• me making rwby ocs:gosh,i dunno if this weapon transformation is gonna work! how could this melee weapon turn into a similarly sized long ranged weapon???
  • rwby:this handbag turns into a machine gun
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:well

Remember in Nillili Mambo when U-Kwon was like ‘that’s okay bros, I got it’ but then his gun failed and he got beaten up

And let’s not forget that the poor guy suffered a lot in Be the Light

But in Jackpot he’s so happy, like 'hell yeah i finally made it', because he won that mahjong game - and then the other guy got, wow, hella mad and wanted to shoot him for that

but U-Kwon stood up like 'NOOOOO NOPE, JUST NOPE, NOT AGAIN U BITCH' and he FINALLY got his revenge

thanks, bro


anonymous said:

how do you practice anatomy?

Ideally drawing from life is the way to go. But that’s not always an option, so I draw from reference! Lots and lots of drawing from reference! Deviantart is a great place to find stock images that awesome people make for artists like us! Here is a good place to start, you can narrow it down by category as well! Remember if you heavily use a reference and decide to post it, check to see if the photographer has any terms for sharing - usually they’re alright with you using it as long as you link back to them (source) and not use it for any sort of commercial purpose. Try not to trace, but pay attention to the structure - you’ve got skin stretched over muscle built on a skeletal structure. Stick figures are important! They help you figure out weight and proportion and joints. 

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