Frame Rates 101: A quick examination on data

Yesterday, I wrote about some design reasons why a studio would want to adjust their frame rates. Today, I thought I would go over some quick and dirty back-of-the-napkin style math to show what the main draw on frame rate tends to be. If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s usually the graphics.


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*heavy breathing*
Im waiting from early morning to phone call… phone call from my beloved, only one….

…courier … with new MODEM

TODAY IS THE DAY, MY LOVELY CHOCOLATE FOLLOWERS, when ill upgrade after all those years my 4MB download and 0,4 MB upload speed internet TO (hopefully) 50 MB DOWNLOAD AND 5MB UPLOAD internet and finally STREAM again ( games….upload videos… play games…a lot..of games….)
I feel like child under christmas tree

Paran yoksa hasta olma ülkesi olan Türkiye'de artık paran yoksa öl devri başlamıştır. Sgk yoksa ödemen gereken para 3 katına çıkarılmış.

Şimdi bu nasıl bi mantık anlatayım; parası olmayan bir adamın ne sgksı olur ne bağkuru ne de herhangi özel bi sağlık zımbırtısı. Yani fakirler ölsün ergenliği yapan bi hükümetimiz var. 

İşsizlik oranını düşürmek için mantıklı bi yöntem aslında.

[Single] O Broject - OBroject’s Best Friend (MP3)

오브로젝트 - 오브로젝트’s Best Friend
Release Date: 2014.09.17
Genre: Pop-Rap, Indie
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:
01. Best Friend (Feat 강민희 Of 미스에스)

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File: O Broject - Best Friend [].rar
Size: 8.29 MB
Hosted: MediaFire, 4Shared,, ZippyShare, PutLocker,


not that anyone cares but im gana start deleting the art work i put on tumblr because i don’t have anything copyrighted (hopefully spelt that right) and i don’t want anyone stealing my work anyways just wanted the people to know for some strange reason - u -

demon!dean definitely looks like he’s going for a cain-esque look with that hair + almost beard and it makes me think abt how cain might be the only person to whom demon!dean might show any kind of deference mb even affection.

and i just imagine demon!dean going back to him, unsure for the first time since waking up to his new life. he’s drawn to the old man’s home and he doesn’t know why and when cain lays eyes on what dean’s become dean definitely doesn’t know why he’s here because cain gives him this look that isn’t pity,isn’t grief, isn’t regret. but it speaks of some kind of deep abstract sorrow in the old man that reaches out to dean and settles warmly in a part of him that’s been cold and dead since long before he even became a demon. 

and then dean remembers the promise cain asked of him the last time he was here, and dean realizes that there’s relief in the old man’s face, and gratitude. 

[Mini Album] Deffinite - Confession (MP3)

데피닛 - Confession
Release Date: 2014.09.17
Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop-Rap
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:
01. Confession
02. 익숙해 (feat. 김혜리)
03. 예뻐보이네
04. 마주칠까봐
05. 너의 하루
06. 아름다워
07. Finding You

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File: Deffinite - Confession [].rar
Size: 51.9 MB
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