Countdown to Mockingjay Pt.1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 263/325


"We’re so far down, I’m sure we’re safe," says my mother wanly. Is she thinking of my father’s being blown to nothingness in the mines? "It was a close call, though. Thank goodness Peeta had the wherewithal to warn us."

The wherewithal. A general term that somehow includes everything that was needed for him to sound the alarm. The knowledge, the opportunity, the courage. And something else I can’t define.

"Peeta and I sit on the damp sand, facing away from each other, my right shoulder and hip pressed against his. I watch the water as he watches the jungle, which is better for me. I’m still haunted by the voices of the jabberjays, which unfortunately the insects can’t drown out. After a while I rest my head against his shoulder. Feel his hand caress my hair.”

Catching Fire Chapter 24

I love this moment in the book…

Hardships of a Fangirl

~Unrequited love between a fictional character
~Unrequited love between celebrities
~Non-Canon OTPs
~5 hours or more of endless scrolling through Tumblr
~Unable to live in a fictional world
~Knowing that your gay OTPs will never be considered by your fandom as a canon

(You can add more if you want)

I honestly don’t know how Tumblr is going to survive Mockingjay because, not only is it the final installment of an amazing series that just so happens to be girl-power heavy… it’s also going to have Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer in a movie together. Like, two of our queens in the same movie. We practically worship them. And just imagine the two of them hanging out on set together… *CRIES* I’m pretty sure Mockingjay will end us all.