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Explain to me this, oh master of the magic gun, how is social justice a bad thing? I honestly cannot for the life of me see how wanting equality is bad. Is it a white male thing because while online I play a robot raptor from the planet Cybertron who can also turn into a motorcycle, I'm still a white male and I cannot see how social justice is bad. And wow this is long.

There are a number of theories put forth by people who think it’s a bad thing. And perhaps some of them are accurate to a degree (not THAT much of a degree, but since I used to hold similar opinions, I can kind of see the mindset).

1. There isn’t actually a problem.

In their eyes, everything IS just fine. There USED to be major problems, there USED to be major issues of racism/sexism/etc., but that it no longer exists. You will notice the predominant majority (and bear in mind, MAJORITY, not ALL of them) are made up of, generally, heterosexual white men. AKA the people who HAVEN’T had the same kind of issues of systemic racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. Since they have not encountered it themselves or been a victim of it, they have difficulty seeing it as a real thing, believing that the experiences of others are exaggerated, misunderstandings, or simply “making it up” for attention or the like. This was an attitude I had back when I was a teenager (except for homophobia - I saw that as the next issue that needed to be tackled). This attitude was changed for me, at least, by actually TALKING to other people, listening to the experiences they had dealing with people of authority who brushed aside their concerns and viewpoints. I then saw it happening more and more often in comics - particularly on the sexism side of things with how women in comics were depicted, the artwork posing of them, the types of costumes they got vs. men, the increased amounts of fridging, you get the idea.

2. They don’t want this, they want THIS

Over the last 40-50 years, feminism in particular has been vilified, partly because of the aforementioned perception that nothing is wrong, but also by people like Rush Limbaugh who coined the term “feminazi,” believing that what feminists REALLY want is to turn the tables - to make women superior to men. There is of course a loud contingent that IS like that. Every group has it, but the fringes are exactly that: the fringes. The problem is that when you repeat something over and over and over, people start to BELIEVE it. Suddenly, the popular perception is “feminists want superiority, not equality.” And of course for the average person who DOESN’T spend their day thinking about issues like this (either due to a lack of experiencing it firsthand or just because they prioritize other things in their lives), their opinion is shaped by what other people say about the issue. And when people who HAVE parroted the “feminazi” logic of it are the ones who are predominantly spoken of in the media, whose opinions are repeated for the average people to hear, they in turn believe THAT position and find others who agree and then teach it to their own children and the cycle continues.

Bringing this point together again with the previous point, the assumption is made: if there is no real problem, then there is no need to change. And if there is no need to change, the people calling for change have a different agenda than they claim or are just naïve/stupid themselves.

3. People who honestly ARE naïve/stupid about it.

When people are angry, they want to express their anger. They want to share something, they want to DO something about it, because injustice IS angering. It’s infuriating to see something that we think is evil and supposedly nothing being done about it. But the thing is that the internet, since it provides us access to so much information, especially TRUE information, we take a lot of stuff we see at face value. We have to a lot of the time - there just aren’t hours in the day to look up EVERYTHING out there and confirm its truth. And if we get it from something that we trust, we have to assume it’s true, as well. But of course things CAN be wrong. The problem with language is that it’s the primary means by which we communicate and understand things… but because words and phrasing and tone can alter things so much, it’s easy to misinterpret something, to not realize something isn’t true or is said in jest but doesn’t actually denigrate others, so they go off on a tirade and provide fuel to people who think it isn’t real. After all, if it was, why would this person believe this obvious falsehood?

4. Honest to goodness racism/sexism/homophobia/etc.

I actually think there’s less of this than you’d think. Certainly many attitudes and stereotypes ARE bigoted, but it’s built around a lot of misconceptions, falsities, and perceptions that are inaccurate, not out of an active hatred. When we think something is stupid, we mock it, because we feel that others should know better. To change ourselves requires us to work at making ourselves better, be willing to recognize that we were wrong before, that we have changed… and if we think everything is fine, why bother changing? Why go through the work and rigmarole of it?

And so, with that mocking, terms are invented to describe them - feminazi, white knight, “Social Justice Warrior” - someone who fights for a cause that they don’t feel is a real cause. That their preferred method to change the world is by reblogging something or expressing outrage at something that might not be true. It reduces them into a punchline, a new word that is seen to denigrate them. But it doesn’t actually change anything, because it’s not an argument that actually disproves what they are saying, it’s just an insult. Because they, too, have things that they prioritize over, and having to fight about something that they don’t actually care about all that much themselves requires effort. Or, if they do, they’ll go to unreliable sources that they are unaware are unreliable.

The best thing you can do is to just keep spreading your word your own way. Share facts that you think are accurate, statistics that help justify your position, show people how they really seem to feel about a matter and try to be accurate to who they are now vs. how they used to be, because people change, attitudes and viewpoints change, and the only way that happens is by spreading information and talking about it. You may not change the person you were directly addressing, but you might change someone else who was just watching and deciding for themselves how they feel about it.

You truly win a fight by being the better person. Because if there is one thing that history DOES show us is that things DO change. Things DO change for the better. It won’t happen instantly and it’s a long struggle to do so, but in the end, better people DO prevail.

Obama's Justice Dept: Michael Brown went for officer Wilson's gun; Hands were never up

Remember, these are not my words. This is the decision from the Obama justice department. It now officially agrees with local prosecutors’ decision not to prosecute Michael Brown, citing witnesses that said that “Brown appeared to pose a physical threat to Wilson as he moved toward Wilson”.

