lol what came to mind when I saw their teasers & for my potential fanfic :3

"Ok, this translation is from the tidbits of the article which will be released today.

Credit from kiokunokatachi

- Someone from the industry leaked this little convo she had w/ Mao-chan about J. She revealed that Mao was close to Toma at first.
- But J was so persistent in pursuing her so they ended up together. The exact Japanese word was Jun is gui gui. lol
-When she asked Mao what was the part of Jun she liked, she said Jun is more clever than she is.

Kyaaa. Total confirmation”

-magzhydfan of LSS

SHINHWA Super Heroes ^_^

that moment when i realized that James Bond can be also so cute and charming.. Andy Oppa >.<


and whenever i see the Super Man logo i don’t know why i keep on associating it with a HAMMER.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dongwan Oppa..


our Wonder Woman with his/her shiny undies.. too bad it’s not shown here Minwoo Oppa :)))) oh sooo pretty.. so envy!!! XD


Hyesung Oppa! :) our TJ oh, i mean TZ ! You look like a legit PRINCE of the jungle.. only that you are too.. yeah.. that word sparkling as always :3 kyaaa!


and even if he is called the Invisible Man.. i can clearly see how handsome he is! HAHAHA with that plastic costume! :))) ow our Jinnie Oppa is so adorable..


and watching this SHINBANG episode is my first time of knowing The Six Million Dollar Man :))) i still needed to research about him after i watched it..but yeah our walking statue of David fits him well with a good side of aegyo.. Eric Oppa ^^ jjang!


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this piggy back ride from a Hyung.. :}