Hey Guys! I’ll be giving a live coloring and shading demo at Anime on Display (AOD) this Jan 31-Feb 1 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel of the San Francisco Airport. My panel will be on Sunday 11 AM in room event 4, and I’ll be at Dealer’s Booth S3 the entire weekend!

I’ll also be taking audience requests for specific drawing techniques that they want to learn! This will be my first live demo event and I must say I’m kind of nervous but I’m happy to meet everyone again after being away for so long!

I hope to see you there!

  • Menswear (Next-Door Edit)
  • The 1975 // typical-healy
  • The 1975

lets just imagine that youre next-door neighbors with matty healy. youre lying on your bed, and every night you can hear the familiar sound of the band playing so loud you can hear it through the walls of your bedroom.

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olicity + taylor swift  ’welcome to New York'  28/?
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Hi, I’m really happy to share my experiences with you guys on Tumblr and in my work, but I have a limited amount of time, energy, and resources that I can share, and so I can’t respond to messages asking for career advice or mentorship or things regarding jobs and journalism at the moment. I know there’s not enough mentors in the field but I can’t be yours. I get this request quite literally every day, and for leads on jobs every single day, from friends, acquaintances, and strangers, and I have to summarily say to all of you to step off my back for a hot minute. It’s not that I’m not riding for your success, but I straight up can’t juggle and support everyone on top of my own work. I’m new to my position and am still adjusting — I cannot tell you what I think about my job, cannot get a coffee with you to discuss it, and I wouldn’t be forthcoming about it to a complete stranger if you’re that, anyway. (I do love my job. So much. That wouldn’t be a lie.) 

Prioritizing myself, thanks for understanding.