Hi guys, I know as FP mods we probably aren’t supposed to do this but last night Aiko, my friend’s Shiba Inu was stolen by her ex-boyfriend (pictured on the right in the last photo). Aiko was stolen in the northern Seattle area but it’s likely she’s being held in south Seattle or Renton. It’s also possible she’s in the Mill Creek area. Aiko has a small amount of black on her back and the tip of her tail and was last seen wearing a pink harness and black and pink leash.

If you have any information or see her with this man, please contact orpheus.faust@gmail.com and Seattle PD. Aiko means the world to her and she just wants her dog back.



I’m back! This time with a new drawing of Big four about The Hunger Games!

I love The Hunger Games and I can’t wait for this new movie! Of course, I’ve read the book but It’s diferent read it than see it!

The clothes’ desing was maded by me, I thought it could help them to hide in the arena.

The art style was inspired because of this: http://geekymojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/hunger-games.jpg

In fact, this is my new cover for my fanfic. It’s writed in spanish but if someone want to read it:



PD: Sorry for my english

kyung snuck his credit card into the cafeteria thing brought all the members 2 the bathroom muffled their mics told them the plan got them to distract the camera crew long enough that he could buy 7 meals on his card and bribe the staff into saying ‘were giving it to you free’ n then had the guts 2 tell the pd to her face ‘bc were famous we can eat for free’ i am like in awe if that wasnt some conniving slytherinass bullshit 

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kyung is so fcking scheming during 5mbc they had to give up their wallets and he took out his credit card and kept it bc hes a fcking cheater thn during the games he kept fucking haggling with the pds for extra prize money and he can do multiplication in his head easily and im not saying u shldnt trust ppl who r good @ math but satan has a special number n jesus doesnt n thts always been p suspect 2 me

anonymous said:

Perdona si te llamo amor, ¿te gusta esa peli?, lo pregunto porque tienes el soundtrack como música de fondo en tu blog. PD: Amé esa peli :).

Si me gusta ✌✌

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Si tuvieras que armar tu grupo familiar y de amigos a partir de personajes ficticios de libros, cine o TV ¿A quienes elegirías?… ¿Quién sería tu padre, madre, hermanos, novio, mejor amiga etc? PD: You are awesome.

Tu pregunta es demasiado divertida.

De papá quisiera a alguien como Atticus Finch de Matar a un ruiseñor o en su defecto a Phil Dunphy de Modern Family, jajaja.
De mamá a Frankie de The middle o Erin Brockovich.
De hermanos a Monica y Ross de Friends.
De mejor amiga a Amélie.
De novio… mi crush de tv es Sawyer de Lost. ¿Será mucho pedir? Pero  Rhett Butler estaría bien también, no me quejaría.

Quiero a House y a Jesse Pinkman de vecinos, gracias.

"whose fault is it u lost all the games"
zico pyo kyung ukwon n jaehyo: the pds fault….. damn pds…
bbomb: uhm no it was taeils fault
taeil: uhm :) no sweetie? it was yours? :) (:
bbomb: …… uhm oh ya… im just remembering,… how it was all my fault..

It seems there’s a growing debate among the ItF fandom re: racism in the series. I’m going to attempt to voice my opinion on the matter in the most diplomatic way possible, so as to not offend anyone on either side.

First of all, it appears there’s a lot of people confusing the oppression PDS sufferers face within the confines of the series as being an allegory for racism. Alas, this is not the case. If anything, it’s an allegory for British treatment of the Irish, which ultimately lead to the formation of the Irish Republican Army during the Irish War of Independence (1919-1922), with the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) being a rather obvious influence behind the creation of the ULA (Undead Liberation Army).

Think about it: do you honestly believe it a coincidence that Gary always refers to Simon as that “Irish Rotter?”

Secondly, while this doesn’t necessarily make the series deliberately racist, it’s still a very important issue that should be addressed in the future. (If we’re fortune enough to get anymore seasons, that is.)

And, finally, while the series may indeed fail to feature anything regarding the subject of racism, it does tackle the following issues, which are equally important:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Ableism and Mentalism (Or sanism, if that’s the term you prefer.)
  • PTSD (Both its symptoms and its triggers.)
  • Fetishization of Minorities
  • Physical and Emotional Abuse
  • Homophobia
  • Social Ostracism

In a nutshell, while the series does have its own set of flaws, which shouldn’t be ignored, it still deserves praise for addressing the issues listed above. Plus, there’s the fact that not only does it feature a healthy queer couple at the forefront; it also includes female characters who instead of being used as prop pieces to be gawked at, feature levels of complexity which are equal to those of their male counterparts. Both of which, I’m sad to say, are exceedingly rare in television.

Now, then. I’ve said my piece, and this is the last time I’m going to speak on the subject.