does “constantly shifting and changing any and every aspect of who you are to suit other people/make them happy/entertain them/keep them interested/be of use to them to the point that you have no goddamn idea who you are and exist solely to be entertaining or useful to everyone else” count as a personality trait


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To every single fan in the Fandom. You’re strong. The fandom can be toxic but there are people who can converse and comprehend each other without being raving lunatics. You can support Mages, you can support Templars, and still get along. You can fathom how a character would be like or develop in different sexualities, or you can stick true to the writing and see how their canon orientation builds their character. And we can agree to disagree. Yelling isn’t a substitute for good conversation.

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Dean is abusive. No matter how you attempt to defend his unforgivable actions, Dean is abusive. That is a fact. His actions are horrifying. The fact that he has fans sickens me. Like, it's an insult to people who have been abused. Also, hah. Sam saves the lives of fans. Has your precious little abuser saved the lives of fans? Nope. Please, stop defending Dean. He's a monster, he deserves anything he gets, his forty years in Hell is nowhere near what he deserves.

usually I avoid going to this place when I get these asks but I feel the need to point this out: I have never seen a dean fan send a message like this to a sam or a cas fan - which is not to say that it never happens (it might, but if it ever has, it’s never crossed my dash and I’ve never come across it while looking at other blogs). you love sam? that’s rad, dude. I’m glad he means so much to you that you feel the need to defend him so viscerally. it’s a really really cool thing when you have something that important to you in your life. I totally get that.

but this is petty, immature and frankly, insulting on a level that has nothing to do with fandom or dean. I am a victim of abuse. I’m guessing that this is a troll but I’ve heard arguments like this in conversations with people on here. and I get that you feel like he is, I do get it, but there is absolutely no reason for you to send something so aggressive and accusatory. and frankly, potentially triggering for someone who was a victim of abuse and loves dean. you don’t have to “prove” that your fave is superior to my fave or justify your distaste for my fave by attacking him or his fans. honestly, it makes you guys look bad and it makes me resent sam more (which bums me out cause I’m kinda fond of the nerd). 

dean winchester is far from perfect but he is not an abuser. he is not a monster. dean saved my life; he saved some of my friends lives. the only thing I have to say here is that you’re wrong.

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Get over that last niggas in Paris collection the clothes are dope and if you actually look into it it's an homage to the culture

hmmmm naw im not gonna get over racism in an industry that promotes the invisibility of black and other peoples of color as models and makers but adopts our language and culture as “style” in order to validate its designs. idc about apc its not 2012

I’m at work and I was talking to one of my co-workers about how someone on Twitter reposted my Shimakaze dakimakura post, and one of our other co-workers walks up while we’re talking and was like, “The post of the anime pillow getting punched? I saw that on tumblr!”
Make it stop. People I know IRL who don’t know or follow my tumblr are seeing my posts and it’s so weird to be like, “Yeah, that was my post. I’m the girl who punched the anime pillow.”