Learning this on guitar made me relive it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)

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Y’know how Kingdom Hearts 3 should start! It should begin with Sora and Riku coming back from their mark of mastery exams from Dream Drop Distance and heading to Destiny Islands where Kairi is. Mickey comes along and tells them it is time for them to set off on their adventure (I’d like to put more into this but I don’t wanna spoil anything). As Riku and Sora are about to set off Kairi comes up and is like “OH HELL NO! NOT AGAIN!” and she tells them she is not being left behind again now that she is also a keyblade wielder and can fight along side them. So, Riku and Sora agree and are like “Okay. If you’re gonna come were gonna have to teach you the basics.” AND BAM! That is how you get your tutorial mode for the game, you play as Kairi here and you and her both learn how to fight/play the game. Kairi gets her time to shine finally and you get a tutorial mode that doesn’t seem forced/out of place and actually works for the story.

blue night radio - 150418

jonghyun: sometimes, when i go to the dorm, the passcode has been changed. manager hyung has told me about it but, as i have been living aat home recently, i can’t completely remember (the new passcode). i even had the experience of standing at the dorm enterance stamping my feel while calling manager hyung before being able to go in. (source squishyjinki)

This week, a prominent leader in queer, Chicana and Korean communities was murdered in a crime spree in Georgia. 

Catherine Han Montoya was killed inside her East Atlanta home, where she lived with her wife. Police have arrested Donte Lamar Wyatt, a suspect charged with stabbing his estranged wife earlier that day who is believed to have been connected to Montoya’s murder as well. 

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said Montoya “leaves a legacy of building bridges of unity and opportunity across multi-ethnic communities.” Montoya was the director of field immigration and capacity-building initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Education Fund, and was also cochair of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, reports Dyana Bagby of LGBT outlet The Georgia Voice.

Friends of Montoya memorialized her on the Seeds of Love page on Facebook and launched a website organized to raise money for her family and offset funeral expenses, writing, “She was a shining star in our movement, a tireless champion for immigrant rights, for AAPI women’s rights, for racial and LGBTQ justice. She spoke truth to power with a smile and laughter, and lovingly challenged us all to be our better selves.”

Tragic loss for all of us. Our thoughts are with her loved ones.