So tonight I was able to see Fall Out Boy perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They performed their new song “Centuries” as well as “Young Volcanoes”, “The Phoenix”, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”, and “Thnks fr th Mmrs”. I swear these men never fail me when it comes to their new songs and live shows. I showed up to get in line at 6:30 a.m because I thought the line would be packed if I showed up later, little did I know that I was completely wrong. It was so hot and sunny outside that I felt like I was going to literally melt. No one showed up in line because who wants to be burning up in the sun for hours? There was only about ten of us in line until it turned 2 p.m and at that moment people began showing up. I wasn’t the first one in line, I was actually the fourth but I was still lucky enough to be in the front row. Unfortunately, I forgot to put sunscreen on my face so now I have a sunburn on my face. (That’s definitely going to hurt in the morning) When they let us go in front of the stage I was so excited, I just wanted the filming of the Jimmy Kimmel show to go by quick. When FOB finally hit the stage I began cheering so loudly that I lost my voice. I waved my arms around, clapped, and sang along to all of their songs. Centuries sounds AMAZING live and I can’t wait to see them perform it again in future shows! I was so bummed out because the security there handed drumsticks and picks to people elsewhere and not the people in the very front. I mean, we were all waiting for over 9 hours in the hot sun, don’t we deserve something? I didn’t let that bother me though because it was still an awesome show!


After the show was over my friend and I headed to the side of the Jimmy Kimmel Live building where people can meet the guests. We didn’t get to meet Joe or Pete because they left without greeting the fans. (I get it though, both men have children to get home to so I’m not mad at all) Then Patrick came out and security held him back so he wouldn’t go to the fans because of safety issues and whatnot. Since Patrick is a total sweetheart he ran to the fans and made sure he high fived every single one of us that were out there. After that my friend and I just walked away and went to the train station so we can head home but on the way there we found Patrick again! Except this time he was inside his car with his wife, I didn’t realize it until my friend told me that he was there. He was so close to us and the only thing in the way was a big fence. He could see us perfectly and hear us so that was the good thing. So I put my thumbs up and said “Awesome job tonight! Great show!” and he put his thumb up as well, smiled, and said something but I couldn’t quite hear what he said. I didn’t take any pictures of this moment because his wife was in the car and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable or anything. When we waved goodbye at him my friend accidentally took a picture right when he smiled and waved back at us. (The picture was originally really grainy and dark but I tried to fix it.)


Little did I know that this picture would have turned out to be the most adorable thing ever. When we started walking towards the train station again they were exiting the parking lot and we stopped walking so they could exit first. His wife was kind enough to let us go first and we waved goodbye to them again, and Patrick smiled and waved again. Seriously though, tonight was so awesome. Can’t wait to watch their performance on TV tonight!

anonymous said:

I feel terrible I have a girlfriend who I love and we have been together for two years, she absolutely pretty and I love her so much but I met this girl at school and I swear when I saw this girl my heart stopped her smile swept me off my feet she's not pretty, hot, or cute she's straight up the most beautiful girl that I'd ever seen and I see her everyday at practice I would never ever cheat on my girlfriend but I feel horrible that I like her but I'm head over heels

if you have feelings for another girl it’s pretty damn simple. break up with your girlfriend. i hate people who think they have to stay in a relationship because it’s the right or the comfortable thing to do. fuck. that. you’re lying to yourself and your girlfriend, and your girl does not deserve that, she does not deserve someone who is not fully devoted to her. it’s time to let her go so she can have someone who deserves her. do it the right way. and then after all that is over, go after this new girl. whatever you do don’t stay with your girlfriend that’s so fucking rude when you care about someone else.

t0becontinued said:

I swear to god if I ever see your nasty horse toothed face again I will fucking smash it in. Now I understand why your family always hated you. You're a worthless, ungrateful, irrational, psychotic retard who starves herself because you're too much of a fat lazy piece of shit to lose weight. You'll never be anything. You never were. You're literally good for nothing and I hate every inch of you. I want you dead. I'd rip your head from your shoulders myself. I've never felt so much hatred. Cunt.

Can we all just read this. This is my ex.

This made me laugh!

Really?! A white model?!

White people are centuries late for everything. They were late for personal hygiene, the toilet, spices in food… etc etc. Now they’re JUST discovering kohl and its uses??

I swear they run out of ideas and go, “Well what are those people of color  doing nowadays? Let’s steal it and make it our own. Call those du-rags ‘urban tie caps’ mkay.”

LOL honkies. Gotta love ‘em.

