Sia - Salted Wound (Fifty Shades of Grey Official Soundtrack).

*this song made me shake!*

yourstruly-jillian asked:

What are 3 things you'd like to tell the 17year old you ?

So we couldn’t stick to 3…sorry!


1. Stop trying to fit in with people that don’t care about you and stop worrying that you’re bothering everyone you talk to. 

2. Your boobs are the highest they’re ever going to be - appreciate that. 

3. Don’t listen to people when they say the school years are the best years of your life. They aren’t living your life. Your best years are yet to come, and they are pretty damn great so far!

P.S. Try a lighter shade of foundation, I know it’s hard to find, but keep looking - you’ll thank me! 

P.S.S. You’re gay. 


1. Yes, you are gay. It’s totally fine though, you’re gonna get a super hot girlfriend when you’re 19. And your pretty damn sure she’s the one. 

2. Yes, your dad just disowned you, but you are SO much better off without him - trust me.

3. Stressing about stuff gets you nowhere. Enjoy every day as it comes.

Oh and your parents finally caved - you get a dog!


You know what’s tedious but disturbingly satisfying
Replacing the 1/4” velvet ribbon on EIGHT YARDS of trim by hand
like why do I do this to myself, really

no shade hunty slay me mama but before you come and ki with me like please close your eyes and imagine cutting your penis off in order to save your life


Sia - Salted Wound (from The “Fifty Shades of Grey”) (Audio)