The Black Heron imitates shelter and generates shade. This attracts the fish and makes them think that it’s safe when really it’s a trap.

So I'm a moron who missed my bus!

So I’m going to havta open special commissions to cover the 2 tickets, and 2 cabs that I’m gonna havta take now….

so i’m opening a special 4 slots of 50$ Commissions!

-Full body, full color, full shade, and simple stylistic BG

If you are interested, please message me! <3

commissions are a rarity for me nowadays, so I hope I get some takers c:

Enslaved in Conformity

In this world of fear, our sight is starting to fade
Leaving us blinded to changes that must be made
But we can discover the light of we move out of the shade.
They leave us in the dark by the secrets they keep
Washing our brains to put our voices to sleep
Molding is all into obedient sheep
But no, fuck that. I’ll break away from the pack
Rebel from the norm and gain my identity back
On this journey we embark to ignite the spark
I’ll raise up the torch and guide us out of the dark
We’ll never retreat, we’ll ride from defeat
Enduring through obscurity, til our revolutions complete
I’ll have the honor to bear to lead us out of despair
I’ll relieve Guy Fawkes and be the new mask to wear
I’m the son of perdition, dishing out tons of persistence
Insistent on sins and instant bliss, consistently
Questioning my existence of ethics, explicitly twisting
Your pathetic methods of persuasion
Give an aesthetic invasion of simulation to ponder
As you wander through the mind mutilation the media squanders
Turn off the station, raise an awareness and share this
Revelation, rise or perish with the lies your eyes
Can’t make apparent, prepare for the demise
Of these perilous times, revise your vision
Enlist in the wise that listen to this son of perdition.
Today is judgement day, yes the war of machines
America’s building these monotonous, emotionless fiends
Look in the mirror and then you will see
These robots are us, built from conforming routines.
Will your ignorance grow? Ignoring my contradictory flow
And follow the faux facts, this tactful fascists crack up to know?
Or forego their forgery, form or cause and fight the flawed laws
That have fogged and fried our rights to free will
Rebuild your mind to be filled and reveal the light.
Now wake the fuck up


 Los Angeles: S’mores, Champagne & The End of the Road


My makeup for today. Wasn’t really sure what look I was going for but I loved how it came out (scared a few children at work today haha). I used e.l.f, nyx, sugarpill and inglot for the eyes, and occ’s lip tar in the shade sebastian with a little bit of milani’s red control in the center for the lips


I wish to seek
Some place unknown
To my mind
My heart
And soul
Somewhere that has a sky
That’s a different shade of blue
From the one I see
At my current view
I wish to find some emerald grass
Greener than what I’ve ever seen
To simply lie in
The wildflowers in the wind they lean
I wish to know a land
Where my spirit
Can be at peace
Where I breathe in
And out
And see everything before me
Where the sunlight enters my skin
And fills me to my core
As the beams shoot out
From every pore
I wish to find this place
I seek and search
Some unknown refuge
From this place I call my home
But my heart
I’m afraid
Was lost somewhere along the way
I left it somewhere I can’t recall
But I search and search
In familiar places
I seek the unknown
I seek somewhere knew
That voice in my head
It speaks anew
But maybe
Dear girl
What you’ve been seeking
All this time
Has been staring
Right back at you.

Original Work: KH 10/24/14

thenaturalselection said:

If you had to choose between the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush or highlighting palette which one would you rather get?

Hi :)

Personally, I prefer the blush palette! I’ve heard quite a few times from people who own the highlighting palette that they don’t reach for it much. I have many Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes and they are probably my favorite powder blushes that I own, so silky on the skin! The blushes give a slight glow to the cheeks much like the Ambient Powders since they have Ambient Lighting Powders swirled in them. 

So when it comes down to it, I’d feel like i’d get more use out of the blush palette. But if you’re a highlighter junkie you might really enjoy the Ambient Lighting palette!

The blush palette has great shades for all year and all occasions. The shades include Luminous Flush (a medium soft pink great for all occasions), Incandescent Electra (bright coral and looks very close to Diffused Heat, great for waking up the skin or in summer/fall) and Mood Exposure (muted plumy pink great for fall/winter).


The Ambient Lighting Palette includes Dim Light (beige with slight shimmer, can be used as an all over radiant finishing powder), Incandescent Light (champagne highlight) and Radiant Light (golden highlight). Great for highlight junkies!