Skull | 40x30cm | Acrylics on board

Rehearse death! To say this is to tell a person to rehearse his freedom. A person who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. He is above, or at any rate, beyond the reach of, all political powers.


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11-year-old future politician Marquis Govan on Ferguson: "The real issues aren't being solved."


Marquis Govan read the house down when he addressed the city council last month, but he’s not done.  Jane Pauley sat down with him for CBS Sunday Morning and at one point asked him if any Black kids in his school aspire to be police officers:

"Look, let me tell you why: From the beginning we’ve felt abused by these people. Why would you go up to serve among the abusers? It doesn’t make any sense."

He’s got my vote.

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anonymous said:

Why do you identify as a feminist if u are a privalged white female?

I’m from an upper middle class family, I have a home, I have food, I have clothing, I have primary/secondary/tertiary education, I have a car, I have access to basic health care and (for the most part) I feel safe walking around my area. Do you know how many of my fellow women in the world do not receive those basic, fundamental necessities? 

Just because I am one of the lucky ones, does not mean that it is okay for me to sit back and avert my eyes from the others.

I will be a feminist until there is gender equality in the world. Until we have equal pay, until we feel safe walking at night, until we can wear short skirts to school, until we aren’t sexualised, until gender roles are no more, until there is social, political, economic and cultural equality. And even if those things do happen, I will still identify as a feminist. 

I can go on for thirty years about why I’m a feminist, but I think it’s more important that you look up the definition of feminism. 

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Animal Rescuer Gently Frees Baby Swan From Chain Link Fence While Politely Waving Off Irate Swan Father

anonymous said:

I think people just want political agendas to not be in the game.

Except acknowledging that certain groups of people exist isn’t a “political agenda”?


do you know what has a significantly lower population than people who identify as just homo or bisexual or even some flavor of genderqueer



y’all acting like this is some kind of vast conspiracy to take over the media

it’s just some people asking if it’s so hard to normalize instead of exclude them from the media they love. it’s not politics.

is it necessary to have these things to enjoy the games? not really, or else they wouldn’t play them in the first place. but feeling acknowledged is nice.

i smile every time a character named some variation of ‘kaitlin’ is on TV or in a book because that’s my name. people smile when they see characters they can relate to on even superficial levels, much less deeper and more personal ones.

This generation is the largest and most diverse in recent history, and has the power to move us forward this November. And there’s never been more at stake for the issues that matter to young people: voting rights, education, immigration, the environment, reproductive rights, and beyond.

Elections matter, and if you don’t participate, you can’t complain. Don’t miss out on the chance to stand up for the issues you care about: Register, spread the word, and vote!


“Not only does art have the power to shape thoughts and change hearts, art also has the ability to shape our laws, change society, and speak truth to power.”

Meet Creative Time Summit: Stockholm presenter Favianna Rodriguez, an interdisciplinary artist, cultural organizer, and political activist based in Oakland, California. Known for her vibrant prints and multicolored posters, Rodriguez uses both artwork and collaborative projects to tackle a range of themes including migration, economic injustice, and global politics.

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