The crew love this guy, but they were also terrified of him, because when he was in character and he was doing some insane stuff, he’s a big man who does some scary things very well.

Bryan Fuller about Richard Armitage. [source]

//Knowing how he goes deep into his role during the cuts in all of his works, I totally understand the crew members freaking out all the time. Poor people. 

The Signs as Mads Mikkelsen Outfits

aries: zip up hoodie with nothing underneath it

taurus: plaid on plaid 

gemini: two adidas jackets w/sunglasses and beanie 

cancer:  The Maroon Shirt (with matching maroon socks) 

leo: green silk pajamas 

virgo: chocolate brown suit + chocolate brown shirt + poorly dyed matching chocolate brown hair

libra: stereotypical straight white boy look complete with backwards ball cap and crew neck sweater 

scorpio: green adidas jacket, a glowing orb and drama

saggitarius: black shirt with unbuttoned cuffs, long hair, tinted sunglasses 

capricorn: a suit and tennis shoes combo

aquarius: the worst plaid i have ever seen, cargo pants, baseball cap, chest hair

pisces: american flag t-shirt



Using this miracle of science, I created a fully playable set of Pacific Rim CAH cards, 40 black and 140 white. Three sets were given away at Shatterdome Seattle this past weekend, but if you missed it, you can download a PDF of each page of cards here:

Black 1, Black 2, White 1, White 2, White 3, White 4, White 5, White 6, and White 7 (the ”after dark” page, aka the NC-17 cards - this page was not available at the con!)

You can also check out my Hannibal edition of Cards Against Humanity here[x].



NBC has put the Ravenstag music video back online! Please, please like/share/reblog/comment! Can’t wait for S3, there is definitely more original ‘Hannibal’ music from me coming your way in the months to come… Bon appetit. xxx