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its like the thing i love about dolly - when she says ‘now they r willing to drown me’ and its like, theres a tiny hint of extreme darkness and it’s so poetic but its surrounded by puckish glee so it just kind of passes by

i dont think anyone understands the degree of my obsession with dolly partons music rn haha

gUYs so someone on my floor asked who was in my picture and I said Darren Criss and of course I added “he’s in Glee” because that helps. And someone went “You mean he’s in A Very Potter Musical”

I found my new best friend.

It looks like both our girls are coming back next season! Yay! Let’s celebrate with a trend, so we can show to RIB /for the 38423787345934857th time/ what we want and need. 

We’re going to trend "Brittana End Together In Season 6" at 8PM UK time on 2nd September!  


5:00 Australia // 7:00 New Zeland (+1 day) // 12:00 L. A. // 14:00 Mexico // 14:30 Venezuela // 15:00 NYC, Colombia, Perù // 16:00 Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay // 20:00 Portugal // 21:00 Spain, Italy, France, Germany // 23:00 Russia (Moscow)

Please reblog and spread the word. 

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Grant Gustin’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge