Mission accomplished! Fan’s Eddie Redmayne selfie completes Les Miserables set. 


Seeing Eddie Redmayne totally completes my mission of celebs to meet this week! Now that I met him I have completed the cast of Les Misérables! I have photos with Anne, Hugh, Russell, Amanda, and now Eddie ️. #EddieRedmayne #TheTheoryOfEverything #OscarWinner #LesMis #LesMiserables #TheGoodShepard #JupiterAscending #TheOtherBoleynGirl #NYC #actor

But imagine a modern AU where instead of fighting for freedom form the monarchy like in the movie Enjolras fought for lgbt rights. Instead of waving the red flag it’d be a mix of different flags such as gay pride, trans pride, bi pride, ally, pan pride, etc. and no one knew why he did it. But he did it for Grantaire because people always put Grantaire down for being an openly gay man, and Enjolras went to every pride rally and parade and gave speeches and just imagine Enjolras fighting for gay rights.


This web series will be based off the blog textingenjolras. Sarah has kindly given us (the cast) permission to turn her storyline into a film. We have decided to title it “The Future That They Bring,” but you could also refer to it as the Texting Enjolras Web Series if you so insist. As a side note, it will be almost fully genderbent, to fit the cast. This blog exists for us to communicate with you, and to give you updates (etc etc) as we proceed. Lydia and I are the main directors and Alex and Reg are ‘co-directors’. The script is coming along and we hope to start filming soon. Each episode will be uploaded on a YouTube channel which is yet to be made, (but you will be notified when it is born from the womb of the interwebs.) Overall, this experience will be great fun and we hope you enjoy it as much as we hope to enjoy making it for you.


*with a few strange thoughts brought to you by Reg