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Do you know some good shoegaze bands other than mbv and slowdive? I mean I like a few songs by lush, pale saints, ride etc. but I'm nowhere near as into them

eliminating the 5 you mentioned, here are some cool shoegaze stuff

  • alison’s halo - dozen cassette
  • drop nineteens - delaware
  • kitchens of distinction’s first album
  • kairon;IRSE! - ujubasajuba
  • asobi seksu - citrus

also technically not shoegaze but very shoegaze-y: spiritualized (ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space is a classic by them), galaxie 500 (today) and spacemen 3 (my fav of the bunch, revolution or heroin is a lesser known beast by them).

oh and JAMC’s psychocandy but you probably know that one.

Holy Family - Alex Grey

"The golden child points upward toward the One Light illuminating all wisdom traditions. A halo of enlightened vision surrounding the child’s head, brings together symbols of world religions. Although danger lurks below, parents adore the child with the earth as it’s heart, carrying hope for the future of humanity."