its taken me a while to actually like myself. i hated growing up in a community that was a bigotry for darker skin, despite the fact that many of the people who ridiculed me where the same ones who spent hundreds on tanning salons or hours in the sun to damage their skin. i hated arguing about my ethnicity with strangers (despite saying i was laos & thai), being called “exotic” by people who saw me as a fetish, and being spoken to in racist accents as if it was some form of flattery. i hated being called names for being bisexual and embracing my sexuality, being told i should be thankful for unwanted sexual attention and harassment because it was a compliment, and being taken as a joke when my virginity was taken by a complete stranger without my permission. i hated being told i was smart only because of my heritage, not being taking seriously as a feminist, and being unaccepted for not fitting stereotypes that caused the trouble in my life in the first place. it was like constantly being rejected for who i was, but being wanted for the idea of me. 

but i am not an idea. i’m a person with ideas. and i refuse to be seen in other light. i refuse to be apologetic for being myself. i refuse to accept racist backhanded compliments. i refuse to be sorry for being a woman. growing up, i hated myself so much, but now I can’t see any real reason why because right now, i freaking love myself. 

8 years ago today @jimmyurine proposed to me at @metmuseum! I hope this is not the longest, most involved April Fool’s joke or I’ll be mega bummed. Either way, one of the best days of my life, but then again every day with this dude is….

What if today’s Direct is just a bunch of fake trailers for stuff everyone wants just to then reveal it’s all a joke?

What if Nintendo feels like making another Mother 3 joke and I end up blowing up NoA’s HQ for good this time?


Source: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2014/02/07/sail-backed-dimetrodon-had-a-nasty-bite/

Name: Dimetrodon (species: D. angelensis, D. booneorum, D. dollovianus, D. giganhomogenes, D. grandis, D. limbatus, D. loomisi, D. macrospondylus, D. milleri, D. natalis, D. occidentalis, D. teutonis

Name Meaning: Two Measures of Teeth 

First Described: 1878

Described By: Cope 

Classification: Eukaryota, Unikonta, Opisthokonta, Holozoa, Filozoa, Metazoa, Eumetazoa, Bilateria, Deuterostomia, Chordata, Olfactores, Craniata, Vertebrata, Gnathostomata, Eugnathostomata, Teleostomi, Osteichthyes, Sarcopterygii,  Rhipidistia, Tetrapodomorpha, Tetrapoda, Reptiliomorpha, Amniota, Synapsida, Pelycosauria, Eupelycosauria, Sphenacodontia, Sphenacodontoidea, Sphenacodontidae, Sphenacodontinae

Dimetrodon was a synapsid from the Sakmarian age of the Early Permian, about 295 to 272 million years ago. It is well known for the large sail on its back, formed by elongated spines from the vertebrae. It was quadrupedal and had a long curved tail and heterodontition in its jaw. Fossils of it have been found in both the USA and in Northern Europe, with the first fossils found by Cope in the Red Beds of Texas. It has also been found in Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and even Ohio and Illinois (I should go looking for it), as well as Germany. Being a synapsid, it was characterized by having only one temporal fenestra, or hole behind the eye socket. This makes it not a reptile, as reptiles are characterized by having two temporal fenestrae. However, it was an amniote, meaning it probably laid eggs, though egg fossils from the species have not been found. 

Source: http://paleoillustration.tumblr.com/post/10169392160/el-gran-depredaror-big-predator-by-marco

The animal was up to 4 meters long and a carnivore, with finely serrated teeth and was probably the top predator of its environment. It had two different types of teeth: grabbing teeth, and shearing flesh teeth, allowing it to make short work of its prey. The sail was highly vascularized, though the webbing may not have extended all the way to the tips of the spins. This sail may have been used as camouflage, allowed for more stable side to side movement, or have been thermoregulatory. The evidence for thermoregulation is conflicting at best: the sail grew much faster than was necessary for thermoregulation, and it actually could have evolved for sexual selection, and thus could have been used as a display structure. Dimetrodon may have been sexually dimorphic as well, as there are two slightly different body size classes. It is still mildly unsure though which one is which sex. 

Source: http://de.jurassic.wikia.com/wiki/Dimetrodon

This animal lived in a complex, but early land based ecological community, living in vast wetlands and lowland ecosystems of the Permian. It lived alongside amphibians Archeria, Diplocaulus, Eryops, and Trimerorhachis, the reptiliomorph Seymouria, the reptile Captorhinus, and the other synapsids Ophiacodon and Edaphosaurus. There are some juvenile specimens known, though they are a different species from known adult Dimetrodon and juveniles and adults may or may not have lived alongside one another. It is known from many species, but D. grandis was the largest known one. Other species show different morphology in the shape of the sail as well as the size of the sail. 




Shout out goes to perilousechidna!

Youtube’s Sandstorm April Fools Jokes

For April Fool’s, Youtube snuck in two hilarious features:

  1. The Darude’s Sandstorm Button on videos. Simply go to any video and you’ll see a music note button on the right-hand side. Clicking that “Add music button will play Darude’s Sandstorm. For example, you can view this beauty tutorial (which is completely unrelated to edm) and mute the original video’s volume. Then click the “Add Music” button and Darude’s Sandstorm will play over any video. You can do this to videos of cats, people, etc. It will not work for violent or mature content videos though.
  2. On top of that, if you search for any artist on Youtube, the search result will say “Did you mean: Darude - Sandstorm by Darude.” This is what happens when we searched Armin Van Buuren. The same will happen if you look up a non-edm artist, like Taylor Swift for example. Hahaha Pretty funny, Youtube!

johnnyjoestar asked:

just letting you know not to be too upset about the SU anime thing: it was an April fools joke (or maybe just a regular day joke?). it's not going to be a real show. that being said, that persons justification if it was real is still gross. :^T so just making sure you know! if you already did and just wanted to call out shitty nerd logic, then uh HAVE A GREAT DAY! :^3

oh no, I identified that it was a joke, I just balked at the guy in the comments all like “japan only understands titty sorry”

  • Popular Jewish Celebrity:I consider myself Jewish. I am a proud Jew. My Jewish identity is important to me.
  • Goyim:Yeah, but they're not really Jewish, though, because they're only half and they didn't go to Hebrew school growing up, and they say they're an atheist, so they can't actually be Jewish!
  • Celeb with Jewish ancestry who does not seem to personally identify as a Jew in any way:*Makes antisemitic jokes*
  • Goyim:No, it's ok, though! Their wikipedia page says their grandfather was Jewish! You can't be offended, they're a Jew!