"Thanks," he said quietly, "for always being there. For putting up with all of this," he motioned, "for putting up with me."

She was thoughtful for a while.

"Maybe that’s what love is," she shrugged, slipping her hand in his. "Looking at someone and thinking, ‘what’s with this guy - he’s the biggest twerp in the world’. And rolling your eyes while knowing full well that after a long day his arms are still the perfect home.

"And maybe that’s exactly it." She said, "knowing he’s a dork and loving him anyway. Maybe it’s as simple as saying ‘I know you’re not perfect but you’re mine, and I’d choose you today, tomorrow and everyday after that.

"I hope," she nodded, "it’s as simple as that. Because I’d still choose you today, tomorrow and everyday after that."

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #62 <Strong>

anonymous said:

Do you know some good like 1k-3k oneshots?

YES I LOVE LIL SHORT FICS!! (i’m gonna do 1k to 4k if thats alright?) (split into categories bc theres looooooads)


the anatomy of flight ~3k

louis likes birds and harry sings a lot

Five Hundred and Fifty ~2k

Harry and Louis have a long-distance relationship in an alternate universe where only 550 words can be spoken a day.

Match Fire, Burn Me Bright ~1k

It’s their kitchen and their table and everything feels kind of perfect. From Louis’s mussed, feathered hair and too large jumper, to the nips and bites Harry still feels burning a trail along his jaw.

we won’t stop burning ‘till we reach the sun ~4k

louis likes a certain garden and a certain boy with green eyes.

(or the one where louis was in a car accident and he finds more than a cure at his recovery center.)

loosely based off “featherstone” by the paper kites

This Is What It Feels Like ~4k

It’s wind and fog, and the squishing sand beneath them. It’s that walk in the cold, with the endless road before them. It’s summer nights and the trees, with buzzing lights around them. And it’s Harry. It’s always Harry.


Mange de la Merde et Meurs (a love story) ~3k

”High five me, Liam.”

Liam does not high five him. He just stands there, hands shaking by his sides, and whispers, “You sent Harry Styles an envelope full of anthrax because you think he’s cute?”

for all those wishes on planes we thought were stars ~1K

that’s how it happened, kid, that’s how we met/
your grandfather, he knew me best/
and as i’m standing here, on your wedding day/
if papa was here now, i know what he’d say


they met at a party. from then on, the future is theirs.

an exquisite relic ~2k

“And I’m certain his name is Harry. I can’t even remember how many people have walked up to me, said “Hi I’m Harry” then forgotten how they’d got there, apologised and asked for an autograph.”

Or, an au where we’re all born with entities linked to our hearts and they will eventually lead us to our soulmates.

i’m a moon at midnight ~4k

where harry gives and never takes and louis throws pieces of paper into his hair during class and there’s a stranger leaving harry gifts on his doorstep.

Accidentally In Love ~4k

Louis wakes up with a killer hangover and a marriage certificate for a guy he’s never even met before.


keep watching me go down and up and down ~3k

Louis watches Harry’s body in rapt fascination, cataloging everything; the thin sheen of sweat that coats his upper lip, the plump redness of his kiss-swollen lips, the rosiness of his nipples. It’s just — everything’s still new for him. For them. During the show, their hook-ups were confined to crowded showers or dark bedrooms when Harry woke him up in the middle of the night with his mouth wrapped around his cock. Even at their own houses they had to save their private time for the middle of the night. But now, in a nice hotel room by themselves, Louis can finally take Harry in the way he wants.

He didn’t think it was possible, but he’s even lovelier like this, open and shameless as he rolls his body against Louis’.

[the first time harry rides him, louis thinks he’s seen god.]

handprints and good grips ~3k

Harry wants to pull them down and suck him off. Harry wants to never take them off and eat him out over the lace. Harry wants to push them aside and fuck the imprint right into Louis’ body.

viens jouer dehors (come out and play) ~3k

Louis is a French model. Harry is the coffee guy. Louis doesn’t speak English. It works out.

and it’s peaceful in the deep ~4k

“You actually ordered those?” Harry squeaks, his voice at least an octave higher than normal. He feels a strange thrill of fear run through him along with a debilitating wave of arousal that has him getting hard right at the table.

