Taken 3 ( 2014 )



Ex-government operative Bryan Mills finds his life is shattered when he’s falsely accused of a murder that hits close to home. As he’s pursued by a savvy police inspector, Mills employs his particular set of skills to track the real killer and exact his unique brand of justice.


Release Date : 2014-12-16

Casts : Judi Beecher, Jonny Weston, Andrew Borba, Sam Spruell, Famke Janssen, Alexander Wraith, Maggie Grace, David Warshofsky, Liam Neeson, Dougray Scott, Forest Whitaker, Leland Orser, Jon Gries, Andrew Howard, Don Harvey, Dylan Bruno, Al Sapienza

Duration : 109 minutes runtime

Rating : 6.3


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TWD Scenery + Space per Episode1x01 “Days gone bye

No, not the ones they put down. The ones they didn’t, the walkers, like the one I shot today. C'ause he’d have ripped into you, tried to eat you, taken some flesh at least. Well, I guess if this is the first you’re hearing it, I know how it must sound. But listen, one thing I do know - don’t you get bit. I saw your bandage and that’s what we were afraid of. Bites kill you. The fever burns you out. But then after a while…you come back. 


The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen 

“You will laugh, wince, groan, weep, leave the table and maybe the country, promise never to go home again, and be reminded of why you read serious fiction in the first place.” –The New York Review of Books

Jonathan Franzen is recognized as one of the best living American novelists in the 21st century, perhaps even the best. He has a streak for delivering epic novels, which reflect a slice of American apple pie. The Corrections follows the story of Enid Lambert, who has been a wife and mother for almost fifty years. She’s ready to have fun and relax, but unfortunately her family is crumbling apart. Her husband now has Parkinson’s disease and her adult children are suffering. Her eldest is desperately attempting to convince his family that he is not suffering from depression. While the middle child has taken and unsuccessful career path and the youngest and only daughter, Denise has left her disastrous marriage for an affair with a married man. Lambert only has one goal: to bring her family together for Christmas one last time. 

Ultimately, Franzen writes real adult fiction. There are no happy endings. There are compromises, disappointments and in between there is dysfunction. Franzen authentically dissects the anonymity of an imperfect family living in the 21st century. Think Tolstoy for the contemporary era. Yes, he is that good! Overall, The Corrections is not harsh, or a shadow of reality, this is hardcore reality. Franzen always teaches us how a contemporary American epic novel should be constructed. If you want to read a masterpiece, which is honest and intelligent, shoot for this. 

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1. Last night was the Walk For Wishes. I was interviewed on live TV. Ever had to do that? It’s intense. I told myself not to freeze, not to pull a Bruce Almighty, and to try to make some sense. I think accomplished at least some of these things. In this picture, I’m walking with some of my best friends. I’m the one in the middle. I’m always in the middle.

2. Our vacation was amazing. There’s too much to tell. I missed my friends. I missed my pocketknife, because you can’t take those on the plane. I missed our night nurse, damn it. In hindsight, we should have taken her. Make A Wish would have paid for it, too, they paid for everything. Then we could have had even more fun.

3. Something got into our chicken coop and slaughtered all but two of our chickens. We woke up to feathers all over the lawn. The white feathers stuck out sharply against the green grass. The blood was harder to see. Now I have to buy eggs. Some people said, hey, it’s good that your kids have seen suffering, they’ll learn a lot. I guffaw. We’ve seen suffering. The girls have learned a hell of a lot more from their brother.

4. A good friend of mine is battling breast cancer for the third time. Every summer, we join her team and walk to raise money for the cause. This is the first year we will walk when she’s not in remission. I will walk with my best friends. I’ll be the one in the middle. I’m always in the middle.

5. Remember the movie Heat? Robert De Niro said you should never get attached to anything you can’t walk away from in thirty seconds flat. I have way too many of those things. I couldn’t walk away if I tried.

The Ziam/Larry Divide: Survey Results

Approximately 7,000 years ago, I sent out a survey asking for opinions on Ziam, Larry, and the strange, unfortunate divide between people who ship one or the other (or both) in the fandom.

Due to an escalation of fandom tension over the last few months, it was tricky to decide when would be best to discuss the data that the survey gathered. 

But, that might be severely overrating the importance of the findings. At any rate, it’s just interesting data. So here it is.

Disclaimer: this data was sourced within a week of March 25th, the date of Zayn’s departure, and thus might reflect heightened tensions and biases. It does not reflect my opinions, only those of the respondents. 

Further, these results are not to be taken as absolutes. Fewer than 1,000 respondents in a fandom of millions is not reflective of the fandom as a whole. Since these are largely opinion-based questions, they should not be used as a perfect reflection of reality.

