A few narrative commonalities I’m getting pretty tired of:

  • The popular girl is the prettiest girl in school, but she’s obviously a rich bitch and controls everyone’s lives
  • The entire movie’s plot hinging on dudes having guns and using them better than other dudes with guns
  • Main character’s friend’s girlfriend is unstable and irrational for comedic affect
  • Our friend is a loser, so to “cure” him we’re going to objectify women 
  • The fact that every mom looks about 25 and every desirable, single bombshell looks like a teen (like wtf and we wonder why people pray on young women smh)
  • Everything outside of white culture is a joke or something needing saving by white people
  • Just….everything dealing with gender/sexual 


Romanian RPK variant with the heavy barrel; an earlier model, the AES-10 had a very thin, pencil-barrel. The AES-10B’s sometimes come with a carry handle. The only other RPK variant that had one that was available on the U.S market were the old Mitchel Arms RPK imports. This particular AES-10B has Russian RPK furniture. (GRH)

Leo Fighting the Signs: Will They Win?

Leo vs Aries: Maybe, if they can control their own emotions

Leo vs Taurus: It’ll end up with both of them screaming “SWING FIRST BRO!”

Leo vs Gemini: Not a chance

Leo vs Cancer: Yes, but they’ll apologize immediately afterwards

Leo vs Leo: Mutually Assured Destruction

Leo vs Virgo: No, Virgo is gonna kill them. RIP

Leo vs Libra: They’ll win so quick it’ll be embarassing

Leo vs Scorpio: Not unless they bring a fucking GUN

Leo vs Sagittarius: No, but they’ll be Worldstar famous

Leo vs Capricorn: Depends on how Capricorn is feeling

Leo vs Aquarius: Yes, but they’ll suffer permanent injuries

Leo vs Pisces: No. Pisces was expecting them and had a knife ready

“Lorreta Lynch will be a great attorney general because she’s a black woman!!”

Clinton already had a female attorney general before and she oversaw this shit

and guess what, you know how you’ve been suddenly noticing all the black people being murdered by cops left and right? And the insane prison population? And the selling of guns to drug cartels? Etc? Obama’s last attorney general that’s been presiding over all this was black (and he was the deputy attorney general of the woman who oversaw the carnage in the pics above)

Again, when we focus purely on identity politics it can end up making it that much easier for politicians to trick us into applauding our oppressors.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky having a really hard time actually telling Steve that he loves him (once he finally realizes that's what it is), because of the trauma he underwent as the Winter Soldier and because of the stigma attached to being queer in the '40s.

Some time in the past, the Winter Soldier was found in a hostel, curled around a small blond man and fast asleep. The operative charged with collecting the Asset shot the blond man with a silenced gun and pointed it at the Asset, who made a pained sound when he saw the body and the blood.

“Fix it,” they said of his degeneracy to the technicians. “This must never happen again. He must never desire. He must never process that pattern. It is corrupted.”

They shocked him until every memory of the pretty blond man who felt so familiar in his hands lost its context and sweetness, until he forgot it like it was a mission.

He now remembers that anonymous blond man, and a handsome Russian soldier, and a redhead who he’d kissed as part of a mission culminating in the redhead’s assassination. Moments of tenderness, tainted every time because the Winter Soldier was not meant to caress.

And he remembers from before, fixing up Arnie Roth after he got beat up for being a fairy and a Jew, how Arnie had smiled with a split lip and said something about how we Jewish queers need to stick together and Bucky just stopped, because I’m not a queer, Arnie.

(and Arnie had looked away like he’d been struck and Bucky wishes he’d never said that.)

Now things are different, but not enough that Bucky feels secure enough that he could tell Steve, who never said a bad word about queers in the day but wasn’t like that, loved Carter like he loves Steve. On the news, queer people of all stripes are defamed and killed, lose their friends. Bucky can’t imagine losing Steve, even for the off chance that he doesn’t hate him when he admits.

“I love you,” he said to the pillow that doubled as Steve, fiddled with his sleeves, “I’ve always loved you, I want to-”

“I love you,” he wrote on a letter he would never send, “I love you more than you can know-”

“I love you,” he said in the HYDRA lab, staring through Dugan while he mopped Bucky’s sweating brow, “Love you, Stevie, wanna tell you.”

(and Dugan had been kind, later, when they met Steve. He pretended not to remember)

The words are scaled against his cheeks at this point. He sees Steve and wants to admit everything, like he’s been aching to, but the words are firmly stuck. The words have disturbed him like a sore since he realized his feelings for Steve again.

“I want to tell you,” he says to a pillow he’s designated as Steve. “I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time that I…”

He freezes and sits down. It’s so hard, and his time as the Winter Soldier has only made it harder. Bucky throws the pillow against the wall.

“I love you,” Steve says to him one day, over an innocuous breakfast of fruit and oatmeal. Bucky considers bolting, but when he looks at Steve sees some of the trapped animal that he feels in his ribcage.

“Really?” he manages to say, doesn’t want to sound too hopeful in case he needs to play it off as a joke.

“Yeah, really,” Steve says. “Out of all the things I regretted, not telling you… not telling you sooner was one of them.”

Bucky doesn’t know how to process this, has never run a scenario where it was Steve telling him he loved him. So he just stays quiet until Steve reaches his hand across the table for his, grasps it gently.

“Are we still okay?” he asks, eyes betraying the fear that Bucky’s felt for so long, of losing a good friend and a great love.

“Yes,” Bucky says. “We’re okay.”

And he smiles, feels something other than horrendous anxiety and fright when he thinks about how much he loves Steve.

“We’re okay,” he says again.

Look, I know a lot of you in the comment are gonna be like, ‘oh great, another Youtuber wrote another book, why are they writing so many books?’ Motherfucker, who cares? There is not a gun to your head, you don’t have to buy the books. I’m sorry that people, such as myself, are creating more things for you to enjoy if you want to enjoy them. Side note, bitch: I have multiple years experience writing hours and hours of shows that were on stage at comedy theaters in New York City, plus I wrote a movie about a year ago, not to mention a lot of tv stuff. So motherfucker, if I wanna write a book, I’ll write a book, you just be bitters [this was, naturally, a pun].
—  Mamrie Hart just speaking such motherfucking truth about Youtuber books in her new video.
Eternally, I’m bound to you || Closed AU

The target house in view, Chase loaded his gun and got himself ready. He put his sunglasses on and spat out his gum. Nervously he put his hand next to Ivan’s. He had some feelings for the Russian but wanted to wait to ensure that he returned the same thing. Heartbreak hurt.

“Now then men, this mission is extremely dangerous, I expect you and your partner to always be close to each other. They are the only person out there to watch your back.” The head squad man said with a nod, then went back to the passenger seat.

20 minutes till chaos