“Of course I did,” says Louis derisively, like he’s offended that Harry hadn’t taken him seriously. “Your nipples aren’t a joking matter.”

…or, Louis tries out nipple clamps on Harry for the first time.

Pink and frilly ~2k

Louis always wants to be good for his boy no matter what Harry asks him to do.

south beach, bringin’ the heat ~4k

"How are you, love?" Harry asks him, whispers it so it’s just for them.

"M’fine. Wanna smoke this joint then ride you in the back bedroom of this fucking yacht," Louis says casually, like it doesn’t make his heart beat loud in his ears.

lips are like the galaxy’s edge ~2k

Harry licks over Louis’ hole slowly, deliberately, and his tongue is like velvet and Louis’ skin is burning at every junction where Harry touches him and it’s all so good he thinks he might cry. He licks a few more times, moaning softly like he’s relishing the taste of Louis and that’s just, well, fuck.

you could make me all your own ~3k

Harry likes to think of the many different ways that he wants Louis to fuck him, all without knowing that Louis can actually hear him. Really, it’s a wonder that he never connected Louis’s sudden embarrassment or need to vacate the room to the increasing clarity and experimentation of his ideas.

It’s probably because thoughts are supposed to, y’know, be private.


Louis is a low level telepath and Harry has an over-zealous mind (maybe his thoughts aren’t really as secret as he thought thoughts were).

wanna be the first to take it all the way like this ~4k

“Well, Louis, last night I was four fingers deep in my arse thinking about you fucking me. So can you just fucking get to it, already?”

…or, 16 year old harry and 21 year old louis during the x-factor.

Keep Me Forever, Tell Me You Own Me ~3k

They’ve been cooped up in the tour bus for weeks now, only managing quick handjobs late at night when everyone else is asleep — huffing hot breaths into each others’ necks, choking off moans and trying to stay quiet. But now they have time to do it right. And Louis plans on making this last.

The Edge of Madness ~2k

Louis being edged by Harry, kept close to orgasm without being allowed to come. Includes tickling, a butt plug, and just enough touching to keep Louis right on the edge of madness.

Could Be Kissing my Fruit Punch Lips ~4k

Harry happens upon a porn site that specializes in live videos and sort of falls in love with the cute boy he only knows as Kitty.

And then he gets the surprise of his life when he finds out Kitty attends his university…


and all I can taste is this moment ~4k

Reality fic set a couple years in the future. Featuring: coming out via twitter, a marriage proposal and Harry being sappy. They both cry and they’re both happy about it.

Rough Ride ~2k

Harry’s bike breaks down.

It’s not all bad, though, because it’s how he meets Louis.

keep you in my pocket ~3k

Harry has a second phone, and maybe it’s kind of stupid but it’s also pretty cute.

nobody, baby, but you and me ~4k

He’s had the ring for months now. It’s actually unbelievable that he hasn’t asked Louis yet, because the question pops into his head at least three times a day. Just last night, he’d arrived home to a sleepy Louis in bed, who’d mumbled, “fuck you you fucking wanker” after he’d made too much noise in the bathroom, and Harry’s first thought had been, Marry me.

(Or, the one where Harry’s going to propose to Louis. He really is.)

whether near or far (i am always yours) ~1k

louis downloads flappy bird and ruins his own life

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone.

Cut Out All the Ropes (And Let Me Fall) ~4k

Harry Styles doesn’t believe in soulmates. But then he meets his.

you lost your shoes as it started to rain ~2k

harry works in an american bakery but he doesn’t know what scones are and he somehow meets a british boy named louis.

*don’t really need to wonder at all ~4k

"The jam is Louis’ midlife crisis," Zayn explains.

"Quarter-life," Liam corrects automatically.

Where I First Saw You ~3k

Louis meets Harry in the toilets. Once or twice.

