Dancing Epidemic

In July 1518, a strange dancing epidemic attacked the town of Strasbourg, now a part of France. It began with a woman named Frau Troffea, who began dancing in the streets for no reason (and with no music). 

Within a week, 34 others had joined in and by August there were 400. At first, musicians were brought in to facilitate the dancing, but when people’s feet were bloodied and they began to die of heart attacks, they were moved to a mountaintop where they prayed for help. Eventually, most recovered.

At the time, the dancing was attributed to a curse placed by St. Vitus, but modern historians attribute it to mass hysteria/psychosis due to stress. (Source 1 | Source 2)

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do you feel like blurryface and what he stands for was just intended to represent tylers insecurities or do think he meant it as in everybody has a blurryface and not just him and Josh?

absolutely not. everyone has their own blurryface and they may be different and some Blurryfaces might be more dominant than others but we all have him. tyler and josh even said in an interview that the representation of Blurryface means something different to both of them

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tips for people going into high school?

Try really hard not to get behind, Google summaries of the books you’re reading, have a route to each class, have one folder where you keep all paper homework, one side is for the stuff you need to do, the other for stuff thats done. Do not loose the folder. Wash your gym uniform on the weekends, if something is optional, do the least challenging option, you’ll still get a good grade without working any harder. Ask your teacher questions if something is confusing or it’ll just keep building up ad you’ll be fucked for the whole unit. Don’t go to your locker after every period, walk fast in the hallways. Don’t be a dick about pda there’s no avoiding it. If there’s a youth therapist available and you’re feeling terrible GO TO THE THERAPIST THEY WILL HELP I PROMISE. Faking a headache and missing a test is nothing to be ashamed of just don’t do it two days in a row. If a class is way too hard, ask to be switched out, join at least one club, have at least two classes that you sort of like. Do homework during lunch and in your free time during class. Always have a phone charger. Friends will go away, but done worry, you’ll meet new people, and some friends will stay. It’s okay. Good luck

Always show kindness and love to others. Your words might be filling the empty places in someone’s heart.
—  Mandy Hale, Life, Love and a Dash of Sass

Realized I drew two ocs that belonged to a different commissioner. He loved it anyways and loved the accident. He’s even going to meet up with the other commissioner. So I might’ve accidentally made a new friendship between them?

I’m frustrated by this comment tbh because I wrote that original poem when I was 18, and that’s also right around when people starting mixing my poem and that other poem together.

That’s not even what I meant at all. I just want this version to stop going around everywhere and I want it to stop being credited to me because it’s not my work. I hate that poem because it’s not mine and because it’s what I’m most known for, which frustrates me. My name is attached to something that is barely mine and it gets really old and really difficult to explain why it’s all over the place.

Perhaps the hashtag was too strong, but that’s not what I meant. I’m allowed to be pissed off and frustrated because I also get ridiculed for that poem. It’s my name that’s attached to it now.


It feels time to start unfollowing again
though my dear friends I’ll never erase
yet if we’re not supporting each other 
why should we bother taking up space 

No big deal, and please don’t take it personally, but as we all know the numbers here can get ridiculous.  We all have different tastes, preferences, and even motives, all of which are fine, yet over time I’ve realized that there are many people on my dash that including even supporting each other’s writing with an occasional heart, there’s zero interaction.  I.E. We’re merely dead space.  So I am cutting back, and if you don’t care for my blog or blogs, please feel free to do the same.  It’s not a matter of life or death, and I promise I won’t be checking.  As for my friends however, you’ll only get rid of me by throwing me out, and I shall be kicking and screaming all the way.  :)

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Was there a particular reason why you got Charlie a DNA test? It sounds like it'd be an expensive thing to do just to find out what breed(s) he was?

I was wondering if he truly DID have husky in him, because as he grew up his fur grew out so much and his personality isn’t like the purebred huskies that much. It was only like $70 so it wasn’t expensive just to see if it matched at all. I was actually surprised (but happy!) about the husky mix match, which made me believe a bit more in the DNA tests since it matched what the shelter said. The GSD/Corgi/Bloodhound for the other parent was odd, except the GSD part. So I think the DNA test kits can be hit and miss, personally, depending on the DNA markers they find and the “strength” of them. But I was curious.

I truly think he’s a husky/herding breed mix. Sometimes I wonder if it’s border collie in him, he does the BC stare quite a bit, and can have their focus, he’s just a lot bigger than a BC but that could be the husky genes.

Who knows! Here’s his results:

EDIT: BTW we also did a DNA test on my mom’s dog, and it came back chi mix, which fits, so that again reaffirmed our belief in the tests at least sometimes being accurate, at least if they have a lot of genes that match a certain breed or two.

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Every Leo i've known have been the most selfless and loving people i've met. They aren't as confident as people think they are, they constantly judge themselves and get angry because they think they can be better and beat themselves up for it. They wanna hold you when you cry, they want you to feel as radiant as you think they are themselves. They are absolutely beautiful people, They might care too much about what others think but they are so giving and genuine

^^^^^^^ this


Man Spends 13 Years Transforming a 150 foot Hedge into a Massive Dragon

Plant care comes in many forms. For some of us it’s enough to keep a few potted plants hanging on for dear life on a windowsill, while others indulge in the joy of pushing lawnmower around every few weeks, or maybe even keeping a garden. But John Brooker of Norfolk had a horticultural vision unlike the rest of us. For the past 13 years he’s hacked and trimmed and molded the 150ft-long (45.7m) hedge outside his Frizzleton Farm property into a massive dragon complete with flowing tail and wings. Photographer Damien McFadden (also on Facebook) recently stopped by to snap these fantastic photos of Brooker at work. All images courtesy the photographer. Thanks Colossal  (via Neatorama, BBC)