Easy Updo #2: Updo with Copper Piping.

This updo was inspired by these two pins from Pinterest. Instead of paying $25 for the metal hairpiece in the last pin, I bought some metal piping from Home depot for $1.25 per piece.

  • Best on: Wet and or stretched hair; medium-long length. (If you have short hair, I’ll show you how to add a Jumbo braid first.)
  • Great For: Lunch date; Casual outgoing with friends
  • What You’ll Need: 1’” inch wide Copper piping (Home Depot, $1.25), flatbrush, rubberbands, bobby pins, moisturizer (I used QP Elasta Olive and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner) and a gel or paste (I use Prostyl Protein Gel).


  1. On wet hair (makes this look go much smoother), put your hair into two close ponytails.
  2. Twist each ponytail.
  3. Pull ponytails through one tube.
  4. Take the ends and pull them through the second tube.
  5. Pin the ends of the twists behind the rubberbands to disguise them.
  6. Done! Easy peezy. 


Easy Updo #2: Ponytail with Copper piping (pictured below). 

This updo looks great with a couple two strand twistouts. 


  1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. 
  2. Twist hair. **If you want to get the wavy look pictured above, do steps 1-2 with several twists on wet hair. Take the twists out when semi-dry.**
  3. Slide piping all the way up to cover ponytail holder. Your hair should hold it in place if it is thicker. If your hair is thinner, simply tie a rubber band underneath the piping.
  4. Done. 

Check out Updo #1 if you haven’t already!


Hal's 1500 Followers Follow Forever

So I just hit 1500 followers, as shown in the screenshot below


Ok, so I got lazy, and didn’t actually do it at 1500. Heck, I’m even too lazy to do all that fancy header mambo jumbo you whippersnappers are so fond of (since I’m probably at least 5 years older than the lot of you). I’m just making this as simple as I can.

So anyways, these are my current top favourite blogs, and I highly recommend you follow these awesome people too. Also, unlike others that try to make this list as long as they can, I’m making it as short as possible. No disrespect to anyone that isn’t on the list for that very reason.

In alphabetical order:

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scarlet-speedster said:

[pm] Guess who's got a large pizza and jumbo M&M's with your name on it? Hint: this guy. [deleted] I know that it won't make things better and [/deleted] [deleted] I thought you could use a friend [/deleted]

[pm] You saw the Sherwood florist thing didn’t yo

I can’t I’m bu— Damn it

Is it the Harpoon guy from the Sperm Whaling exhibit?

I have never believed in the Law of Attraction more than I do right now...

I’m going to warn you now, this is going to be a long post. Today was unbelievable and I have to share it with you in all it’s glory. 

As you’ll probably know, I’m a massive believer in the law of attraction- the idea that you get back what you give out. Like attracts like. So basically, if you’re thinking and feeling negative, you’re getting back…negativity! Exactly. Now, for those of you who think that what I’ve just said is a load of mumbo jumbo, just try it. You’ll be surprised.

Anywho, I’m not here to promote a positive attitude. I’m here to tell you about the bloody magnificent day I had. 

It all started yesterday evening…. After a wonderful weekend I sat down ready to waste away my evening on the interweb (mostly tumbling, obviously) and my laptop screen started blinking uncontrollably. I turned it off. The screen went grey. From there I was sent into an oblivion of laptop withdrawal symptoms and hate for the world.

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Spectacular homestuck kid group drawings where jane or jade are left out? I have no use for this mumbo jumbo.