he loves us. i nominate taylor as the sweetest boy on earth.




let’s see how many reblogs and likes we could get for taylor’s kindness. (ps, i kn i wont get any cause i suck)

The one thing I wish these girls that come to my shows knew is that they are exactly where I was when I was a teenager. I had no idea who I was! I was going through all these phases. I was trying on different outfits and all these different personalities, trying to figure out what category I fit into, and which clique I would be accepted in. But if you just keep doing ‘you’, and being who you are and doing what feels natural to you, maybe you won’t find a place where you fit in for a very long time, but you eventually will.


Men have always been deceivers… (x)

Sam Pepper
  • Person:Those girls shouldn't have gotten drunk and gone to the home of a man they didn't know personally. I'm not saying I'm cool with sexual assault, but they were kind of asking for it.
  • Me:Sam Pepper shouldn't have sexually assaulted women on camera, in public, for laughs--and then lie about it and call it a 'social experiment'. I'm not saying all offensive pranks should be punished, but he's kind of asking for it.
  • Person:Those girls still should have known better.
  • Me:Okay, so if you were 15 and Jenna Marbles invited you to her house, you would say anything bedsides, "FUCK YES!"?
  • Person:....
  • Me:PS: Even though Sam Pepper looks like a barfed up turd and Jenna Marbles looks like a goddess, their influence over and adoration by their fans gets them past that 'stranger danger' hurdle.
  • Person:Okay but people lie about rape accusations all the time, and that kind of thing ruins people's lives!
  • Me:Yeah, and a lot more rapists lie about rape accusations. After they've already ruined someone's life.
  • Person:Yeah but if those girls' stories are actually true, their stupidity got them in those situations! I find it hard to believe that they are telling the complete truth about their consent. They're just embarrassed after the fact and jumping on the bandwagon!
  • Me:No, Sam Pepper's sick predatory mind put them in those situations, and I can't believe I have to remind you of this, but those girls are mostly underage. It's kind of common knowledge that 15-year-old girls (and boys) can be pretty stupid, but also that they can't give actual consent, even if a 15-year-old is naked and rubbing up on you, you still can't have sex with them. Period.
  • Person:But Sam Pepper can sleep with anyone he wants, why would he need to rape anyone?
  • Me:Because rape isn't about sexual gratification, it's about power and control. Sam doesn't just want sex, he wants to dominate. Thus, he opts for the young & impressionable fans who he already has 'power' over (star power), and then physically overtakes them (or persuades/manipulates them). He then takes advantage of a slew of other societal bullshit that enables him and so many other rapists to get away with it, which includes your constant victim-blaming.
  • Person:But men are raped too!
  • Me:Nobody is saying they aren't, and that's not what anyone is implying in this instance. Just you. Because you don't have anything else to say.
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Person:....
  • Me:Tell your friends.
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Did I “f*cked” Seth Rogen? People ask me this question ALL THE TIME. I mean, the frequency with which I get asked this question blows my mind. So, I guess I should answer. 

PS- The video within this video is a parody of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSfoF6MhgLA&list=FL_8lIwNaMmOEyOivSV7pPIQ&index=1

My finished Gravity Falls poster. I LOVE this show and in particular this episode. I love the color pallet and the lighting when the zombies show up and how it reminded me of like a cross between a Bernie Wrightson zombie drawing and good Scooby Doo. This show is just amazing.

I’m debating on doing more posters for other episodes in season 2, depending if people like this poster or not. I think its by far some of my best color work! (And I NEED to draw Mr. Waddles at some point in my life, for sure…) Gotta throw out a huge thanks to my friend Lissy Marlin digital-doodle for the assist on telling me I SHOULD use the colors from the show haha, she also was a big help with my new PS brushes and how to do gradients! 

Hope you guys like it! (And dont mind i made it slightly more r-rated??) And as a reminder I am still open for bust commissions, if anyone wants one feel free to PM me! 


Neymar during the UCL game between FC Barcelona and PSG, 2013.09.30

(Credits: Christophe Ena - AP)