Episode 17 Preview: The Problematic Holiday
  • Episode 17 Preview: The Problematic Holiday
  • Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl
  • Pyschobabble

Tis the season to cry “folly!” In this week’s episode, Tyler and Korey investigate the shocking secrets behind the Yuletide traditions. As they recall the most racist reindeer of all, decode the creepiest carol, and spill a life-changing Santa spoiler, you might just realize that the holidays are anything but happy. Listen to the complete episode for free, HERE!


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Amazing Hyper-realistic Statues! by Jackie K. Seo - Jamie Salmon

Jackie K. Seo and Jamie Salmon’s hyper realistic sculpture capture every wrinkle, vein, and hair with uncanny realism and attention to detail.

Hyper-Realism, the art of making something look incredibly real and detailed, is a trend that has been sweeping the art world in recent years. From paintings that seem like they were photographed to statues that seem to be seconds away from blinking and coming to immediate life. These next examples belong to the latter category, with incredible statues you will have a hard time believing aren’t real!


"It’s a massive head of hair, and it’s almost shocking red. It’s sort of auburn red, but it’s a red wig. And so, my hair is kind of big and it’s very noticeable. And I have what we joke around with on set, we call it my ‘IHS’, which is my Iconic Hair Shape, and it’s this big, beautiful, lustrous curl that runs down my back. So I could get away with having really big ears, because there was nothing that was going to distract you from the hair. And then otherwise, because I’m a warrior, because I’m not a princess, as with most– Well, both of the female Elves we’ve met in Middle Earth up to now, I don’t wear all of the glorious gowns that they wear. I don’t have all the layers and the chiffon and the silks– I’m in very practical, military clothing. I’m the head of the Elven Guard, so I spend most of my time in the movie slaughtering Orcs and Goblins, which is great fun. Although, hair down to your knees can get a bit troublesome when you’re flying around killing Orcs and Goblins. So yeah, I wear the military garb of the Woodland Elves."


Lately, I’ve been seeing some of the loveliest people on my dash receive some of the vilest messages I’ve ever read.  So, I bring you this website: x

knowanon.com allows you to set up your ask box so that you can see who sends you hateful anons. Nasty shock for one of them when you respond to a message they thought was private, right? 

this post  explains in greater detail. 

If you’re sending anon hate to anyone, you’re a coward and I hope karma kicks you in the ass. Fuckers. 


Heh he’d probably hang around the place a fair bit, going to a bunch of food stands then riding on everything till he hurls and bringing a bunch of countries with him to visit. Though I’d think he’d also check up on the place and make sure it’s safe for his people like..




The new employees get shocked every time…

Ornamental Gas

While this may look like a delicate bubble floating in space, it is actually the very energetic remains of a violent supernova explosion. The pinkish outer layer is an expanding shock wave, and the soft green and blue tint within is from material heated to millions of degrees and emitting X-rays.

This is the supernova remnant known as SNR 0509-67.5, located some 160,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud. From our perspective on Earth, the stellar explosion responsible for this orb happened 400 years ago. The glowing bubble is 23 light-years across and is expanding at a rate of 5,000 kilometers per second (11.2 million miles per hour).

This image is a composite based on observations from two of NASA’a Great Observatories. Data from the Hubble Space Telescope shows the rich star filed backdrop as well as the expanding shockwave. The Chandra X-ray Observatory details the searing material inside the expanding bubble.


Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/J.Hughes et al, Optical: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)


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*shocked niall* HOW DID YOU KNOW

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it’s amazing to me the bi people on here who just hate gay people SO MUCH???? like do you ever click through to a blog and it’s literally nothing but them talking about how gay people are the worst, drinking gay tears, etc. etc. and it’s actually just shocking? and this is absolutely encouraged and considered liberatory but i wish people could see how unbelievably harmful it is, both to gay people (obviously, but they don’t care) as well as to the bi people in question who are just hurting themselves by stoking their own internalized homophobia rather than working through it

this is not good for anyone, this is not helping anything this is poison

”I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with [being open]. When I talked about being with a woman, I was shocked and kind of offended at how people reacted so strongly. And people in the studio told me that I should deny it. I just thought, ‘We’re doing a film about this. I’m sharing my experience with this issue. What year are we living in, what’s going on, why is everybody…?’ I was glad to be open about it because I discovered something that was beautiful. I was playing a gay woman and I thought that if they were women seeing this film, they should know that I understood and appreciated it. That’s who the film are for - it’s not for my image, it’s for the people who need to identify with something.”-Angelina Jolie on the controversy caused her statements regarding her bisexuality while promoting Gia (1998). 

Over the past two seasons, no character has been as influential or important as Carol. Not Rick, not Daryl, not Gareth—no one.
During the opening season, Carol was the proverbial abused woman on television. Her husband beat her, and even once he died at the hands of the walkers, the death was met with a combination of shock and uncertainty.

Since then, Carol has become one of the most iconic characters on television today.

Carol has been forced to deal with the death of both her husband and her daughter. When it was discovered that Sophia had been turned into a walker, no one was effected more than she.
In the seasons since, Carol has become the woman who’s willing to do whatever it takes to survive. She’s killed the sick—including Tyreese’s girlfriend.
Previously built up to be a battered woman who was dependent on others, she proceeded to survive on her own after Rick banished her from the prison.
In one of the most unforgettable scenes in television history, it was Carol—not Tyreese—who told Lizzie to, “Just look at the flowers.”

When the group was trapped at Terminus and a main character was widely expected to die at the end of Gareth’s blade, it was Carol who saved them.

Carol and Carol alone.

