With the exception of a few random places like Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, Vishala Environmental Centre for Heritage and Arts’ Utensils Museum and Sudha Cars Museum, the blog hasn’t spent much time in India. Well, let me change that with this next post. Second only to the Taj Mahal in India’s tourism department, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh is probably one of the best known examples of outsider art. Beginning in 1957, government official Nek Chand began collecting materials from demolition sites in his spare time. He then made art out of the scrap and other waste materials, using bottles, glass, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots, and sinks. But he had to work in secret because he was using a location near Sukhna Lake in a deeply-wooded gorge, which had been designated as a land conservancy. By the time the authorities found out in 1975 Chand’s garden had grown into a 12-acre complex (today it is over 40 acres) of man-made interlinked waterfalls and courtyards filled with hundreds of concrete sculptures. You’d think a one-of-a-kind sanctuary would have faced the bulldozers. But despite protests and calls for Chand to be punished, the rock garden was turned into a public space and the artist continued his work. In 1990, a road for the exclusive use of VIPs was to be built right through the middle of the garden and trees were cleared for its construction. There was a lengthy court battle, eventually resulting in victory. But when Chand left the country in 1996 the government withdrew its funding and the park was vandalised. That incident, and the governmental scandal that resulted from it, birthed the Nek Chand Foundation, a non-profit organization that ensures his work will remain preserved, protected and open to the public for many years to come.

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you rapped your knuckles
across my bones
until you found the places
i had broken

you kissed my skin
above the cracks
convinced me
that we’d stay

you let me fall for you
and then shattered me
like too-thin glass
and then you left me there

and never

—  you took me apart to find my weak spots and i was stupid enough to think you were just finding my heart /// r.i.d

So I love chicken tenders and chicken nuggets, but recently eating processed/fast food has started to make me feel queasy. So, here’s a recipe for chicken tenders that’s super easy to customize to fit your nutrition needs; it can be gluten free, egg free, dairy free, or all of the above if you can get your hands on vegan yogurt or mayo. It should also be kosher if you avoid dairy and get kosher chicken, but please correct me if I’m mistaken.


  • A knife (optional if you’re okay with really big pieces of chicken)
  • A cutting board (plastic or wood, NOT GLASS)
  • A plastic bag and/or cling wrap
  • Something to make the chicken flat (a heavy pan or the flat side of the meat tenderizer).
  • Three shallow bowls, big enough to dip the chicken in
  • A frying pan with a flat bottom and fairly high sides
  • Tongs
  • A meat thermometer (not necessary but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, e. coli is BAD)
  • Gloves if you don’t like touching raw meat


  • Chicken breasts (make sure to get kosher ones if you need to)
  • Some kind of flour (enriched white, wheat, oatmeal, rice flour, almond flour, etc.)
  • Some kind of liquid to dredge the chicken. This could be some eggs, egg whites, buttermilk, regular milk (I would avoid skim, but almond, coconut, or soy would work), yogurt, ranch dressing, and mayonnaise will all work. It shouldn’t be too viscous, so you may need to add a little water or milk to thin it out.
  • Some kind of bread crumb type product (regular, panko, crushed cornflakes, crushed potato chips, crushed crackers, crushed croutons, ect.)
  • Some oil for frying (I would not suggest butter or margarine, but anything else works) 
  • Salt, pepper, and any other spices you want
  • Lemon slices or lemon juice

Making the Chicken

  1. First you need to make the chicken flat. Put your chicken in your plastic bag one or two breasts at at time, and put it on your cutting board. If you are using cling wrap, put the cling wrap on your cutting board, then your chicken breasts, then another layer of wrap. make sure it’s big enough so that little pieces of raw chicken won’t go everywhere. Be sure there is plenty of space between chicken breasts.
  2. Take your heavy, chicken-flattening object and make the chicken flat. This is a great way to work out aggression. Just hit the chicken, it’s great. If you’re using a pan, be sure to be careful to make sure the chicken flattens out evenly. If you’re using the flat side of the meat tenderizer, be careful not to break the cling wrap or plastic bag. Flatten the chicken into an even thickness between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch. If you would like to cut the chicken to remove veins/gristle or just to make it smaller, do so now. Set all the flattened chicken aside.
  3. Set out your three shallow bowls. In the first bowl, dump in some flour (at least a cup). Add a generous amount of salt and pepper, and some spices if your’re using them. You could even add some ranch seasoning, who knows! Get creative folks.
  4. In your second bowl, dump in your dredging liquid. This can be milk, beaten eggs, egg whites, whatever. If you’re feeling creative you could add some hot sauce, or other flavorings here. Hell yeah.
  5. In your third bowl, add your bread crumb material. I would also suggest adding spices here if you want to, especially if you’re using unseasoned breadcrumbs. My favorite thing to use is Ritz crackers, but you can pretty much use anything. I think Cheese-Its, or another cheese cracker would be fun.
  6. Put your frying pan on the stove, and add about a quarter inch of oil to the bottom. Turn your pan on medium/medium high.
  7. Let the oil get nice and hot, and add your chicken. Since it’s nice and thin, it won’t need to cook very long on each side, probably between 3 and 5 minutes per side. You will need tongs to turn the chicken.
  8. After the chicken has cooked for about 8 minutes, use your meat thermometer (if you have one) to check your thickest piece of chicken and make sure it has reached an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If it hasn’t, leave it in for a little longer. If it has, remove the chicken from the pan and put it on a paper towel lined plate. 
  9. That’s it! Serve the chicken with whatever you’d like, like steamed veggies or a baked potato. Or cut it up and put it in salad, or serve it as a sandwich or wrap. I like to squeeze a little lemon on mine before I eat it, but that’s totally up to you. Enjoy!

Combeferre and Enjolras have exactly the same glasses frames, just with different prescription lenses, and when they’re both in a rush in the morning, they always accidentally shove the wrong pair of glasses into their bags and can’t see for the entire day.

That’s how Combeferre met Courfeyrac, when he put Enjolras’ glasses on and got so disorientated that he fell over the pavement and knocked Courfeyrac’s coffee all down his shirt.

a casual one , really 
lion-like feline girl, and my first character with glasses O_O!!!! 
( I wear glasses too… 3_3 )

because i took the shots inside a building so no lights and shadow T_T…
i drew them myself so it looks quite weird XD

my 10th kemono lol
recently making the 11th one :D

Nerdy Sasuke being self conscious about his glasses and taking them off when he doesn’t wear them and Naruto coming up and putting Sasuke’s glasses back on him because he thinks they’re cute.

that said you’d think I’d be more careful about going barefoot since I have a scar on the bottom of one from putting my foot through a glass table as a child hahaha no the experience only taught me that my feet are invincible and shoes are for mere mortals