From USA Today:

The Justice Department will not charge former Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of a black teenager prompted waves of protests and a national reexamination of law enforcement’s relationship with minority communities.
Findings of Justice’s inquiry into the incident come six months after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by Wilson, who is white.
According to the inquiry, “several witnesses stated that Brown appeared to pose a physical threat to Wilson as he moved toward Wilson.”
"According to these witnesses, who are corroborated by blood evidence in the roadway," the inquiry states, "as Brown continued to move toward Wilson, Wilson fired at Brown in what appeared to be self defense and stopped firing once Brown fell to the ground.”
The findings, while largely expected, were released Wednesday along with a scathing denouncement of policing in the city.

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Translation of the bold section: Yes, officer Wilson was justified but the Ferguson police are still racists.


No one likes to admit that they were wrong, not even the Justice Department. I get it. But it seemed obvious from the beginning that the facts in this case were being, at best, exaggerated by race hustlers, the media and others for political reasons.

Over and over this blog cautioned people not to “take sides” in this matter. We told our readers, regardless of political stripe or race, to keep an open mind about the facts in the case.

And this is true about everything. It should be a lesson to us not to form an opinion about a particular event or subject based on personal bias. Rather, all opinions should be based on facts, reason and principles.

Look, as I’ve said before (regarding "hate crime" hoaxes), if there are truly injustices happening, then expose them and make it a rallying cry.  If there aren’t, then there is no problem. But don’t ever make things up or let bias cloud your judgement.

which amis should you fight

amis you can and should fight:

combeferre: !!! okay, first of all - the guy’s a living arsenal. Like, seriously. he says he’s a pacifist, but why would he have so many guns. he’s totally ready to fight, so fight him. if you dare. go for it! I mean, guy can be pretty cold when it comes to verbal blows, so you can try punching him in return. but he’ll punch back, and then help you up afterwards. then you’ll feel bad. so yeah. go for it, but prepared to cry about it afterwards.

bahorel: it’s been said before, and it’s true: bahorel would fight himself if he could. bahorel flirts with his fists, and you want him to flirt with you, because he’s a great guy. and he’s also super hot, it’s a fact. he knows what he’s doing, he has experience, you’ll both enjoy it. go ahead, fight bahorel. it’ll be a hoot, I promise.

grantaire: he knows so many techniques, but he’s probably too drunk to use them. in fact he’s probably sleeping right at this moment. but he’s also an ass - a loveable ass, but still an ass. he’s definitely looking for a fight, so give it to him. kick his ass. then buy him a drink. repeat as many times as you want, he won’t mind.

amis you can theoretically fight but it would be a terrible idea:

feuilly: guy doesn’t look like much, but he’s had to fight to survive his entire life. he won’t be afraid to punch you back. or more like kick you, because he wouldn’t want to hurt his hands, it’s his livelyhood after all. and kicks hurt more. ow. ow. ow. then afterwards he’d probably lecture you about international politics, because that’s what he does, you can’t escape it. so yeah, you can fight him, but neither of you would like it very much. just ask him about poland or italy instead, it’ll save precious time and it’ll make him happy and you want feuilly to be happy. everyone does.

bossuet: bossuet’s also had a tough time surviving it all, but he just. doesn’t fight. that’s not what bossuet does. I mean if you hurt his friends he might fight you, but he won’t go far. he’s like the most cheerfully unfortunate guy around, he’s so used to getting his ass kicked that no matter what you do to him it won’t bother him. it’s no use. don’t fight bossuet.

joly: you could probably take him down, but do not fight joly. just don’t. first of all, there’s no use in fighting joly. like, what has joly done to you? coughed on you? come on, man. joly just wants to talk about cats and laugh and drink and be merry. seriously, he’s hilarious. you don’t want to fight him. nobody does. just hang out with him instead. it’s much more rewarding.

amis you just shouldn’t fight. don’t do it: 

enjolras: not a good idea. like, not at all. first of all - why would you want to fight a flower? the national guard sure didn’t, and he had to. also, enjolras fought on a barricade for like, an entire night and all of his friends died like super violent ways and he was still unharmed? woa. clearly there’s some kind of magic there. I think you might be blinded by his hair. like, there’s probably a secret trick to fighting him, but I suggest you don’t attempt until you’re absolutely sure you can do it. either way, prepare to cry, even if you’re about to deliver the final blow. happens every time. so what’s the use? you know what, just don’t fight enjolras. even hanging upside down from a window he’ll have better hair than you.

courfeyrac: WHY WOULD YOU FIGHT COURFEYRAC. Courfeyrac is sunshine and rainbows and puppies. no one wants to fight him, and you don’t either. trust me. he brings a sword-cane to the barricade, he’s so not ready to fight. he might set you on fire though? woa. plus, if you harm a hair on his head the rest of the amis will be on your ass in a sec and it will not end well. don’t fight courfeyrac. you don’t really want to and you will just hurt a lot.

jean prouvaire: okay, like, theorically, you can probably fight him. or you think you can. but he’s just so confusing? he loves flowers and music and poetry and song but he honestly could probably kick your ass in two moves.  and then smile about it afterwards. JEAN PROUVAIRE IS NOT AFRAID OFANYTHING, and that includes you. stone. cold. and he’s so young, so like. he’s still in training. he’ll just get stronger. don’t fight him. don’t bother him - just. let him be.

We applaud this pro-gun activist for dispensing with all the propaganda/smoke & mirrors stuff and being honest about why they want to make sure that the 5.56x45 NATO cartridge with a 62-grain bullet is not banned.

Examine the motivation to be armed to the teeth: it has something to with the state that our government is in to start and ends with any combination of a lack of character and capacity to work with other citizens peacefully exercising thier First Amendment rights to fix the problem. It shows how there are so few examples of people organizing to change the government’s deepest flaws peacably. Instead, those problems get conflated with other complaints about (perceptions of) society changing for the worse where people react singularly and defensively.

Phil Coulson’s Guide to Screenwriting (for the purposes of espionage):

  1. Bicker with the wife a bit, make things seem boring. Then….