[211014] ZhouMi Weibo Update: Really happy that i’m able to host sbs mtv music program 《the show》, this is my first time hosting a tv program in Korea, to do so as a Chinese, i’m really proud ! [heart] In the future, we will be able to meet each other during the live broadcast on every Tuesday [keke] I will work hard and practice my Korean !  

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EXO - 141022 SBS 24th Anniversary Special Inkigayo in China VCR

Credit: namja1to4. (2014 SBS 周年创社特辑中国人气歌谣 VCR)


@suelasmar 🇺🇸 When I really loved, I realized that the emotional distress is a sign that I am going against my truth.When I loved myself truly, I stopped wishing my life was different and began to see that everything that happens contributes for my growth. when I really loved me, I began to realize how offensive I was trying to force something or someone who is not yet prepared- myself included. When I really loved, I started to stop all that is not healthy. That is to say, people, tasks, and beliefs - anything that put me down. Some called it selfishness. But today I know that it is self-love. When I really loved, I stopped fearing my free time and gave up making plans. Today I do what I think is right and at my own pace. That’s fucking good! 😂👌😬💪 tag sb that needs to hear this MSG.❤️💋 http://bit.ly/1w5YaQ5

If Candice was playing Caitlin a lot of the SB shippers would be shipping her with Cisco. Even with her deceased fiancé back story.
Hell, they would probably see her having a love interest outside her fiancé as cheating or she should be alone and a strong woman scientist.

SB covered his Nic tats and everyone wanna be dricki now ✋✋

Nah and yall ask why I have a select group of ppl I talk too

No time for fake fucks ✌️✌️


141019 leaving SBS My Lovely Girl recording
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