"Noting how Horan started off in Mullingar as a junior golfer in 2006 on a handicap of 80 they said he would currently be ranked as one of the best players in the country, having gotten himself down to a handicap of 11"

is that why harry won’t play with him anymore

ok since it’s nearing th end of the year i thought i might as well hop on and make one of these too, so w/o further ado here’s my gay ass follow forever




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Sorry for being late.
I made two ways of graphical explanation of Euler’s formula.
This explanation is the same as wikipedia.
Another explanation post is coming soon.

Fig 1
The N-th power of a (complex number) is located as shown, and all triangles are similarity. because the absolute values are multiplied and the arguments are added to yield the polar form of the product. the points are on a logarithmic spiral.

Fig 2
Put a=(1+i θ/N), and take a limit N→∞ then the logarithmic spiral approaches the unit circle. The argument of a is equal to arctan(θ/N). This argument is approximately equal to θ/N in case of N»1.

Fig 3
The N-th power of a is located as shown.

Fig 4
To sum up, take the limit N→∞ then a^N approaches cos(θ)+sin(θ).

Fig 5
Remember the definition of e^z, We obtain Euler’s formula, e^i θ=cos(θ)+sin(θ).


This is my second time making one of these… and I still have no clue what to actually write here, heh, so I’ll just skip straight to the important part - my fave blogs/bloggers!

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Hollow Crowns and Deadly Thrones:

Renly’s appeal to military supremacy has a certain pragmatic sense given that he has an army of 100,000, which is a staggering size for a medieval army.

In the Middle Ages, logistical shortcomings meant that armies of this size were not practical, with an average size for medieval armies of 10-20,000 men. As late as the 16th century, armies tended to top out at the 40,000 mark. The “military revolution” of the early 17th century was where things really started to change, with armies in the 100,000 and above range becoming common for major military powers. (see “The Military Revolution in Early Europe” by David Parrott, in in History Today Volume: 42 Issue: 12)

When you have an army bigger than all your other rivals combined. arguments that military strength should trump everything definitely favors his argument in the short-term. When Renly offers to Catelyn to count his camp fires, as:

"You will still be counting when dawn breaks in the east … I’m told your son crossed the neck with twenty thousand swords at his back … Now that the lords of the Trident are with him, perhaps he commands forty thousand … I have twice that number here … and this is only a part of my strength."

Catelyn II, A Clash of Kings

there is no denying the crude strength of his argument that his opponents should bend the knee because he possesses a predominance (if not a hegemony) of military force, lest they be destroyed outright. In many ways, it’s the same argument Aegon made to his peers before the Conquest.

In the long-term, however, it’s an extremely dangerous political theory for the stability of the Westerosi monarchy. Renly has the most troops at that moment, but there’s no way to be sure that Renly or his descendant, or his descendant’s descendant will have the same numerical advantage in the future. If his argument is accepted as binding precedent, Renly will forever have to remain on his guard lest someone out there strike while he is unaware since it’s now accepted that a strongman can legitimately overthrow a sitting king. Even if he succeeded in holding the Iron Throne for the duration of his natural life, the odds are good that his death will set off a new civil war as each of the Great Houses assesses the new balance of power.

" Có rất nhiều chuyện, trước khi kịp quý trọng thì đã thành chuyện xưa. Có rất nhiều người, trước khi kịp để tâm thì đã thành người cũ.

Cuộc sống không bán vé khứ hồi - mất đi vĩnh viễn không có lại được ! Chúng ta đều già quá nhanh - nhưng sự thông minh thì lại đến quá muộn. “