Y que me digas “Vengo a ahogarme contigo en este naufragio que nunca supiste sobrellevar”. Porque a veces uno se cansa de que siempre vengan las personas a decirte de que tienes que salir adelante, de que tienes que salvarte; pero no es que tú no quieras hacerlo, lo que pasa es que tiene más mérito que alguien sepa lo que es estar bajo el agua, que estar a flote. No es lo mismo dar consejos, que callarse y abrazar. No es lo mismo salvar, que rescatar. Y yo quiero que tú me rescates de mí, como aquella vez en que un atardecer nos vio directo a los ojos y no tuvimos miedo a las consecuencias de ser felices. Las primeras veces son como lanzarse al mar sin saber nadar, pero tú decides en ese momento si dejarte morir o intentar encontrar una isla. Y yo te quiero a ti, aquí, para ponerte justo en el medio de un halo solar. Y que me ilumines, y que me quemes, y que me hagas daño al exponerme tanto tiempo a ti.

Algunas personas queman
como lo hace el sol con la piel
con el transcurso de los años.
Pero ellas lo hacen
en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

—  Benjamín Griss
1. You told me you could love me despite my scars. I decided I couldn’t love you despite, despite, despite.
2. I didn’t care enough to let you ruin my favorite band.
3. There’s a million words left unsaid. It’s always going to come back to bad timing. We’ll try again in another life.
4. I was too busy falling in love with myself.
5. We sounded so good in theory, looked so good on paper. But we couldn’t make the pieces fit. 
6. I got over you as fast as I fell for you. 
7. That streetlamp looked like your halo.
8. You were supposed to be a dream come true but somewhere along the line you turned into a waking nightmare.
9. Even the rain couldn’t wash the feel of you away.
10. But then again I’ve always had a thing for wildfires and natural disasters.
11. You can’t keep a secret from somebody that plays the game better.
12. I know the question. I’m still trying to figure out the answer.
13. We should have come with a warning label – Sparks flying can be dangerous.
14. I could have happily died on the freeway in the passenger seat of your car. That sounded too morbid so I had to leave.
15. Go ahead. Break my heart. I’ll turn it into poetry just to spite you.
16. I was scared of falling in love and you know better than anyone that I’m never afraid.
17. You said if I didn’t like it then there’s the door. You didn’t expect me to walk through it.
18. Blue eyes are my weakness. I forgot all about self-control.
19. I deserve someone that wants me even when they aren’t drunk.
20. All you knew how to do was regurgitate my favorite lines from love songs.
21. When did a guy telling me how he wants to fuck me start being considered romance?
22. I got too close too the fire. I didn’t even feel the burns anymore.
23. My loneliness is my safety blanket. It’s better company than you ever were.
24. You don’t get to make me feel small and then tell me it’s for my own benefit.
25. The poetry is still all for you. Take that however you want.
—  25 love letters, a.l.

Andromeda and Milky Way Might Collide Sooner Than We Think

By Bob King

The merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy won’t happen for another 4 billion years, but the recent discovery of a massive halo of hot gas around Andromeda may mean our galaxies are already touching. University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Nicholas Lehner led a team of scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope to identify an enormous halo of hot, ionized gas at least 2 million light years in diameter surrounding the galaxy.

The Andromeda Galaxy is the largest member of a ragtag collection of some 54 galaxies, including the Milky Way, called the Local Group. With a trillion stars — twice as many as the Milky Way — it shines 25% brighter and can easily be seen with the naked eye from suburban and rural skies.

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sad songs to listen to when you're sad:

1.afraid of everyone by the national
2.white foxes by suzanne sundfør
3.guilt tripping by frnkiero andthe cellabration
4.all I want by lcd soundsystem
5.youth by daughter
6.know the way by grimes
7.little black submarines by the black keys
8.re: stacks by bon iver
9.coming down by dum dum girls
10.nineteen by pencey prep
11.heartbreak or death by the brobecks
12.halo by cage the elephant
13.im low on gas and you need a jacket by pierce the veil
14.maps by the yeah yeah yeahs
15.merry happy by kate nash
16.home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
17.sunday morning, at a funeral by la dispute
18.truce by twenty one pilots
19.the best things in life by the homeless gospel choir
20.different names for the same thing by death cab for cutie


Halo Vs Call of Duty

Cuando Master Chief se hace cargo de niños Callofdutieros


Halo vs. Call of Duty

The Signs As Video Games
  • Aries:World of Warcraft
  • Taurus:Pokemon
  • Gemini:Earthbound
  • Cancer:Animal Crossing
  • Leo:Assassins Creed
  • Virgo:Tetris
  • Libra:Dragon Age
  • Scorpio:Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sagittarius:Halo
  • Capricorn:Super Mario
  • Aquarius:Skyrim
  • Pisces:Barbie Princess Adventure or something