Well, dear people of the internet- I am currently taking a (forced) break from my day-job. Hence, I’ve finally enough time and energy again to get artsy~ Hannibal Season 3 is near n I felt like doing a little pre-series-start poster line. 

I think the title “Hunter of Atonement” suits Will. I also think that this is what we can expect of him, behaviour wise. Hunting and atoning :)   (the other poster will come tomorrow)


After leaving the pic in the sketch stage for about a year, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing! I’m gonna have this Newton Universe design for sale as an 11x17 print at Shatterdome Atlanta (shatterdomeatl) in June! :D

Oh yeah! And I created the Newton Universe font by using this tutorial here

*Edit to show the pic that I parodied from Steven Universe: