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Free ES merchandise are now available for pre-orders on our online store! First is the Free ES x OLDCODEX collaboration Jersey which comes in five designs: Haru, Makoto, Rin, Nagisa, and Rei. Please note that pre-orders for these jersey are very limited and will close March 5th (tomorrow). The second item up for pre-order is the Free ES Stick Posters which can be joined to make one jumbo poster! If you have questions about pre-ordering any of these items, please send us a message at any time, thank you!

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White people get on my fucking nerves with shit like this. I was watching a buzz feed video of things black men hate hearing (stereotypical shit such as “black men are violent”) and clearly, this woman wanted a jumbo cookie and pats on the back and an invitation to speak on Ellen’s talk show for reiterating the point of the video but in her white ass perspective which of course is way more valid and demands more attention and legitimacy, right? *rolls eyes* Go to sleep, Melissa. Her story is literally of her no longer being afraid of black men because another gave her a fucking hug. A hug, y’all. She didn’t know black men were capable of such things. Way to go. Woopdie doo. Not all black men beat white girls omg. I didn’t know they hug people? They know how to tenderly caress a body?  Like bye, bird turd. And then she ends with that “I see no gender or color” bullshit when she literally reinforced white supremacy by thinking her account would legitimize the video further because she’s white, right? And we literally live in a society that subjugates POC and gender non conforming folk each and every day but…. there ain’t such thing as color or gender and God forbid you bring up inequity and privilege. I’m done….


March’s Legendary Box Now on Sale!

It’s a sweet celebration of the most legendary hero this side of the realm! Rupees, potions and enough weaponry to go to battle with your sweet tooth.

What is a Nerdache Box?

Each box comes with:

  • 3 Sugar cookie Rupees
  • Health Potion Sugar Cookie 
  • 1 Giant Link Sword Sugar Cookie 
  • 1 Jumbo Hylian Shield Cookie
  • A box of salted caramel chocolate-filled gems
  • Exclusive Nerdache Box Legendary pin

Only 10 Boxes available this Month. Get ‘em while they last! 

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Use CODE: LEGENDARY for $5 off!

Again, I Say Woah.

"Hello guys,Just finished this modern take on a tele last week. Let me know what you think about it ;) 


  • Body : mahogany 
  • Top : zebra wood 
  • Neck : 5 pieces flamed maple and mahogany / zebra wood headstock veneer
  • Fretboard : ebony / zebra wood 12th fret inlay / aluminium and brass dots
  • Radius : 12” 
  • Frets : 22 medium jumbo 
  • Bridge : ABM 
  • Tuners : Schaller 
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound 

 Cheers” - Dimitri Lefèvre

We’ve had a few in from Dimitri before, with a particular favourite of mine being the Griffon, but this surpasses it - absolutely beautiful! 

Got a guitar, bass, pedal or amp you want to share? You can send it in to GuitarPorn here!

What’s in my Backpack 2/27/15

I always get a few questions on what I keep on me at all times, so I thought it would be cute to show what I plan on having with me this weekend. I’ll be bouncing between my campus library and the Boston Public Library.

  • My to-do list:  including all housekeeping chores, stuff for housing next year, and reminders to book my bus ticket to go home for Spring Break next week
  • My to-buy list: with lots of stuff I’ve been needing forever but have convinced myself that I don’t need (white-out, new socks, ugh)
  • My trusty jumbo planner: which currently contains my full study schedule for my American Government midterm exam next Thursday
  • My pencil-case: jam-packed with lots of colorful pens, sharpened pencils, and bright highlighters
  • Some light reading for studying breaks: A book written by a former Secret Service Agent about his times with Jackie Kennedy and the Kennedy family. Jackie reminds me of the kind of person I want to be when I grow up, so I figured she could keep me motivated right now, near the end of my midterms!

Happy exam studying to all my frosty followers!

Coloring dark eyebrows: NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil (with photos)

I have already done a tutorial on the same topic but with different materials. Tell which one you liked best!

What you will need:
~NYX  jumbo eyeshadow pencil - MILK (it will make your eyebrows brighter and hold them in place)
~a brush (it will help you color them)
~eyeshadow (it will color your eyebrows)

My tips:

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