DC Comics preview: SUPERMAN #35 - The Men of Tomorrow - Part 4

Story by Geoff Johns // Art by John Romita Jr.

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The hit SUPERMAN run by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. continues with “THE MEN OF TOMORROW” Chapter four! Superman and Ulysses are still dealing with the traumatic revelations of last issue, but the hunt for The Machinist must continue before his would-be-victims fall into his hands. But what happens when the two heroes learn the truth behind The Machinist and the cost to stopping his mad plan?

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I just love scrolling through all the #handtoolthursday posts. Now that I’m finished, here is mine. Having recently acquired these fine #tools from @vespertools they’ve moved into their own drawer in the #gerstner chest. I’d normally keep the #bevel closed, so there is room for more… perhaps a #square… I have an intended task for each of these and am looking toward to using them. #handtools #machinist #woodworking


David Greenglass, member of the infamous Rosenberg atomic spy ring, passed away in July of this year, as was widely reported earlier this week.

Arrested in 1950, Greenglass was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union along with his sister Ethel Rosenberg, brother-in-law Julius Rosenberg, and another member of the ring, Harry Gold.  Unlike the Rosenbergs, Greenglass avoided the death sentence by pleading guilty and providing testimony against them.

During World War II, David Greenglass was a U.S. Army machinist working on the secret Manhattan Project to develop atomic weapons. His brother-in-law Julius Rosenberg was a Soviet sympathizer and spy, and recruited Greenglass into passing secrets, such as the drawing shown above, from his workplace at Los Alamos National Laboratory to Soviet agents.

But what about the Jell-O box?

Like a “Best Friends” necklace, pieces of the Jell-O box could be matched, and the spies would be able to confirm their identities.

The Greenglasses were living in Albuquerque when a man (Harry Gold) came to their home, introduced himself saying “Julius sent me,” and produced a piece of Jell-O box. It matched the one David Greenglass was holding. 

A Jell-O box was introduced at the trial. It was not the original box, but “trial transcript shows that the prosecution introduced this facsimile Jell-O box to represent the recognition signal.” The evidence is now part of the holdings of the National Archives at New York City.

During the subsequent trial, the Rosenbergs denied all espionage allegations, but on April 5, 1951, the couple were ultimately convicted and sentenced to death for their role, with Greenglass’ testimony helping to seal his sister’s conviction.   

Supporters of the Rosenbergs lobbied for a pardon and their  two children, ages 10 and 6, even petitioned for their parents’ lives in a poignant letter to President Eisenhower, but no avail.  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953. (The letter from Michael and Robert Rosenberg to Eisenhower is currently on display in the Making their Mark exhibit at the National Archives.)

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U.S. Navy sailors Machinist Virgil Mathis (left) and Motor Machinist’s Mate Melvin Howard (with helmet) of the USS Menges assist in the rescue and treatment of a U.S. sailor who survived the sinking of the USS Lansdale (DD-426). The soldier is covered in fuel oil after he swam from the sinking ship. The USS Lansdale was part of convoy leaving Oran, Algeria, when some 18 to 24 German Luftwaffe Junkers Ju-88 and Heinkel bombers struck in three waves. The USS Lansdale and the SS Paul Hamilton were both sunk. 232 men from the USS Lansdale survived the sinking, 47 were killed. All 580 persons aboard the SS Paul Hamilton were killed. Among those also rescued from the sea were two German fliers who were shot down either by Lansdale or USS Newell (DE-322). Near Oran, Algeria, Mediterranean Sea. 20 April 1944.  


Oh my god, My Day=Just Been Made! I needed to get a part prototyped by the guys in our machine shop, and I’m walking up and I notice the 80 something year old adorable machinist look at me and say something to another machinist. I get up there and he kind of giggles and says, “I was just saying that she looks good.” I totally just got hit on by an adorable old man at work.


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Boxer sighed and entered the Bandit Camp from the Fast Travel station, as he had for a couple of weeks now. Gaige had kept the Bandits away from him and, as he was a soldier of his word, he had resisted taking his frustrations out on their “Neighbors.” The ghost of his wife had only reappeared a few times as of late and with Gaige’s help, she’d been banished back into his psyche once again. The Mechromancer had been…well, everything he needed lately. A shoulder, a companion, or even a slap up-side the head to get him out of his emotional slums. Her blunt reasoning was…effective, to say the least.

He stepped into the hut and sat on her bed, lowering his crimson hood and pulling free his helmet, taking a breath of the less-humid air of the place. He hadn’t quite gotten used to living with Gaige and Kriege, so he still didn’t refer to the place as “home”, but it was at least a sanctuary. He wondered, though, when they’d figure out where to find him a bed of his own instead of the pile of cloth he’d been using. Not that he slept much as it was.

Shrugging to himself, he called out the Mechromancer’s name, alerting both her and the Psycho, if he was home, to his presence.

"Hey, Red, watcha up to?"


The Siren had been staying with the Spiderant clan for a few days now, enjoying her time with Morrie before she had to go back and get her menial things.  Before she had to face Gaige’s hatred again.  There was a knot in her stomach, and Morrie had offered on more than one occasion to go with her.  She’d refused, knowing it would only complicate things, and despite their friendship, her Queen would leap to her defense.

So she drove to Jerek’s camp on her lonesome, enjoying the solitude, the quiet before the storm.  Pulling up she took a breath to center herself then hopped out of the tech.  She strolled up to her -now old- home and hesitated with knocking.  Instead she pushed right in, looking for the pile of stuff Gaige said she’d stacked up for her to find.

anonymous said:

❧ (Gaige)

[TXT] I swear, she awesome, if a bit ridiculous at times. But that’s why I like her, Sis.

[TXT] She’s Gaige, and that’s what matters to me.

[TXT] I’ll be happy for her as long as she does what she wants, and support her through it.

[TXT] OH GOD wrong conversation.