ok so updates

emmelie (sweatrjensen) is alive

kit (maturecas) is okay

still no news on anthea (kingfrerin) other than shes taken pills and anons are saying that she has gone missing from the hospital

amber (chesnutmisha) - some anons are saying she passed but others are saying shes alive 

if anyone knows anything else please contact me

How to reach an ENFP

When you are communicating with an ENFP:

  • Be supportive and encouraging

    As mentioned, ENFPs love collaborating and cooperating with people and bring out each individual’s potential in any situation. In the same way, they expect others to be supportive and encouraging of them.

    When you’re communicating with an ENFP, praise them for their small efforts toward achieving goals either in person, or through emails or memos. Be affirming when they share their ideas and compliment them when possible.

  • Get to know them personally

    ENFPs are most effective when they work with people they enjoy being with. Hence they might engage in small talk longer than what you might be comfortable with; they actually want to build a personal relationship with you on top of work as well. 

    When you’re communicating information to them, especially if it’s important, do it casually over a cup of coffee; have a casual chat with them first before getting to the important information. 

  • Focus on how it develops people

    ENFPs think about how their work can impact people on a big scale and bring out their potential. They often think up theories, models and methods that can do so.

    When you’re communicating information with them, as much as possible, talk about possibilities for people. 

    For example, talk about a new initiative that allows more people to be put in challenging positions; or a project will help people discover their strengths or weaknesses. 

    When ENFPs see the human development potential, they are often convinced. 

Cute thought I just had…

What if Dan gets nostalgic over the smell of black marker pens because of all the times him and Phil have drawn on each other’s faces?

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Watching spn gagreel is thousand times more fun because the actors are so different from the characters that I can tell when their expression is off for their character. Like, Sam would be earnest and kind in second then Jared would be smiling like a mischevious puppy. Dean would be stone faced serious then Jensen would carry on deadpan humor. Castiel would be bamf!angel then Misha would be desparing at the inability to keep straight face. I've never loved other gagreels like spn's:)

Oh Ya! 

Who is this man

Is he the one playing Dean?? 



Now, I am sure they ARE brothers 

But…. Sam and Dean?! 

And then there is this weird guy 

Are all the angels that crazy?? 

And this one is supposed to be the king of hell??? 



what show are we even watching??? 

Even people with generally tolerant views toward homosexuality sometimes question the necessity of coming out, particularly in a school setting. Many wonder why conversations about sexual orientation are relevant to the classroom at all—and why such personal details can’t be kept private.

[…]”Ten times a day, people share things about their private lives: ‘my husband is sick’, or ‘I have to pick up my kids,’” Bunger said. “But I couldn’t participate in these casual interactions when I was in the closet. Instead, LGBT teachers have to constantly play a pronoun game when you talk about your partner, and have to constantly be careful how you engage with people. Like many other people, I have a photo on my wall of my husband. I want to turn that into a normal conversation.” But many LGBT teachers argue that conversations about personal matters do happen in classrooms all the time, that it’s only because society promotes heterosexuality—versus homosexuality—as normal that discussions related to a teacher’s sexual orientation are kept out of class discussions.

one day, when I’m older, I’m gonna remember the band that I liked when I was younger and I’m gonna struggle to remember their name, but I’ll listen to one of their songs and all of a sudden all the memories connected to that song will come rushing back and I’ll still remember the words, I’ll get emotional because those songs will remind me of a whole other time. things like that are going to happen. I’m making a memory.


CS + Falling (part 2)

Dedicated to the lovely captaingreenseas 

I loved the double meaning of this word and I was really conflict in which way to go with this, so I just decided to do both lol.

In this part I decided to prepare gifs of moments were you can see them falling for each other. I believe the process of falling in love never ends for those two, their love just getting stronger and stronger. This is why even during season 4 you can catch those looks that say “I’m falling for you harder than before”.

@vmfitness: For real post this morning: flex vs no flex! .
Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone’s highlight reel. Social media will show you what THEY want to post, and it’s usually the perfection shots. I like to keep it furreallll 💁 and show that I only have abs when I’m flexing, and I’m aight with that! 😜😜😜 so before you bash yourselves wishing you look like others, sometimes THEY don’t even look like that without a little extra help from flexing and filters. Then again, it’s Instagram and people can post WHATEVER they want to! SOOOO if a page is full of body pics and abs and booty, let them be! Don’t judge, they are proud of their work and body! I’m just showing you that that’s not always the true body 100% of the time. 👌👌 ok #josiebabbles over 😜
Yesterday I had #pfchangs and 2 bowls of Breyers cookies and cream and s’mores ice cream! 😁😁😁more transparency for you all because know you like that ishhh💩 I may not always post it HERE because you may not want to see that on this insta, but I do post other things on my personal IG, @josie_maii 💕
#vmfitness #FightForBalance #flexibledieting #intuitiveeating

Am I wrong for this???

