Florida SWAT Cop Guns Down Unarmed Man In Marijuana Raid

(WeedBlog) A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy on a dawn SWAT team pot raid shot and killed an unarmed resident of the home Tuesday. Derek Cruice, 26, becomes the 10th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Cruice was unarmed and no weapons were found in the house. Police did find about nine ounces of marijuana, as well as a scale, a drug ledger, marijuana smoking pipes, plastic bags and about $3,000 in cash.

Sheriff Ben Johnson said that Deputy Todd Raible, a member of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, shot Cruice in the face as the SWAT team came through the door of the residence at 6:30 a.m.

aryousavvy asked:

People who keep saying that 'Clarke killed Finn for the alliance' or 'Clarke killed Finn for nothing' seem to forget that he murdered 18 unarmed people. They can't compare it to the ring of fire, because that was essentially self defense. Like Lexa said when Clarke tried to give herself up in his stead, Finn is guilty.

Exactly. I will say it forever: Finn is ultimately responsible for Finn’s death. He could have walked away when Murphy said to and instead he shot 18 people dead. Regardless of his motivations, he picked up a gun and used it and people died. The person holding him accountable for that is not the bad guy in the equation. 

capricorn:  you are a shimmering mosaic, with all the best hopes of the past and the capability of the future.  listen to the voices of those that came before you; take their lessons and sew them into your coat pockets.  the bottoms of your boots have seen miles and battles and you have walked through them all.  you are standing, darling.  all the guns in the world don’t stand a chance against you.

aquarius:  you are loved.  learning is a journey you were made for, and you are travelling down the road with the wind at your back.  keep moving; keep making memories.  keep tasting the honey hidden between the pages.  the breath in your throat is just waiting for your words.  the sun smiles down on you, darling.  keep making your six year-old self proud.

pisces:  you are a force for good.  making and remaking, stepping back and looking- they’re all part of the process.  letting go can mean making space for something new.  leave your own marks, let the world see all the beautiful things you have inside you.  walk the streets you know, and then try to walk farther.  let these new streets know you, let them see you grow.  

aries:  there is lightning crackling in your bones and you are bursting full with curiosity and hope.  sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to see and hear and feel everything.  breathe.  savor the moments you find yourself in; choose opportunity.  the light in your eyes rivals those of any city you might call home.  you are not and will never be a burden.

taurus:  please don’t believe you must have all of the answers.  you don’t have to.  take time to breathe, take time to close your eyes.  anchor yourself with words and books and sounds that have strengthened you in the past.  this moment is only that, a moment, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve time to center yourself again.  

gemini:  your heart and your ribs and your breath are yours; you don’t owe a single thing to anyone.  if going home hurts too much, if the weight of history sometimes feels too heavy- if you find yourself tracing maps in your mind- go in the direction your own bones take you.  don’t be afraid to ask for help.

cancer:  open these curtains and windows, let in the light and let your own light radiate.  you know these words, darling, let them flow off your tongue.  you have armies behind you and strength in your chest.  remember the moon shining down on those who lived before you first opened your eyes.  you are as unstoppable as your ancestors were, and you are right here.  

leo:  you are the afternoon light sparkling on a rippling sea.  you are each blue of each ocean, and every one of them a sight to behold.  go to the water if you can make it there; close your eyes and imagine the crash of the waves.  breathe in, breathe out.  feel your presence, feel the tension of your muscles and your strength.  see the truth, see that you are more powerful than you know.

virgo:  you are more than the words that make it out of your mouth. you exhale pauses and breaks and your chest contains silences larger than the space between mountains and that is more than okay.  it is okay. you do not need to have all the words at once, you must only have the faith to keep seeking. breathe, darling. remember the words of the poet; you contain multitudes.

libra:  actions, no matter how small, are still dynamic.  please feel proud of this.  feel proud of what you have done, and open yourself to the future.  you are a series of dazzling coincidences, and a wonderful head rests on your steadfast shoulders.  let yourself be filled with wonder, let spring flowers bloom in even the smallest of places.  keep your feet walking, keep the sun in sight.  

scorpio:  do not apologize for your fire.  you can be both the lighting burning and the rain quenching; you can be both the sun and the moon.  do not be afraid to clench your fists and raise them up; centuries of fight and spirit have found their place in the strength of your arms.  repair.  build.  the world is ready for your compassion.  

sagittarius:  sometimes it feels like it’s all too much to hold, and darling, you don’t have to.  riding out a storm is a victory all in itself; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  if the nights ever seem too long, remember the stars.  speak into the darkness the words you haven’t let see the light yet; try to keep them in your palm after morning comes.  you are a point of light my dear, and you deserve the world.

—  you shouldn’t have to walk alone 

okay so based on these promo photos, i think we’ll get a bellarke reunion at the beginning(ish) of 2x16

okay so it looks like bellamy found octavia in the mines

and look it’s clarke!!! with octavia in the mines

are they pointing the guns at each other?? maybe clarke saw the door opening and aimed, then octavia turned around to draw her sword and saw bellamy. 

and then they drop the guns and jump each other

"Coda" ending

Okay, sincerely I don’t know if I’m a part of team delusional but, since the first time where I saw “Coda" I think the ending has really no sense.. And in The Walking Dead we all know everything has always a sense.

I have read several theories about “Beth was not shot by Dawn" and I noticed this cop:

shit happens and this man don’t panic/takes his gun like the others?..seriously?

Also, I don’t know if people talk about this before but I noticed this:

509 —> 5x09 = Tyreese’s death / fake burial of Beth.

And behind Rick :

514 —> 5x14 = ??

Am I crazy?

anonymous asked:

describe your most awkward middle school experience

uhhhh….well there was the time that some kids spread a rumor that I was going to come into school with a gun and start shooting people and the rumor made its way to school officials and cops came and pulled me out of class to interrogate me and search my backpack and even though they didn’t find anything because it was A FUCKING RUMOR that some kids spread because they didn’t want to have to go to school the administration decided to punish me because I caused “a disturbance” and I wound up having to switch schools

…so that was kinda awkward