some tentative designs 4 a thing?? i’m not sure abt this guy yet

pls don’t tag with fandom stuff or things abt ur ocs, ty!! also pls don’t copy the design if u could.. i see some of u reblogging my stuff tagged w/ ‘omg inspiration for my ___ species’ and straight up recoloring my ocs lol… i see ya’ll being naughty


it feels like i havent drawn my ocs in a while ever since arriving at volleyball hell… drew these on paper, but they actually ended up looking ok

for those who dont know, the characters are (in order): jovan, irene, damian, (left to right) nuru and hakan.

if I went deeper with the synthetic gem theme then I probably would’ve had a lot to choose from lmao

  • Dragon’s Breath/Mexican Glass - an opalesque glass made in the 1990’s and used for victorian stage costumes
  • Moldavite - a naturally forming glass possibly created from a meteorite impact
  • Lead Crystal Glass - a kind of glass made by adding lead oxide to the quartz/chalk/soda/potassium mix, known to have a higher index of refraction as compared to regular glass

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what was high school like for you?

my first high school was a private all-girl catholic snake pit made up of mostly white upper-middle class girls whose world view was restricted to an episode of the OC and who dedicated each and every day to making sure nobody’s self esteem reached any higher than an ants asshole. I spent most of my time avoiding everyone and everything in that school via hiding in the library, infirmary, locker rooms, the goddamn music room and passing the time by reading manga, fanfiction, watching anime, drawing, and playing flash games on newgrounds like an absolute loser nerd but it was my escape from those evil, EVIL bitches. I ended up having a huge meltdown and got into quite a few fights and ended up bailing when I started becoming very aggressive again, I was just like “whoaaaa these bessie, easy there; we’ve all had people we’d like to throw into a woodchipper but cALM DOWN AND REMOVE YO SELF FROM THIS SITUATION”   

my second high school was a public school with all genders and no religion and it was literally a bunch of cheap air conditioned shacks on top of a hill and it was full to the brim with people from all racial, social and economic backgrounds and I had the best two years of my entire life at that school. nobody bullied or openly judged me for the first time ever, I became mildly cool but because I was free to develop in an environment that was healthy and positive, I met my first big love there, I scored the best grades there because I was happy enough to actually focus on my school work, I met nikki there, I learned shitloads, I regained self-confidence. I had a fucking blast at my last high school, I miss it so much. 

i feel rlly uneasy today so i did some oc request doodls on iscribble ths morning to calm dwn„

Demons and angels ( open RP can be NSFW )

*Your OC is a powerful demon and ruler of the underworld. Most mortals fear you, and most Angels stay out of your way. One day, while visiting earth, you see an angel walking alone. She was wearing a pink sweater and a mini skirt to match. You decided to mess with her, for fun*