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Gillian Charity Throwback Thursday!

Okay, so this isn’t *too* much of a throwback, but lets all remember the day   Gillian woke up in Belfast and made a video to promote our 2014 auction before combing her hair. And we couldn’t love her more for it!

Then math and numbers and percentages. The final number results in the actor’s Q Score. This year, out of all the actors on television, Mads Mikkelsen scored a 31 and placed THIRD. Third. A man that very few people had heard of before Hannibal, and that now plays a psychotic human-eating serial killer on a seriously underrated television show, is the THIRD most popular actor currently on TV. The only people who placed higher were Michael Weatherly, because old people LOVE the NCIS and Jim Parsons because, let’s face it, he’s Jim Parsons.

"Omega Point"

"But he seeks touch, engages in conversation, welcomes Will’s company because those were the things he wanted - now that he had the capacity to want at all. It’s as simple as the rest of him. And then Hannibal surprises him with a request. "Can I stay with you again tonight? The whole of it, I mean. I won’t keep you awake." - Omega Point 

Collaboration piece by wheretheywander & wherethey-walk

Drawn for sun-to-sirius

Prompt: “Any scene from Omega Point, by your choice, if you like and if it’s easier you can collab together for it!”

For Val - Who we love and value an indescribable amount! It’s our absolute pleasure to draw this for you as we know how special Omega Point  is. We hope you like it bb! :3