I didn’t expect three different people would ask the same/similar question lol Well, now is the time to pray for Okita Sougo here.

(++) Forgot to write this. Okikagu married without telling Umibozu and Kamui in the right date. They sent their marriage letter, but it arrived late ^q^ (space problem)

When Umibozu and Kamui arrived, Souichirou was waiting for them.

Wish you would like it! Thank you for the question!!

Gintama 531 feels
  • Gintoki x Hijikata fans:Omg these two are pairing up again yay! Their pose on the last page is too kakkoii~~!
  • Sougo x Kagura fans:Kyaa they are fighting on the same side, Kagura comes to the rescue and Sougo -as usual- is cool as ever with his sword out, yes? *waiting beautifully for the next OkiKagu moments*
  • Kondo x Otae fans:Is that Otae? She's coming too, that gorilla is going to be so happy when he sees her <3
  • Zura fans:PONYTAIL ZURAAAAA!!!