past and other things.

This is a rough translation done by me. I’m not fluent in Japanese so there might be some errors, but I think I got most of it right.