—  December 8, 2014 - Moviepilot

Hope didn’t want to pretend like nothing happened, she wanted answers. ”So, just to be clear, your dad got a new job and that’s why you moved to Sugar Valley?” ”You can say that.. Sugar Valley was a horrible place and I’m glad my dad wanted me to go to Uni. He got a new wife who somehow didn’t like me from the beginning. I really wish we’d stayed in Berryview.. In Berryview, you’re allowed to do anything as a child, as long as you don’t cause any trouble. In Sugar Valley, there’s a curfew and everyone is so strict it’s ridiculous. They want to be this model neighborhood and don’t tolerate anyone being different.”

Hope was shocked to hear how bad of a childhood he’d had. River, and rumors, had told Hope that the Bubbles where one of the richest families that had lived in Berryview. She always assumed him being cocky and too friendly, but he was actually the black sheep of the family. 

Preference #2 - Darkness

Calum: In the darkness, it filled with snores and bumps as you both lay asleep on opposite sides of the bed. Yet, even in the darkness, and in your sleep, you can feel his arm protectively around your waist while you curl into your pillow, and he can feel your hair splayed over the pillows behind you. And even in the darkness, you can feel each others presence, and along with the snores and bumps are sighs of content, and you know that in darkness he is there with you.

Michael: In the darkness, there was always the light of the television screen that kept you both awake. Both of your eyes would be glued to the character which you were playing as, each of you with one goal: destroy each other. Figuratively, of course. Your fingers would fly across the controller, and your tongue would stick out barely in thick concentration. Profanities would slip out of both your lips, and jolts of shock would ruch through your bodies at the sudden flare of brightness on the screen. “Stop throwing bombs at me, dammit,” you said, leaning with your character when you tried to steer your vehichcle sharply around a corner. “It’s my job,” he said smuggly, throwning yet another bomb and knocking you off your truck.

Ashton: In the darkness, the only sound would be the secrets and stories shared between you in whispers. One hand would be rubbing circles in your shoulder, the other in yours playing with you fingers. Nothing was ever kept quite when you were in this time; the middle of the night after a long day, yet neither of you wanted to go to sleep. It was one of the rare times that everything was serious between you two. Sometimes there wouln’t even be speaking, just the sound of each others breathing and hums would send comfort through both of you. Before you fell alseep, however, Ashton would always mumble an, “I love you.” into your neck. You would turn over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “I love you, too, Ashton.”

Luke: In the darkness, you were silently wrapped in his embrace. His arms are wrapped around your frame, his soft fingers tracing patterns in your skin, and lips humming a familiare tune against your neck. You would be tucked into his chest, listening to the soft bumps of his heart against yours. A smile spread on your face when you recognized the song that was being hummed, and you hummed along. The hums would soon be turned to laughs, and soon it would all disipate to serene silence as you both fell asleep.

A/N - hey so I found this in my old preference folder and decided to post it because I really like it :) Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and are having a wonderful Holiday Break !!

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In regards to the sibling shipping,anna is only 16. In those days 18 is when tthe heir comes to the throne,and anna is obviously a couple years yonger than elsa so that makes anna younger than 18

When Elsa becomes queen, she is 21 years old and Anna 18, so they are adults.

Anyway it’s not like a little boy with a big man. Or a little girl with a older woman. They have similar age.

It’s only my opinion, obviously, everyone is free to draw whatever want.

I was just really shocked.

Hiro and Tadashi are so sweet in a completely “no sex” way.

Brotherhood is such a wonderful feeling. I don’t see the reason to ship them.


Day 1: Birth

Everyone knows that the current head of the Hyugga Clan, Hinata, is single. She has long stopped chasing her childhood crush and first love, Naruto, who is currently the Hokage. Although receiving numerous courtship and marriage proposals, Hinata remained single and instead, focused on the matters of her clan.

That’s why it was a shock when she announced her pregnancy, first with the council, the clan and a handful of her trusted friends. She remained cooped inside the compound for the remainder of her pregnancy, so as not to encourage rumors and news. 

Everyone wanted to know who the father is, but she remained silent. This frustrated those who knew, at least until the birth of Hinata’s child. 

Aiji, he was named. The combination of his fiery red hair and byakugan somehow doesn’t need further questioning, although passing judgement can never be stopped. After all, the most likely candidate for Aiji’s father is already a married man: Suna’s 5th Kazekage. 

Aiji has been given a number of names: The RedHead Hyuuga, The Strange Hyuuga, The Misfit Hyuuga…all pertaining to the boy’s looks not fitting into the clan’s famous general look. But there’s another nickname that both the Kazekage’s and Clan Head’s critic often state among themselves, that they rather not let anyone hear for risking earning the wrath of their leaders. No, they wouldn’t say it out loud, but they will always refer to Aiji as The Sand Demon’s Bastard.

Aiji isn’t mine. It’s jmbrax @DA, please look her up.:D

EDIT: Aiji is a love child. They wound’t touch him risking war and political drama. Gaara acknowledges him in secret and Hinata knows this. :D Gaara’s wife (whoever she is) also knows this and demands that the Aiji not be publicly and officially be recognized as Gaara’s son to save her the humiliation. Aiji doesn’t know this too, until he was called to Suna to finally meet his father because of Aiji’s ability to manipulate sand (or something similar). 

Anyway, Hinata and Gaara;s relationship, although long distance in nature, is strong and is based on commitment and understanding.:) Yeah, regardless of its “immoral” nature, I love these complicated AUs. :D

@kuroryder and fher43-sama 

I hope the edit helped… :3 because love has many forms and its really complicated.