Third Time Lucky ~1k

It’s not really luck at all, though, because there was no way Louis was ever going to say no to that question, no matter how Harry posed it. 

i hear it all in the center of my heart (you are the love of my life) ~4k

Getting married has turned Louis into a properly whipped sap. Harry may or may not want to punch him in the face.

spotted ~2k

"So you don’t think my arse is out of this world?” Louis interrupts, hands on his hips, and of course Harry’s managed to offend him. Of course this is his life.

University AU in which Harry pines and Niall meddles.

Here for you ~4k

Harry sprains his wrist during rehearsals. Louis becomes a little bit protective - just a little. Or maybe a lot.

I’m Lovin It ~4k

Harry works at the McDonald’s Drive Thru and Louis desperately tries to win him over with pranks.

Empty Nest ~3k

Nothing could comfort Louis now, though, not with his baby - his last baby, his little girl - going off to university. He feels hopelessly old and nostalgic and terrified for her. But he knows he has to let her go. She’s already the posh girl with the billion-pound trust fund and two famous dads, she doesn’t need to be the girl who had to call campus security to drag her crying parents away from her door. (At least that’s what Sammy, their eldest, said when he texted them pre-emptively this morning. ‘don’t embarrass her!!! she’ll be fine!!! she’ll be more popular and rich than all of us!!! stop panicking!!!’)

Or, the canon fic where Harry and Louis’ youngest kid goes off to uni and they so totally don’t have Empty Nest Syndrome.

Bedtime Story ~1k

Harry wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. He goes to investigate why that is.

fluff & smut

Set Sail With No Compass ~4k

Pirate AU. That’s it; that’s the summary.

Baby, I Know You Wanna Touch ~2k

After escaping the X Factor house for a camping trip, Louis and Harry are forced to share a sleeping bag and to put it simply, Harry’s erection won’t stop rubbing against Louis.



let the storm rage on ~1k

Louis gets frequent panic attacks. Kissing stops his panic attacks.

give the bruises out like gifts ~2k

Harry hurts himself and he really never meant to hurt Louis

we were meant to be (but a twist of fate) ~4k

Maybe they’ll burn up or fizzle out and one of them will be broken for a while, and they know they don’t have forever but they have now, and that’s enough.


you are all four seasons ~3k

Harry works in a convenience store, Louis peels off the discount stickers and puts them on the sandwiches he wants, Harry thinks Louis is very pretty.

i’ll put my future in you ~2k

Male pregnancy is supposed to, like, not be a thing. It’s a universal truth. Men don’t get pregnant. But there he is, at the doctor’s office with a troubling ultrasound and a nervous boyfriend clutching his hand.

or, the one where Harry defies all the laws of nature and gets pregnant.

i could be the one if you want me to ~2k

you’re my lad

thebingobat said:

remus gives a potted plant to sirius as kind of a silly joke gift at the beginning of fourth year and by november sirius has named the plant and drawn up a schedule of watering times and when to put it in sunlight and if anyone touches his plant without his explicit permission, sirius hexes them. peter catches him singing to the plant at least once. once time james found an identical plant and switched them but sirius knew within an hour and somehow james lost all of his boxers that same day



Amy Valentine is one of our favorite British bloggers, and her unique, effortless style and passion for music

1. How did you get into blogging?

I used to have my own little business where I made jewellery and sold it online and had a blog for that as I saw most companies have a blog to keep people updated with new stock.  Through that I discovered personal fashion blogs and knew I needed to create one as I loved fashion so much, and now here I am!

2. How often do you go to shows? what have been some of your favorite shows you’ve been to this year?
I’ve been to 6 festivals this year which has been so awesome, and I’d say I go to a show at least every 2 months.  My favourite sets have definitely been Woodkid, Linkin Park performing Hybrid Theory, Brand New and although it’s not who I usually listen to - Justin Timberlake was incredible live!

3. Describe your perfect concert or festival outfit. 

Kimonos have been a staple for festival season this year (original, I know) with a lot of colour, but for gigs I usually wear shorts, a band tee and some clunky boots so my feet don’t get crushed in the mosh pits!