- Jess

  • Me:*wears TRXYE jumper to school*
  • Friend:"Trixie?"
  • Me:*tries to not punch friend*
  • Me:"Noooo it's T-R-X-Y-E"
  • Friend:"I don't get it isn't that just Trixie?
  • Me:"No it's an acronym you say it like it's spelt"
  • Friend:"Why is there an X in the middle though"
  • Me:*gets tired of explaining to friend*
  • Me:"Because Troye is artistic as fuck and he wanted to be cool and mysterious and his EP is the best
  • Friend:"OMG you swore"
  • Me:*facepalms*
  • Like 3 hours later
  • Friend:"I still think it's Trixie"
  • Me:"I'm gonna put this on tumblr"
  • Friend:"Whatever I know it's Trixie"
  • Me:"I'm going to legit punch a wall now"

i want a m/m frat au. i want a nervous freshman(muse a) rushing for a frat with his friend against his will . i want a cocky junior fraternity brother(muse b) eying him from across the room at their first frat party. i want make out sessions in the basement when the muse a is sent to get ice. i want hard fucks in the middle of the night when they have to keep quiet to prevent getting caught. i want muse b warning muse a about hazing tactics. i want them both swearing on their lives this is just a little college fun, when they both know it’s a lot more than that. please give me a m/m frat au.

kiniyakkii said:

regarding Phyrra's formal-ness, what would be hilarious is that it's not that she /can't/ speak informally or use swear words, it's that in general, something (like her... headband?) actively changes her speech. Like, one day something manages to knock it off and she's got hit in the head and it's a situation where you can't not swear and off she goes! Phyrra starts using swears that the others didn't even know existed.

I really wany Pyrrha to step on a lego or something and be like “PRIMORDIAL GOD SHITTING FUCK THAT HURT!” and then she just


And Ren just:


and Nora just:


and Jaune like:


anonymous said:

insult insult insult claim your art sucks desth threat insult swear insult swear swear

offend and smart comeback



There was one time when I was a kid
I hid in the circus at the age of six
Because all I remember is him following me around
A creepy clown with an upside-down frown

To say the least; this clown was not funny
It’s more amusing watching bees make honey
With his stupid flower; he squirted my eyes
He made a little boy sad; oh God why?

With his big shoes; he invaded my bubble
I swear this clown was nothing but trouble
He failed at making those animal balloons
He wrapped himself up; what a buffoon!

Watching him juggle was really a bore
He dropped all the balls right on the floor
Then on his unicycle he kept spinning around
And circling me with his upside-down frown

The worst of it all that I can recall
He mimed every move; run, stop, and crawl
Like looking into a mirror with an alien staring back
Such an invasion of privacy; I was mentally attacked

And how can so many clowns fit in a car?
What are they doing in there?; how can they get far?
Imagine being tailed by a bunch of creepy clowns
A bunch of creepy clowns with upside-down frowns

I have to say my biggest complaint
You don’t know what he’s thinking behind his face paint
He could be a murderer, a psycho, but he’ll always grin
Even while committing the most tragic of sins

But if clowns are your thing, then please no offense
Maybe you find laughter in these weird events
As for me, as you see, I really hate clowns
Especially ones with upside-down frowns

I solemnly swear that this will be the last thing I say on the matter. Also, it’s not addressed to anyone in specific but just a reminder since I’m sure getting closer to the premiere will bring out a bit more frustration. 

  1. There’s absolutely no point in getting riled up over synopses or promos for example. Both are meticulously crafted by the network department in order to make the show more exciting, dramatic, and so forth. It’s business. It’s meant to sell the show.
  2. As horrible as it is to get hate every day, block and ignore, lovelies. Ship our beautiful ship and let the rest be. Don’t give them any attention and eventually they’ll stop. Stop wasting your energy on the negative part. I promise this whole fandom thing is so much funner when it’s focused on the good.

One of the things I love most about shipping Captain Swan is the fact it’s guaranteed endgame. It’s in the writing. It’s in the acting. It’s in the story. And literally I don’t care how many bumps are in the road as long as those two get their happily ever after (which they will). 

I’m done. 
Spread love, angel faces xxo

i’ve felt like trash the past few days so i’m remembering a time when i felt hot i swear i don’t actually have a lazy eye

I swear this dudes weed smelled like straight up oregano but i didnt say anything because he was already actin like he smoked out of snoop dogg’s asshole or something so I let him live his little lie.

kirito you are one of my favorite characters in any anime but i swear to fuck if u cheat on asuna or pretend she doesn’t exist