Just a Soul Eater AU that I’ve been itching to do. It’s an AU where the gang are college students and anime otakus. This idea most likely has been done somewhere before, but oh well. 

Here’s the basic idea:

The bright and diligent Maka Albarn is a hardcore anime fan who has been in love with the genre for as long as she could remember. Unfortunately, her love for anime caused her classmates in her private high school to be rather awkward around her and/or to spurn her existence, leaving her with no “true companions” by the time she graduated. In an effort to avoid a repeat of her high school years, Maka made a vow that she’ll keep her otaku habits to herself as a college student. 

This means no talking about anime, no listening to anime music, and not having any anime merchandise that’ll make her stand out (excluding the hair ties with the logo of her favorite show, of course. Those are limited edition and not worth hiding in a box!) 

The plan seemed easy enough, and was made even easier when she moved into her father’s home on the other end of the country to attend Death University, giving Maka an all new blank slate to restart her image. 

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Soul Eater Characters as Mom's

Soul: cool mom B)
Maka: Nerd mom, will do your homework for you by mistake because all you did was ask for help on one problem tbh
Black Star: that one mom that will probably fight the other moms at the pta bake sale
Tsubaki: the mom that will spoil you
Death the kid: Pageant mom, like straight up in the audience doing the dance to make sure their child is doing it right
Lord death: that one mom that’s trying to be cool and makes “fun pizza”
Liz: Shopping mom. If somethings wrong they will take you shopping until you drop
Patty: the “I have no idea whats going but I can roll with it” mom
Crona: stressed but well dressed mom
Excalibur: that mom that always goes “when I was your age”
Spirit: Cougar mom
Dr. Stein: that mom that googles what you could be sick with instead of taken you to the hospital
Medusa: Mid-life crisis mom

Teamwork  ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

Some of you liked the last Tsubaki x Black*Star picture so here is the next ^.^

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★ Anime : Soul Eater
★ Black*Star - Touhou BStar Cosplay <6
★ Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - Karin Chan Cosplay
★ Foto by https://www.facebook.com/SecondImpactCosplay

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Soma: 24hr diner AU (part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2

Two parts in two days, I’m so proud of myself! The longest chapther thus far. Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

The diner was full.

At first, when her Papa called and asked her to help, she had thought he wanted nothing but to go take care of some business a few hours earlier than usual. So, as she climbed down the stairs of their apartment, right above the diner, she cursed him and his despicable habit of frequenting the brothel on the other side of the city, as often as he did. But when she opened the door she was completely blown away by the amount of people, and the almost excruciatingly high volume, that met her.

“Maka, dear. I’m glad you’re here!” Her Papa exclaimed as soon as he saw her, wide-eyed. “It’s Blake’s anniversary,” he offered, as an explanation, “It’s going to be chaotic tonight.”

And it was. Maka didn’t stop for the whole evening, except for some short conversations with those she knew. As soon as Blake had seen her, he had engulfed her in a bear hug and demanded she bowed before her God. She was used to him, they were about the same age and had played together many times as kids, when Blake moved there to live with his uncle since both his parents had died.

Maka used to feel sorry for him, for she knew what it was like not to have one of her parents, and couldn’t imagine what it was like to not have any. But as they got older, and in one of the very rare moments that Blake was actually serious, he had confided in her that he didn’t miss them, because he didn’t remember them. Maka thought it was even sadder, the fact that he didn’t have any memories of his mom and dad, but she hadn’t said anything because he seemed like that fact didn’t bother him.

So they continued friends, although most of the time she felt like punching the god damn idiot in the face, and Maka grew fond of him as one would grow fonder of an older brother. An older brother with blue hair, something Maka never understood.

All in all, the night was busy, of course, (Maka was delighted, they had so much work that her Papa didn’t dare to leave and meet his female friends) but the atmosphere was so filled with joy and laughter that Maka wondered if that was what happiness felt like. Everywhere she looked there were people mingling, laughing, enjoying themselves and Maka tried her hardest to imprint the image in her brain.

And then, “Soul, amigo!” A loud yell, from none other than Blake, as he jumped down from the table he had been standing in (her Papa was absolutely livid, that brat is going to ruin the table. Again) and pierced through the crowd to meet the white-haired, bored looking boy that stood at the entrance. Now that was a sight. Maka would’ve never thought that someone as vivid and flashy as Blake would be friends with someone as quiet and reserved as Soul, but the arm thrown around Soul’s shoulder and the lazy grin he sent towards the blue-haired boy seemed to leave no doubts. She had never seen Soul look so happy.

But the happiness was short lived. It only took a few minutes for Maka to take a tour around the dinner, filling any empty cups and scribbling down the orders, before she found herself standing in front of him. He was sprawled out in a chair, away from the rest of the people.

“Quit sulking.” She admonished, placing a hand on her hip as the other held the small notepad in which she wrote down what people asked.

“Don’t like parties.” He replied, scrunching his nose and looking up at her. She noticed how, this time around, his eyes didn’t seem hazy with sleep. “And you are a sight for sore eyes, what’s your name?”

She felt her cheeks heating, and her heart speeding, and her breath catching in her throat before she regained control, ignoring the way her stomach twisted itself. “I’ve answered that a few times already.” She replied, deciding to play with him. Perhaps this time around, he would remember the next time he walked in.

“Oh?” His eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated, trying to remember her. “I mean, I’ve seen you around, but… We never talked, did we?”

She chuckled lightly, although her chest felt empty. “We’ve talked plenty.” As soon as she answered, she knew she shouldn’t have said anything because she could hear the hurt in her voice. “You come to this diner a lot, but you always look like you’re ready to pass out from sleep deprivation.” She continued, hoping he wouldn’t notice how hollow she was feeling.

“Shit.” He murmured and closed his eyes, opening them a bit later. “I’m really sorry, I truly don’t remember you.”

She managed to keep the smile on her face, although she felt like her chest was caving in. “Name’s Maka.” She replied, astonished by the way her voice seemed to break. “And I’ve got people to serve.” She continued, wanting to put as much distance as possible between them.

He made a move to go after her, but she swiftly melted in the crowd that was now laughing loudly at Blake’s compilation of terrible, terrible jokes.

She avoided seeing him for the rest of the evening and he apparently left before the party was over. Blake only left in the early hours of the morning and he had to be dragged by two other guys, because he was a blundering mess, shouting incoherent things and acting foolishly. Maka felt like she couldn’t reprehend his behavior. It was his birthday after all.

They were starting to clean up when her dad told her to go to bed, he would work the morning shift and she shook her head, saying she could do it, and for him to sleep until it was lunch time. It took some convincing but the man eventually left, leaving a kiss on Maka’s forehead and promising he would wake up on time and thanking her for taking his shift, since he was so tired. Maka nodded and didn’t tell him that the real reason she decided to work in the morning was that she knew, as soon as she laid her head on her pillow and ran out of things to do, her thoughts would wander back to him.

And when she opened the register and saw the bill with his handwriting, she cursed under her breath because even though he didn’t remember it, he had kept his promise. And Lord help her, she hoped he would continue to keep it.

Liz, Patty and I have made it inside the DWMA. There is still no sign of any of my friends..I’m starting to get worried. I’m hope they are somewhere in the city, fighting as hard as they can as always. The halls of the academy are oddly quiet. I was expecting a bit more of a fight. I can sense the black soul of Osiris, hovering in my office where the magic tool lies. Just waiting. It smells like a trap. A trap which I have no choice but to fall into.
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