shout out to everyone with anxiety and panic disorders who have to be around lots of people this weekend. shout out to everyone who has family members who will be ignoring/dismissing their problems. shout out to everyone who will have to leave the dinner table and take some time for themselves at the risk of ridicule from their families. i love you. take care of yourself. it’ll be over soon.

hello christmas // listen here

1. all i want for christmas is you by against the current // 2. have yourself a merry little christmas by christina perri // 3. shake up christmas by train // 4. winter wonderland by jason mraz // 5. merry christmas kiss my ass by all time low // 6. christmas list by simple plan // 7. christmas lights by yellowcard // 8. i don’t wanna spend another christmas without you by the ready set // 9. white christmas by panic! at the disco // 10. yule shoot your eye out by fall out boy // 11. nothing for christmas by new found glory // 12. winter song by ingrid michaelson and sara bareilles // 13. mixtape for christmas by hey monday // 14. last christmas by the maine // 15. ho ho hopefully by the maine // 16. 30 days by nevershoutnever // 17. baby please come home by death cab for cutie

It's the Little Things

"Felicity, your shirt!" Barry exclaimed as flames ignited on Felicity’s chest. Her panic flared as Barry attempted to bat out the flames and the sprats soared higher. She quickly ripped the buttons open, flinging the shirt on the floor with flare, relief coursing through her as she stared at the damn thing burning up.

It took her a long moment to realize how silent the room was, and she looked behind her at both of their teams staring at her incredulously. A flush slowly worked its way up her neck as she realized she was standing in front of all of them half naked, and Barry had just been pawing at her chest trying to put out the flames.

"That’s probably the most action he’s ever gotten," she heard Roy murmur to Cisco, who couldn’t help an outburst of laughter. Oliver’s head snapped to both of them with a heated glare, and Cisco paled. Roy though simply smirked in return, and Oliver shook his head, looking back at Felicity.

"I, uhm… my shirt was on fire," she explained into the silence, "I didn’t know what to do, and Barry couldn’t get the fire out so I just took it off."

She realized with a start her wild hand gestures left her chest exposed, and she quickly crossed her arms.

"I’ll go get you a—" Caitlin started, taking pity on her, but Oliver stepped forward instantly, cutting her off.

Felicity’s flush instantly dimmed as he approached her. His face was clear of the humor the rest of them wore—his face void of emotion as he unzipped his leathers.

The rest of the room fell away as he gestured for her to turn around, helping her slowly into the sleeves. She zipped it up, relaxing into the soft leather and smiling lightly as the smell of him wrapped around her.

He watched her relax into it, returning her smile with an easy one of his own before he stepped back, breaking the spell.

"Uh," Barry started awkwardly, tearing his gaze away from the two as he approached the computers, "Cisco, did you find out more about the meta human we’re dealing with…"

Oliver rolled his eyes just enough for Felicity to see at Barry’s use of, “meta-human”, and her smile grew. He let himself smile back freely at her a short moment, before his eyes became hazy, and he turned from her abruptly, stalking towards where Cisco and Barry stood talking.

Felicity tried to hide her absence of comfort as he walked away, straightening up and regaining her composure. She met Digg’s gaze, and he shook his head at her with a knowing smile.

"You okay?" Caitlin asked at her side softly, and they both stood a long moment, gazing towards the guys as they spoke in serious tones.

Felicity tore her gaze from Oliver, looking towards Caitlin. But she wasn’t looking at Felicity—her gaze was focused completely on Barry, a sad look in her eyes.

"Are you?" Felicity asked, and Caitlin looked at her in shock. Felicity nodded her head towards Barry, a knowing look on her face. Caitlin floundered a moment, her mouth open, before she sighed.

"I think I’m doing about as good as you are," Caitlin admitted softly, before walking away. And as quick as it come, the sentimental side of Caitlin was gone.

i really dont even feel bad for white teens on tumblr that wanna be little activists on the racist tip trying to keep racist holiday celebrations in motion then get attacked for being a racist dumbass then go on the “im having a panic attack” “people are telling me to kill myself :’(” tangent i honestly dont care, live the life of a POC then talk about some damn panic attack

No Touching : "Imagine being searched by an elf who doens’t realize that you are a girl until you tell him. Then he blushes all over and panics and the dwarf being angry that the elf touches you."


Being caught by the elves of Mirkwood and being saved by them at the same time was a mix of emotions between rage and relief. No matter, if ever you should even try to escape you would be killed before you could even take the first step forward. Traveling with the dwarves of Erebor was a huge honor, and you would not think of abandoning them. Especially to the Elves.

Being a fairly short human girl, almost taller than Thorin himself, had it’s advantages but even the Elven Prince could see that you were not one of your traveling companions.

He asked you, “What is a small human doing with thirteen dwarves?”

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type 3

i was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type 3, they told me i do not have tietze’s diseases and that that was just a miss diagnoses. fibromyalgia and IBD are included along with the illness. fainting and dizziness too, anxiety and depression gets raised. and basically ITS A BITCH from what i’ve read/watched. the pain is EXTREME. there is NO cure, and it can kill you but is not 100% fatal. and even with all this the only thing im scared about is my hands are starting to hurt and shake and i have panic attacks about not being able to draw. But i guess this is really really really good because this is 100% what i have. Along with the illness is a Lidocaine resistance which sucks because thats a good pain killer.

anonymous asked:

I was curious about the Ferguson case because all the evidence I had was from Tumblr, so I read an article on Darren Wilson's testimony that said that it matched up with the evidence. If Wilson is to be believed, then his shooting Mike Brown was a decision made in a panic and he had little choice to do otherwise. I'm reluctant to believe this, but I'm afraid I might be biased because I spend so much time on Tumblr. How do I reach a fair conclusion?

