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If you haven’t seen Panic! Perform Hallelujah live in front of an audience full of fans (as opposed to the douchebag audience at th shorty awards), you should totally watch this. The video isn’t mine, and the quality is pretty mediocre (whoever filmed it had the gain set wrong and their hand over the mic) but you can see how happy he is, which is awesome. :D:D

Compliments from Yokozuna to Yuzuru Hanyu

Article from Sportiva [x]

*Yokozuna is the highest rank in the sumo society in Japan, currently is Hakuhou (and this article is written by him)

In March, Yokozuna won for the 34th time in his career. After his victory, he watched Hanyu’s performances in World Team Trophy.

… (I really don’t know much about sumo so I can’t translate the part where he describes his match….but he won! :) )

Speaking of “victory”, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu performed extraordinarily well. In World Team Trophy, last major competition of this season (2014-15), Hanyu gave two excellent performances in short programme and free skating, which resulted in first in both men’s short and free, as well as third place overall for Team Japan.

I have been paying attention to him for quite a while; not only during his performance in Sochi Olympics, but also how he fights and performs in many other competitions. Finally, I was able to watch his performance in person during World Team Trophy a few days ago. Under the tensed and stressful atmosphere, Hanyu perform two beautiful and exceptional programmes, and I am really touched by his skating.

The taut atmosphere in the arena is unique for figure skating. I cannot even start to imagine how tensed it was during the Olympics and how much pressure it’d put on each and every skater. Hanyu obtained his gold medal despite the fact that he was in that situation. That is why his performance can move people and touch people’s hearts.

At any competition, I believe, there are two types of people: those who can take a chance and those who cannot. And, every winner has the ability to take a chance and thay is also part of the person’s strength.

Hanyu is especially well at this aspect. Although he had suffered from accident and injuries in the beginning of the season, he was able to finish his season on a high note.

Also, even though Hanyu is only 20 years old, he has already showed his qualities and responsibilities as a champion. I, who became Yokozuna at age of 22, understand his struggle (as an Olympic champion, in terms of the responsibilities that come with it), as I have spent years to try to understand what is the responsibilities of a Yokozuna. Hanyu has showed me the strength of those who are not afraid of the responsibility of those who are on the top of the world (badly translated again! but what Yokozuna said is that strength of those who “are at point of no return” because they are the champions and they have to perform the duty and responsibility that come with it).

It is a precious and valuable experience for me to see someone, who is on the top of the world, performed his responsibilities and achieved the best results.

Published on 26th April 2015

Another quick translate, but I am currently brain dead and many parts are badly translated so basically Yokozuna really likes yuzu :P I will edit it once I have time :) (pls let me know if there is any mistake and I hope no one has posted it yet…but if somone did…well meh *back to revision* )

TH/LOTR: Legolas' change in nature/character development

There has been a lot of confusion over why Legolas’ character appears different in The Hobbit than it does in The Lord of The Rings. So I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the subject to help people understand why he undergoes this change. In TH he is full of sorrow, and appears to be still grieving for the death of his mother. His behaviour is constantly being observed by his father and kin, for this reason he cannot show weakness. This includes showing compassion towards ‘lesser’ beings. 

His change in nature seen in LOTR is partly due to him being away from Thranduil, Tauriel, and the elves of the Woodland realm. Mirkwood is a solemn place, and it’s understandable how the environment could have an affect on his personality. Just being around his father everyday would have had a huge influence on him, what with his selfishness and inconsiderate nature. However when Legolas parts with his father Thranduil finally tells him that his mother ‘loved him’, and I believe that hearing this helped Legolas recover from his grief. 

In LOTR I have noticed that Legolas is less immature, he is not as stubborn and selfish as he once was, he is more compassionate and much wiser, and yet he is joyful. He actually smiles.

I believe that this is due to his time spent with Strider. Aragorn is a much kinder and gentler spirit than those of Legolas’ woodland kin, but growing up with the elves, he still understands their ways. It’s not hard to believe that Legolas is fascinated by Aragorn; a mortal man with the nature of an elf; a ranger who is in fact the heir to the throne of Gondor. It is apparent that during their time spent together Legolas learns a lot from him. 

Both of them had lost their mothers, this being something they could both relate to. But where there was sorrow there was also happiness. Whilst in his company, Legolas was finally able to appreciate life and see the joys within it. Something that his father prevented him from doing. 

And then there’s Gimli coming into his life-  

which pretty much speaks for itself.

if you want to discuss Billa’s sexuality, feel free to do so anywhere you want BUT not under his fucking pictures on instagram like what is wrong with you? do you think he wants to read 500 comments about people fighting if he is gay or not or if he’s bi or whatever? it’s honestly so fucking disrespectful, don’t you understand that?

i personally think he is gay but do i go on his instagram/TH’s facebook and write it everywhere? no. and why? because i fucking respect him. gosh. just stop please, you dumbasses