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Doesn't it seem like Darren Wilson is pulling some hunger games shit? Like first he has a secret wedding, now there's some random baby. Isn't that exactly what Peeta did in HG? Almost like he's trying everything for people to sympathize with him and avoid any responsibility for what he did.

That’s exactly what he’s doing.

So, initially, I was disappointed that we didn’t get to hear the mockingjays take up The Hanging Tree once Katniss was finished. Then I realised, they did. Except it was the people in the districts; THEY are the Mockingjays. Each and every person who was willing to lay down their lives for the sake of freedom - for emancipation - from the Capitol IS a Mockingjay. And Katniss provided them with a song to sing, which they took up and created into their own anthem.

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Bering and Wells. When Myka's out on a retrieval without Helena, Mr. Bear keeps HG company. Myka doesn't have anything of Helena's, so they set out to fix this. Everyone else is amused by them sleeping with stuffed animals.

Myka covered her grin with her hand as she leaned against the doorframe of her bedroom.  The view in front of her was one of the most precious she had ever seen.

Helena was curled up in the middle of the bed, one arm under her head while the other was wrapped around Mr. Bear.  Helena’s face was buried in the top of Mr. Bears head but the smooth rise and fall of her back told Myka that she was sleeping.

Myka pulled her phone out of her pocket and took a picture before fully stepping into the room.

She quickly stripped to her underwear, folding her clothes and putting them on the desk chair to deal with in the morning.  She would usually handle them immediately, but a long retrieval had weighed down her limbs and seeing Helena curled up had taken any desire to fight her exhaustion.

She climbed onto the bed and pressed herself again Helena’s back.  She pressed a kiss to the back of Helena’s neck and quickly fell asleep.


Two months later

“Holy frak, that is adorable.”

“How tired do you think they must have been to leave the door open?”

“Dude, they’re still dressed in their work clothes and everything.”

“They stayed awake long enough to get their teddy bears.”

“Those stay on the bed.”

Pete and Claudia both turned to Leena with surprised expressions.


“They sleep with them when the other is on a snag.”

Pete turned to Claudia.  “You’re right, that is completely adorable.”

“You’re never going to let them live this down.”


27/11/14 Umbrella Revolution Day 61: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters doing three-finger hand symbol and shouting “Freedom!” when a big screen outside a cinema playing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 trailer.