This survey was published in English, thus excluding potential, non English-speaking respondents.

All numbers that could be calculated automatically and without room for human error were. However, error may still have occurred. 

If one is to use this data, please do so responsibly and without the intent of riling up or attacking other members of the fandom; this was intended as a means for fandom members to explore their own relationship to shipping and the fandom environment, not as a tool of division. 

Further data can be pulled from the survey results. If a particular cross-section or percentage interests you, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can help.

Without further ado, out of 933 usable responses…

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also: http://patch.com/massachusetts/milton/milton-woman-charged-early-morning-shooting-0/

and: http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/29115256/66-guns-ammunition-found-at-milton-home-after-domestic-shooting

This is the kind of shit that happens in MA, a 63 year old man (who is apparently an assistant clerk magistrate, and a firearms instructor) is shot in his own home by his girlfriend who believed he was seeing another woman. Police arrest the woman, the man is taken to the hospital, and then the police SEARCH HIS HOME AND SEIZE ALL OF HIS FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION and ask the ATF to check and see if they can find anything illegal to pin on him.

Guys, don’t get shot in MA. Especially in your own house. You could be subjected to search and seizure.

former-fattie asked:

I just realized today why tucutes offend me so much. They think it's a game. They think it's fucking cute to just wake up one day and decide "hey, I'll be a magigender now, sweet!" They think it's FUN to be trans. It's not. Any trans person would trade an arm and a leg to be a cis person of the opposite gender. Any one of them. Ask them. No one WANTS to be trans. Except those fucks, who hate cis people, because MY HEAD HURTS, RAGE BOILING UP, MUST DESTROY THE UNIVERSE.

That’s exactly my biggest problem with them. 

They’re trivializing transgenderism/gender dysphoria and it’s fucking harmful. People who call themselves “trans” and identify as “stargender” or some shit are making it damn hard for actual trans people to be taken seriously in society. 

General Warning

don’t take extra SSRIs when you’re upset. it will make your symptoms worse. instead, talk to your doctor about getting some kind of anti-anxiety medication like lorazepam that is designed to be taken occasionally, on an as-needed basis.

i say again, do not mess around with your ssri dosage on a bad day. dosage adjustment should be a scientific and gradual process.

anonymous asked:

what do you think of Tom Breevort (on tumblr) answers to Wanda and Pietro retcon?

Ok so I’m a goyim and my opinion shouldn’t matter here like literally at all. That said I want to put this in the tags because Brevoort didn’t tag it.

Ok so I’m going to quickly summarize what’s going on here much of what I’m saying is directly from the replies please check this thread in particular for the links and sources  

  • it is anti semitic to declare that the Maximoff twins Jewishness is not relevant to their stories
  • Jewish representation is being taken away and with the excuse that now they’ll be “more” Roma. Read that again. 
  • there’s no more validity to coming from 2 Roma parents as opposed to being “less” Roma when Magneto was their father. 
  • And saying that they’re “more legitimately Roma” etc is coming from the perspective of a white christian man.
  • Anti Romani racism and anti Semitism is on the rise throughout Europe and elsewhere. 
  • Erasing Jewish representation in the comics after having erased it in the MCU is compounding the anti Semitism not actually doing anything to fix the anti roma racism of the MCU.  
  • (mod m note:   Literally I want to know how this helps anything at all. imho it makes everything worse because its a distraction from the MCU erasure of the twins Romani and Jewish heritage). 

Basically I could go on but this commentary is best read from Jewish bloggers and I encourage you to click the links if you’re just now seeing this. 

mod m

(Under the cut is a copy-pasted text from the screenshot for accessibility purposes)

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Official lyrics from ARCHE EU


You say as you look away
The wrist that wakes you
“People can be reborn again”

Strangely, I am drawn without resistance
Mingling with a caterpillar

The sphinx hides underneath
The sofa bed with a carved leg
A little peak under the tattoo
Taking a look inside

Its claws come out gently
Its short tail flapping away

Choosing your words
To tame, that’s up to you

I light the chandelier for you
Touching the parched scales

You say as you look away
The wrist that wakes you
“People can be reborn again”

Strangely, I am drawn without resistance
Mingling with a caterpillar

Its claws come out gently
Its short tail flapping away

Let me see you sway
I am taken by the beauty of the struggle

Choosing your words
To tame, that’s up to you

I light the chandelier for you
Touching the parched scales


hey lol am i too late… eh posting anyways. hi, I’m lauren and youtube has taken over my life. i watch all youtubers, though i especially watch troye, connor, tyler, dan, phil, colleen, josh, jenna, and the shaytards! lets be best friends