got me spinning like a ballerina
feeling gangsta every time I see ya
you’re the king and baby
i’m the queen of disaster, disaster

robbgibbs asked:

Dear Fabien, Can you please draw more vehicles like your paddling taxi and also your submarine cross section? And also the one on this page that looks like a submarine with big arm claws. Those are so cool. All of your drawings are very cool but the vehicles are best. More would be awesome. Also, how do you approach line quality? It doesn't seem like you make outlines any thicker or any lines in shadow thicker but everything is still appealing. Are all lines equal thickness? How u do that? -Robb


This is an unexpected request. Honestly my main struggle as a drawer is the PROPS, I hate to draw guns, spoons, tables and all crafted stuffs. I often cheat, and when I mean often, it’s often.

Now, I’ll give you my secret for my Agito vehicles, armor etc:

The Egg, it’s easy to master, the form is permissive (the turn around is quite easy).Here are the egg applications in my designs:

I use this form a lot…It seemed to me that it was a little too obvious so I changed my method at the end of the second tome of Agito:

It sounds like trolling but it’s not really, I always start my vehicles from very very simple shapes. Comic books take a lot of time and I try everything to go quicker. Of course when I’m doing some illustrations, I take my time and the designs are a little bit more complex.

About the line quality, I’m trying to add some life in my lines but it remains shy indeed. I don’t know why but my drawings remain in the “ligne claire” area. I try to reanimate the lines by the colors and light (and use some grainy brushes).

Thanks again for your interest and for the kind words !


she was a girl who talked about jumping
off bridges, and loaded guns pointed backwards.

he was a boy who talked her off the ledge,
and pointed the gun toward the ground.

each time she put the razor to her wrist she
saw his eyes. she heard his voice. she felt
his fingertips along her veins.

each time he held her in his arms he made
sure to do it gently, she had cracks and
bruises. he knew he couldn’t be the one
to break her.

she knew, she knew that no one could
save her, but goddamn he was the closest
thing to a hero…

—  i.c. // ”..and he never let her down.”

grunge/ lucid ☯

I know that I can’t have it all
But without you I am afraid I’ll fall
I know I’m playing with your heart
And I could treat you better but I’m not that smart
When it comes to love, you’re an easy fight
A flower in a gun, a bird in flight
It isn’t fair and it isn’t right
To lead you on like it’s all alright

I played with your heart
And I could treat you better but I’m not that smart
You still mean everything to me
But I want to be free

💘When you accidentally take an awkward picture of yourself.😬😂

grunge/ lucid ☯

grunge/ lucid ☯


What was it about Maggie Q that made her the perfect Nikita? ”It was simply because, before we knew who Nikita was going to be, we all talked about how impossible it was going to be to cast this role. It had to be someone who was beautiful, who could fight, who you could believe holding a gun and who you believed was smart, in order to plan everything that she was doing. You’d think those things would be easy to find in an actor, and they’re not. We had actors come in and these girls would be gorgeous and smart, but you’d put a gun in their hands and it didn’t work. The second we heard Maggie’s name, Danny Cannon, our director, and I looked at each other and were like, “Yes!” It was really early on in the process.” - Executive Producer Craig Silverstein [x]


there’s only with me or against me

"I will burn you down," Kavinsky said.

Ronan’s smile was sharp as a knife. He had already been burned to nothing.
"You wish."

Kavinsky made a gun of his thumb and finger and put it to Ronan’s temple. “Bang,” He said softly, withdrawing the fake gun. “See you on the streets.”