I was on holidays during Easter, so here there are some interesting pics of the girls from these last days :)

Tiggs did a shot and Rory and Lola were with her. Not sure if shooting with her too or just being with her. I guess Lola was shooting too! :) I neither know if it’s for a magazine, an advertising session, or just a private pic for their family.

Also Lola turned 15 this last April 4th! And she celebrated it with her siblings (minus Felix).

Enjoy them!

Rory’s instagram (now public)

Tigerlily’s instagram

Lola’s instagram

anonymous asked:

I guess Rory is taller than 1.67m. There are some old pics (from 2010/2011) of her standing beside Rufus. Rufus was at this time a little bit taller than Roger, maybe 1.82-1.85m. So she should be at least 1,72-1,75m. I also guess that Lily is the smallest one, next to her mom wearing highheels, she is smaller than Debbie. She seems to be like 1.65-1.68m. Just my2cts ;-) btw Where do you come from?

Thanks for all the details!

Yes, I think Tigerlily is the shortest one :) I think you are right about the heights, cm up/cm down.

I’m from England but living in Ireland right now :)

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imagine a pacific rim game for kinect where you can only play this one version of it with another person. before each try in a battle w a kaiju you are given time to discuss your strategy with your co-player. as the battle starts you both have to do the same actions (within reason) but if one player deviates from the plan/they get way out of sync, you lose the battle.