captain america was created by jack kirby and joe simon, two jewish men. the creation of captain america was consciously political. in an environment where nazi sympathizers in the united states were mainstream and vocal, kirby and simon wanted to have their say, too, and encourage people to open their eyes to the moral crisis of allowing nazi germany to continue its actions. they received so many death threats and hate letters that they had to have police protection. we need to continue to remember this, especially in light of marvel’s current efforts to de-politicize at every turn while still reaping the benefits of kirby and simons’s inherently political creation, not to mention their downright erasure of jewish presence in their universe. 


Alex Ross has occasionally collaborated with other artists to create some rather cool works of comic book artwork.

From the Top:

01. DC Universe: Countdown, by Jim Lee and Alex Ross.

02. John Buscema lithograph, with colors by Alex Ross.

03. Michael Turner Tribute, with colors by Alex Ross.

04. Superman and the Fantastic Four # 1, by Dan Jurgens and Alex Ross.

05. Wizard: the Comics Magazine # 108, by JoeQuesada.Tumblr.com and Alex Ross.

06. Justice League Adventures # 01, by Bruce Timm and Alex Ross.

07. Variant Cover for Earth X # X, by John Paul Leon and Alex Ross.

08. Second Printing Variant for JUSTICE # 05, by Dougie Braithwaite and Alex Ross.

09. ‘the Romita Legacy’, a lithograph penciled by John Romita, Sr. and colored by Alex Ross.

10. a Jack Kirby Collector Cover, with colors by Alex Ross (painted over the King’s pencils!)