DISCLAIMER: Some (if not all) of her basic traits are brought to you thanks to zedrin-maybe's Robot Girl Generator. Kind of a long read below:

Basic traits:

  • Purpose: Civil/human job —> Job decided to be detective
  • Outfit: Avante garde —> Sort of changed to flamboyant
  • Frame: Curvy
  • Class: Pseudo-human —> I kind of took some freedom here
  • Personality: Technical —> Added a little mix of mellow with a bit of sultry
  • Extra: Ranged weaponry —> More especifically, skill with ranged weaponry but some weapons are built in too

BX-016 or Vix is a human-like gynoid built with ranged combat in mind. However, this doesn’t necessarily make her a fighter-class robot as she resembles more a civilian with great prowess using ranged weaponry; she features powerful air thrusters for quick mobility and her figure is slim enough to fit into tight spaces allowing for advantage points. She also has an automatic aim system but she prefers to do it manually. Her hand-to-hand combat abilities are good enough to take care of herself. She doesn’t like to use melee weapons.

One feature that she posseses is the ability to learn and use the knowledge obtained through cards. That way she can learn to use new weapon systems or even just make the perfect soufflé. However this ability has a drawback as she must be careful with how much information she keeps as too much info can overload her systems and make her act glitchy or enact a failsafe reboot deleting any information deemed unimportant. As a backup system, the information can be stored on blank cards with enough capability or be directly uploaded to a terminal.

When on duty, she tends to be rather cold and strict but once there is no job to do she demonstrates to be a mellow girl and pleasant to hang around, her technical persona is always present as she tends to overanalize things sometimes and go on with long explanations or tinkering with stuff.

Her personality is the lovechild of her creator’s and a good short-circuit on the transfer machine that somehow managed to finish the transfer although flawed.

Vix used to live with her creator (who called her “little cherry Vix”) and interact with him, but he passed because of old age so she didn’t get to know him enough even when both got along most of the time. He left her as the heir to his wealth, as little as it was, also including all of her schematics, materials, components and such should she ever need repair or modifications.

Her job as a detective allows her to not only afford her living but also visit foreign places. Although not with worldwide fame, she still is considered one good detective that will get the job done.

And I guess that’s all for now. If you want to use her or something just notify me please uwu

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