4. Your style is so distinctive, what are some things you keep in mind when you style an outfit?

I dress according to my mood and who I’m inspired by every day, so it changes very frequently!  From boho crochet dresses to girly frills to old grungy tees, I don’t think I dress to a certain style every day - I’m too fashion fickle!  I do try to add a girly-grunge twist to most outfits though to keep with my style - for example by slipping on some studded boots or a choker.

5. We love your hair! What do you use to keep it so pink? 

Thank you!  I use any pink from various hair dye brands like Colour Fusion, Live XXL and Crazy Colour, then mix it with my shampoo & conditioner when I’m in the shower!

anonymous said:

Do you believe in love?

I do, yeah, for sure. However i think there’s different kinds of love. I think there’s that initial love, your first love that sends you spiraling into oblivion. Where you are one with them, you give up everything for them, you give every single fucking thing you have to them and it seems really great and really perfect, even though you fight and shit and deep down there’s parts of you that aren’t truly happy, because you’re sacrificing something to be with them, same goes for it coming from their way. As it moves on, you realize that it becomes kind of a chore to be in love with them, it becomes kind of a hassle in a way. You have to be careful of everything you do or say, what you post, what you like or comment on, who you talk to, what you do on a friday night when you’re not with them. It becomes exhausting and manipulating. I think that everyone goes through something like that at somepoint. And through that experience you really learn a lot about yourself. You learn exactly what you want, you learn how you personally handle situations, and most importantly you learn how other people handle situations. You kinda are able to take a step back and see things from a far, what was good and what was bad. You can honestly do two things with that, you can blame it all on yourself, take it all out on yourself and make yourself feel like a bucket of shit, OR you can take all of it and use it to better yourself. Get a grip of all the shitty things that happened, realize what about those things made you unhappy, and make it a goal to stay away from all of that from that point on. THEN comes that other kind of love, which i think is real solid true honest love. When the person you’re in love with can send you the dumbest text that doesnt make any sense and it’ll still put the biggest smile on your face. The kind of love where you’re out wasted with them on a friday night and you can both kinda go your own ways in a sense, and still come back to eachother after a little while. The kind of love where you wake up to reposition with them every few hours and somehow your lips still seem to find eachothers involuntarily, despite how tired you are or how dark the room is. The kind of love where the weeks that you go without seeing them, aren’t bad weeks because you’re just so happy to even be talking to them. The kind of love where you fucking wake up in the morning after a night of not sleeping with them and you deeply crave to hear their voice, that’s all. You just wanna hear their voice. It all works out because all of the shit you’ve gone through has turned you into this person who only seeks to be around people who make you happy and who can take any situation, even the worst situations, and find the good in all of them. Nothing is forced with that kind of love, you’re able to be yourself and because of that, the other person falls in love with who you truly are, not who you’re trying to be.

So yeah, i definitely believe in love. To be honest, after i experienced the first kind of love, i didn’t believe in it anymore. But the universe does some crazy shit, and leads you into crazy situations that were definitely meant to happen. That got me to believe in love again.

seeing posts like “makoto should have been in rin’s place” “makoto should have been the one who helped haru, he’s his best friend after all” kinda irks me because that’s literally expressing the mindset that only your best friend can help you through things. your other friends? yeah, they might be great, but they can’t help you find your place. they can’t show you life-changing scenes or give you life-changing advice. that’s something only your best friend can do.

makoto and haru’s relationship is amazing, and i ship it entirely, but that doesn’t make haru and rin’s relationship any less amazing. it makes perfect sense that rin could help haru see something makoto couldn’t because makoto and rin aren’t the same people. they mean different things for haru. makoto brings out the passionate side of haru, and rin brings out the passionate side of haru also, just in different ways. 

let’s appreciate all the character dynamics in free! because they are all amazing. you can ship stuff without being immature. i ship rintori, but i appreciate rin and haru’s dynamic so much. they bring out different emotions in each other and that’s beautiful, no matter if i ship them or not. i also appreciate makoto and haru’s relationship, but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna throw a fit that makoto isn’t haru’s everything - that he has relationships, dreams, friends, and passion outside of him. that’s healthy. normal.

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