Anon, I want you to realise what you’re really asking when you say “how do I reach a fair conclusion?” What you want is to know the truth- did Darren Wilson react reasonably, did Mike Brown deserve to be shot so many times, yes? And the fact that you have to ask that is exactly what is wrong with how Brown’s death has been handled by the justice system.

The Ferguson police department have effectively robbed everybody- especially Mike Brown’s family- of what they were rightfully entitled to: a trial where the circumstances leading to Brown’s death would be examined and scrutinised in detail, where the statements of Wilson and all the other witnesses would be cross-examined to check for irregularities and tested.

1. The injustice here is not that Darren Wilson hasn’t been pronounced guilty of first-degree murder- because that cannot be ascertained without a trial. It is itself unjust that there is NO TRIAL. The injustice is that Wilson killed an unarmed man under disturbing circumstances, that the police left his body on the street for hours, and then proceeded to enact what was a smear campaign against Brown before finally getting round to bringing an indictment- and yet, doesn’t have to answer for it in court. The injustice now is that Darren Wilson doesn’t have to do what nearly everyone else would have to if they shot an unarmed person dead- to go to court and have his testimony and evidence challenged, to be cross-examined and thoroughly questioned to ensure he is telling the truth and that the force used was justified- because self defence has limits. The injustice is that the police are not held accountable, that they are treated as though they are above the law.

2. The thing is nobody will ever know the truth because the prosecutor has robbed us of it by not even really trying to get an indictment, and therefore a trial. How do we determine whether a person is telling the truth? We can’t read minds, sure, but that’s what the cross-examination of the accused and all the witnesses in a trial is for. Because this pressure is meant to out any lies or inconsistencies. That’s why multiple forensic experts testify about their evidence. That’s why multiple witnesses testify and get asked questions by BOTH the defense and prosecution in criminal cases. From all this information, we are better able to ascertain the truth. If Wilson genuinely acted reasonably, he has nothing to fear- the evidence should speak for itself in a trial.

  •  Yes, Wilson may very well prove to be innocent but the point is the benefit of doubt given to him is absolutely ridiculous considering the facts of the case. I absolutely cannot imagine a case where a civilian who did what Wilson did wouldn’t have to go to trial. Everybody is trying to draw their own conclusions from the facts because “Prosecutor” McCulloch totally screwed up the indictment- because he didn’t even try to get one. We shouldn’t even be having to do this. Lawyers and judges should be doing the “is Wilson guilty or not guilty” for us in a trial.

4. We cannot reach a fair conclusion because the handling and interpretation of the evidence is already compromised by the police who seem to have set their own narrative, despite the multiple inconsistencies. This would be far, far less of an issue if there was a trial because then, all this evidence would be challenged and carefully scrutinised. Police coverups are common- not just in the US but many other countries.

5. Why aren’t I convinced by the evidence they presented at the indictment? Because in the first place, the veracity of evidence itself is challenged in many criminal trials. In Oscar Pistorius’ trial for shooting his girlfriend, a huge portion was the defense and prosecution arguing over how to interpret the same pieces of evidence. The legal system is only as sound as the individuals that make it up, and justice is far, far from blind. There are so many cases where the police have lied, suppressed facts or even outright fabricated evidence. In the shooting of Mark Duggan in the UK, the police were caught in several inconsistencies and lies- so really, that’s why I’m not going to swallow what Wilson says when it’s in his interest to say he’s not in the wrong, when it’s in the interest of the entire police department to cover for one of their own. 

  • The prosecutor himself doesn’t seem credible. And prosecutorial misconduct is a known problem in any justice system.  Prosecutors have concealed evidence and engaged in all manner of corrupt behaviour. The fact that the prosecutor seemed to be on the police’s side, the fact that he confused the jury by bringing 60 witnesses and overwhelming them with evidence when an indictment doesn’t call for it? Because a prosecutor who wants an indictment will keep everything as simple as possible- he is allowed to only show evidence that points to wrongdoing because the legal threshold here is just “probable cause”. Indictment is not guilt. Indictment is saying a crime has possibly been committed, it needs to go to trial. It is in the actual trial where ALL the evidence will be tested, and the legal threshold to convict would be much, much higher “beyond reasonable doubt”. He basically tried to behave like a judge/the trial jury when he had no authority to do so- and completely failed his duty as a prosecutor. Both the police and the prosecutor have compromised the credibility of the “no indictment” with their blatantly unprofessional behaviour.

You can’t reach a “fair conclusion”- noone can without a trial. Maybe Wilson is actually a murderer, maybe he genuinely overreacted, maybe he did behave reasonably. What is unambiguously wrong is that the police can kill an unarmed man in broad daylight and yet not have to stand trial. More so, this is basically opening the door to future abuse of power by the police because they are never held accountable.

You don’t have to believe Wilson is guilty of first-degree murder because honestly, how can we be 100% sure in this media firestorm of controversy?- but you should be outraged that there is no trial despite the seriousness of what has happened, that Mike Brown’s community and the entire country are left to speculate instead of the trial settling this once and for all.