Two different FN FS2000’s with shortened barrels. These aren’t SBR (Short Barreled Rifles); the muzzle devices are pinned on and maintain a legal 16” long barrel and an overall length of 26”. The second photo shows just how short the FS2000 can get even in comparison to an FN SCAR SBR. I’m kind of debating on doing this modification to my FS2000. (GRH)

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imagine bucky seeing the colorguard during a marching band halftime show and really wanting to try spinning rifle. He ends up being really good at it because of all the force he can get behind it with his metal arm. He can spin fives, sixes, and sometimes even sevens. He also likes that he can do something non destructive with a gun, even if it isn't real.

Bullet Lighter

Look like a total badass when you pull out the bullet lighter to light yourself a smoke. This refillable gas lighter is features a study and quality design that’s complimented by a unique exterior that disguises it like a clip of machine gun shells.


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Kylie Jenner looks like weepinbell with these lips shes trynna cop

Don’t Count on the Wicked: a Trafalgar Law Playlist

01 10th Man Down, Nightwish | 02 House of Wolves, My Chemical Romance | 03 Your Days Are Numbered, Children of Bodom | 04 I Was a Teenage Anarchist, Against Me! | 05 All That I’m Living For, Evanescence | 06 Endless War, Norther | 07 Don’t Count on the Wicked, Billy Talent | 08 It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Fucking Deathwish, My Chemical Romance | 09 One Day You Will Cry, Children of Bodom | 10 Higher Than Hope, Nightwish | 11 Dead, Norther | 12 Crooked Minds, Billy Talent | 13 Tale of Revenge, Ensiferum | 14 21 Guns, Green Day

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quick Rebs you only got two weeks to jump the gun on fnaf3

No thanks the last time I did that it turned out to be the opposite of what I thought it’d be

Marilyn’s a weirdo but his music is bomb

  • My future children:tell us a bedtime story
  • Me:I'm like 8 foot 4. Blond hair to the floor. You shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore. No I ain't got a gun. No I never really been in a club. Still live with my parents but I'm still a thug. I'm so gangster you can find me baking cookies at night. You out clubbing but I just made caramel delight. T-Swizzle and T-Pain rapping on the same track. It's a thug story, tell me can you handle that?