Marilyn Monroe inspired make up for work using this  tutorial form Lisa Eldridge using 

-L’Oreal Lumi Foundation 

-Maybelline Glaze creme blush 

-Benefit Watts Up Highlighter

-Urban Decay eye primer potion  

-NYX Jumbo eye liner in Milk all over eye 

-The Balm Nude’Tude Palette using sassy all over eye and highlighter and sultry in the crease 

-Bobbi Brown raw sugar brick for eye corners 

- Revlon Matte Red lipstick “Really Red”

- Maybelline Brow Precise Pencil 

- L’Oreal Miss Mage Mascara 

I need to find the perfect vase for my desk. Maybe I should organize my desk first. I decided i needed to make my office look more “me”, more personalized. Thank god it’s Friday, because that mumbo jumbo is what I woke up thinking about… oofda

naijabutterfly asked:

I never have any luck submitting on here (my submissions never see the light of day) but I i'll try again since I'm aiming to be fly - anyone in the Bay Area know anyone willing to do mid-back length jumbo braids for LESS than the amount it takes to feed a family of four????? (budget $70-$110)

Celebrate The Year of the Goat with Great Food!

It’s Chinese New Year! 2015 is the year of the Goat (or sheep). This time is all about tradition, and honouring family and friends. Alongside red envelopes, gifts and fireworks, food is central to the celebrations. In fact there are a lot of traditional or symbolic ingredients or dishes such as oranges and tangerines, which bring wealth and luck. Whole fish are often eaten for the same reason!

Whether or not you celebrate it, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some awesome Chinese food. We’re not going to say that all of these dishes are authentic but we CAN assure you that they’re all tasty! :D 

Dim Sum (Get the recipe)

Steamed Chinese Sea Bream (Get the recipe) 

Sesame prawn toast (Get the recipe)

Jumbo Chicken Spring Rolls (Get the recipe) 

Crispy Shrimp with Chow Mein Noodles (Get the recipe) 

And a few of our faves from SORTEDfood users! 

Char Sui Bao by @BistroBattle (Get the recipe) 

Chinese chicken with Shoaxing Wine by @lisaphoon (Get the recipe)

Char Siew Rice by @jdaniel (叉燒) (Get the recipe)

What are you eating to celebrate?! Post it on SORTEDfood, Instagram or Twitter so that we can see! 

I asked my dad to buy me some Hersey kisses and he gets me 2 jumbo bags like 200 each this is how I die


Hi! i’m River, River Styxx!

my new wig came in and its a lot like rivers hair so i did this pretty quickly but its still cute, and i just used my stupid infinity scarf for a hood

products used were: mehron liquid face paint in purple and white

sugar pill eyeshadow in poison plum mixed with a blurple shade from sephora

urban decay moondust eyeshadow in glitter rock mixed with sugarpills dolli-pop

NYX jumbo pencil in milk mixed with some blurple eyeshadow from forever 21

milani liquid liner in extreme black

sephora lashes in mink

wig found here  it may take a while cause it comes from china unless you opt for expedited shipping like i did ❤

Russian Olive to Red King, adventures in advertising

“When your lover may be dead, how long can you hold on to what remains? To whatever is left of you? A plane crash, a package, her dog,her voice. A notebook, his writer’s block, and heat-distorted summer memories of a search for Jumbo the Elephant and an absent father.”

Feel free to skip to the end.

So, I guess we need to say something about this book.  Every time we sit down to talk about what we’re going to do next, together, we have the best of intentions. We’ve talked seriously about trying to bring whatever mainstream skills we might have to bear, about doing something in an identifiable genre, about doing something that might actually, this time, have an elevator pitch. And then we let go of the grenade. Because when we find ourselves with… five years of spare time and no imposed parameters, Russian Olive to Red King is what happens. We just can’t help ourselves but what the hell are you going to do. You have to make the book you make.

It’s listed as a romance. It’s not. Not really. But it’s the closest designation any of us could find. Stuart has called it a romance that isn’t romantic, a ghost story that isn’t frightening. I think we were gunning for‘psychological romance’ or ‘psychological ghost romance’ or, failing that, ‘book’. (Stuart continues to suggest ‘Gho-mance’. That’s free for anyone who wants it.) What Russian Olive is, is a story in two parts. The first involves a plane crash and Olive’s journey back to Red.  And it’s Red’s attempt to just keep living when he knows, in the absence of any actual information, that his life is never going to be the same. The second half is Red’s love letter to Olive, in which he neither talks about love nor Olive because what do you say when the only person you wanted to say it to will likely never hear it. Red talks about the search for his absent father and about the inhumane tragedy of Jumbo the Elephant, about working a shit job and lying under his grandmother’s bed listening to her die. It’s text heavier, as if you weren’t already backing away slowly with a fixed smile verging on rictus, with photographic elements on every page and an illustrated punch line. 

We had some late outside editorial input that comic readers were scared off by text. I don’t want to start an argument but I have to believe this is not true. I want to believe that, if anything, comic readers are actually pan-literate and not scared off by anything. The second half is in no way meant as an explanation of the first. It’s happening simultaneously with the intention of completely, totally burying you in emotional cement by the time you’re done. At least, that’s how it affects us. I’m not sure what all is lurking in that back half but it made both of us just want to crawl back into bed every time we had to deal with it. Maybe for you, it’s just about a dog and an elephant and a guy that doesn’t know what to do with himself.  But we hope not.

Looking back through the stacks of paper and the digital material for this book, it all probably started with a set of visual images that were both a daily love letter, when I was away working on a different task for a couple of months, and Stuart’s not so covert project to upgrade his Illustrator™ skills (see: romance, not romantic). The first draft of the back half of Russian Olive was written as a response to these images. And as we’ve pulled this book apart and put it back together many times over the past five years, it’s become clear that, in some ways, the piece itself is an exploration of how we work together, what the relationship is between the words and the pictures, and how it is that we can respond and react to what the other person is doing. We make each other better. The other thing that’s made us better is working with Chris Pitzer at AdHouse. It’s been a privilege to be included on such a carefully curated publication roster and the attention he’s given this book humbles us both.

At any rate, tl;dr, Here’s how to get the book that we made:

We encourage you to deal with your LCS and you can pre-order with this  PRINTABLE DIAMOND ORDER CODE (with bonus comedy because there’s none, okay maybe a little, in the book) or through Amazon or Chapters Indigo. We will also be at TCAF in May with a limited number of pre-shipped copies. Thanks, gang.