but-did-you-die-tho said:

If you had every single white person (racist and not racist) listening to you for 5 minutes what are the three main points that you would talk about? And the same thing but if you had every male listening to you for 5 minutes?

White people:

  1. Reverse racism does not exist because PoC do not control the institution that controls racism. We cannot oppress the oppressor.
  2. White women benefit the most from Affirmative Action so don’t base my accomplishments on being a minority. 
  3. You benefit from being white. You have white privilege. White privilege is a thing. Being white doesn’t make your life difficult. You can have struggles in life, but it has nothing to do with you being white. Shut up.


  1. Women don’t owe you shit. Women aren’t here for you. Women aren’t obligated to be nice or polite or “give you a chance” because you show some common courtesy and human decency. 
  2. Masculinity is fragile and shit and stop getting offended if people assume you’re gay because it indicates your homophobia because you think “gay” is an insult. 
  3. Shut the fuck up about reverse sexism or us having “female privilege” and asking if we want equality (fuck that, we’re dismantling the patriarchy and not seeking to be equal to men because that puts men at a pedestal and the ideal/goal to achieve) if you can punch us. You get violent so fucking quickly like seriously shut the fuck up. 

Every year around this time we like to have a reverse-Amamak shoot, where Aviva shoots Michelle. Looking back on the past four years, Michelle looks basically identical - but we got a lot better at white balance! 


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anonymous said:

The most powerful family in my fantasy is POC, their rivals are another family but they're white, I don't want it to come across as reverse racism? Because the other family have been bullies for centuries and this family of colour has been protecting the smaller countries, it's a diverse book, half the cast are various POC, their are bad kings of colour and good kings, bad white kings and good white kings and an uprising of POC who had their land taken and history wiped (like Native Americans).

Powerful PoC Families

Well, both families are powerful and both are feuding. If the PoC family gets the upper hand, it shouldn’t be a big deal or controversial. Plus “reverse racism” doesn’t actually exist, so there’s no way to perpetuate it unless you established in your world’s history that People of Color are and have been systemically advantaged over white people.

Also, Eat this piece of awesome comedy.

~Mod Colette