R and I just got into an argument because I was telling him how I watched this show “caso cerrado” (Spanish court show) and there was a lady fucking her neighbor’s dog and claiming that the dog and her we’re in love and wanted to get married. I said it was sick. And then he’s like well is the dog consenting? Is it harming anyone? Like wtf. I don’t think it’s right. It’s disgusting. Then he’s all like “you’re being really judge mental all of the sudden, other people think the same about us” what?!! How can you compare an sd/SB relationship to fucking a dog. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. I wish I had holy water to throw it at him. Seriously.

Am I actually being judge mental or do you guys also think it’s okay to have sex with your pets??? Jesus what is america. I swear this shit is not ok in my country.

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you're on a list of suicidal people and a list of hate receivers but you do not seem suicidal?????! are you okay?

suicidal list????

I specifically said yesterday that I was not suicidal. 

I saw the other list and contacted the maker, asked them to get my name off. They haven’t responded yet.

but don’t worry, I’m fine c:

The Yule Ball is a traditional part of the Triwizard tournament, marking the halfway point between the first and second tasks and is arguably the most enjoyable part of the Triwizard tournament, though there are some young wizards who would strongly disagree. These young wizards – usually young men possessed of an unusual aversion to all forms of dance – however, are a minority and most look forward to the Ball as a means of escaping from the humdrum regularity of school life and importantly, as a way of negotiating the highly fraught and perilous waters of young love.

The Yule Ball, of course, is significantly less likely to claim lives than the other tasks of the Triwizard Tournament, but this is not to suggest that emotions have not run high in the past, or that young wix, of excitable temperaments, have ended friendships over the touchy subject of who asked whom out and whether or not X attempted to steal Y’s date from him. Indeed it was not uncommon to hear young bloods enthusiastically challenging their old brothers-in-arms to duels over perceived slights to them or their lady friends. Only two of these duels, fortunately, proved fatal. One, fought in 1379, where both combatants insisted on using broadswords and bound by the medieval codes of chivalry, spent six hours hacking at each other until Maxmilien de Courtenay of Beauxbatons, dodging a blow from Edward Fawley, slipped on the grass and ended up stabbing himself with a dagger he’d hidden in his armour, to use if things seemed to be proceeding in his rival’s favour.

The other duel, fought under the Wizard’s code of the duello in 1792, is widely rumoured to have been one of the reasons the Triwizard Tournament was ended for more than three centuries. The combatants, this time from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, had agreed to forego the use of any dark spells in their duel. The exact details of the duel are unclear, but the combatant from Beauxbatons insisted that his opponent from Durmstrang had attempted to use the entrail-expelling curse on him. Swords were drawn and Armand de Chevalier fatally wounded his rival from Durmstrang, which resulted then in students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang clashing in a violent and bloody battle that was ended only when Aurors arrived on the scene and disarmed the students.

But these are rare exceptions and most duels were settled by resourceful seconds before they actually took place, or else ended with both combatants shaking hands and departing on amiable terms and for the most part, the Yule Ball is an enjoyable event, the greatest source of unhappiness frequently being less than tolerable dance partners. Fleur Delacour, for example, has largely unpleasant memories of the one Yule Ball she attended, having been in the unenviable position of being the date of a rather lovestruck Roger Davies who spent the entire evening reciting poetry to her in terza rima. This fate is unfortunately rather more common than most young ladies believe it to be and contrary to their expectations, is almost always far less romantic than they imagine it to be. There are always petty jealousies and someone almost inevitably ends in tears because someone was mean to them as the Patil twins and Hermione Granger found out the hard way during the Yule Ball of 1994.

(Possibly the only couple to have enjoyed that Ball wholeheartedly were Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom.)

Admittedly, however, 1994 was still mild compared to 1792. Perhaps tears, boredom and poetry are a far smaller price to pay than ten deaths and sixteen arrests, not to mention a thousand galleon fine and 10 years worth of red tape. 

(For the anon who wanted to hear about past Yule Balls &/or the 1994 ball from other perspectives.)

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Is it normal/ok to identify as agender but not as trans? Like I know I technically am but that doesn't really feel like a label I'm comfortable.

Hello anon, thanks for the question.

This is totally normal. Even though agender people are trans by definition, that doesn’t mean that you have to call yourself trans or identify as trans personally. There are a lot of agender, and other nonbinary people, who don’t and there’s nothing wrong with that.