" I don’t think that I considered myself to be a very good actor or to have much to offer during that time. But the five years away from film made me not only a better person, but a better actor. It gave me more confidence. I also think that art is really predicated upon the experiences that you’ve had in your life. You only have to share what you’ve consumed. " - Interview Magazine

sacredspud asked:

Theres an odd, electronic instrument on the Flood: Live in Australia Album and i can't place it; sort of like a Stylophone or an Otamatone, but it's neither of those. It features prominently in Whistling in the Dark. What is it, and who plays it?

hmmm. I think it’s JLs kaoss pad.

"And the Academy Award Goes to…"

Am I late for the afterparty?
Truth be told… I didn’t expect BH6 to win BUT wow. I looked silly celebrating and just going: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BH6 WON!!! BH6 WOOOOOON!!! *confetti everywharr*” And I’m also SUPER glad that Feast won, too! Little pup was amazing and deserved every bit of the award!

So happy for everyone who made this beautiful movie. These nerds deserve ALL THE LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE.
Augh Tadashi you win your own category which is: “Best 15 Minutes of Screentime" you really do know how to go out with a BANG wow.

Hrrrhrhrhhr everyone looked gorgeous in the red carpet and I am just… Jamie and Genesis LADIES PLZ. <3 <3 And don’t get me started on suits because asdgfhfjkgjlhk;jl I don’t understand Ryan’s tie but that’s k. Everyone looked great.

But hey, despite all the criticisms going around, let’s all just be thankful that Big Hero 6 was such a big leap for Disney and I hope they would see how much people appreciate that development.

Now excuse me while I go flail around some more in my bed while hoping it would RAIN MERCHANDISE K THX BAI.