• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:Vriska Serket really did take responsibility for her shitty actions by bringing back Tavros and Equius as sprites but she still refused to fix any other problems caused by others implying that she only tried to redeem her actions to make herself look better and has no interest in doing good things for other people and it also seems like she's still manipulative by the way she spoke to terezi and then she tried to say davesprite is dead which is quite possibly the worst thing any homestuck character has ever done

Impa #2 is dooone!!! For each of the photos I work on I wanna show a different part of the costume! In this one you can see how big that dang sheath and sword are… SO HEAVY hahhaa, and unfortunately my harness broke! Just another thing to fix for Otafest. Plus you can see the upper body better in this pic! Hope you guys like it <3 <3

Photo+editing+cosplayer// Megan Langan

I got mad at Vriska because I hate the “I’ll fix my mistakes and no one else’s thing”, Terezi brought Vriska back because it was her fault she died and because she knew things could go better with Vriska back to life so Vris was essential. And Vriska did the same thing with bringing Tavros back to life because its her fault he died.

But the “let Nep and Fef live happily ever after in the afterlife” is ??? Yeah it was not Terezi’s or Vriska’s fault that they died but Vris can’t decide something like to let them continue being dead because that’s her judgement on the matter. No one knows how they feel (Well Roxy might) and it’s about high time they were both given a second chance because they were robbed of their first chance. 

I hope that when Terezi does decide to bring them back they will both have actual important roles that neither saw coming. 

dear president 2016,
  • no more agriculture subsidies
    • literally light the money on fire for all I care as long as you aren’t subsidizing massive agricorporations that are terrible for everything.
      • don’t light the money on fire; spend it to fix the welfare system so it’s easier to qualify and so benefits don’t drop off sharply if you also work.

  • if we don’t start geoengineering to tackle climate change, some other country is going to do it, so fund lots and lots of research into the likely consequences and into finding reversible minimal-impact methods.

  • publish everything the NSA has done, pardon whistleblowers, apologize, and abolish the whole agency.
    • terrorism is not a real problem; drunk driving is guaranteed to kill more people during your term. 

  • no more foreign wars
    • even if you’re really really sure you have a good reason and you got the right guys

  • stop giving foreign aid to dictators whose favor we need - we don’t need it - and start giving it to village-level coordinated public health interventions like wiping out malaria and polio and intestinal parasites

  • announce that the U.S. will grant refugee status and citizenship to everyone who qualifies, and that this includes all LGBT+ people in countries with laws against them, all women in countries where women can’t vote, and everyone, period, in countries whose dictators annoy us
    •  (this is why we will no longer need to give them foreign aid; we have better leverage. if they’re committing human rights violations we can add them to the Everyone Who Leaves Here For The U.S. Gets Citizenship list and trust me they don’t want us to do that)

  • if you do all these things you’ll kind of obviate this effective charity thing I’ve been pushing for really hard. but it’s okay. I’ll forgive you.  

sup, yall remember dmitri? well i fixed up his facial structure in his feral form awhile back, and also fiddled with his hair and added an Edgy Hair Streak thats p much a product of injuries i guess. who knows

ill rehash his info for this post, basically dmitri is around a hundred or so years old, russian, and a really big and gruff polumorphim, but hes also a massive sweetheart with a fondness for flowers and gardening

he works at a self-owned butchery that acts as a networking front for other polumorphim, and is very hospitable

hi fur and skin are a bit patchy due to past physical trauma, but hes still a surprisingly agile creature with his size

wasnt there like a spot in the floor missing springs or something like last night or something that caused a lot of injuries?

they also have athletes competing in humidity causing things to be more slippery

ssx didnt win

they allowed a team to cry their way into finals

honestly whose dick do i have to suck for this shit to get fixed i hate usasf. i thought ihsa cheer was corrupt but shit

So this new "Vriska is alive and fixes everything” direction is definitely a red herring. This whole upd8 was spooky (tbh I think we were supposed to feel weird about Vriskagram, too), and I have a serious suspicion that there’s some literal truth to the analogy “everyone was reading off their scripted lines while Vriska writes herself as the lead role.”

Hell, reading off bad scripts is all anyone’s been doing in Homestuck for ages now.

And this comes right after, deliberately right after 

right after suekat

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Bringing you happy thoughts! I was doing a Steroline re watch of episode 6x10 and how cute was Stefan with those Christmas lights? That little nod and smile when Caroline chose the little ones...AHHHHH now it gives me domestic Steroline feels. It seems we actually got a lot of domestic Steroline this season. Dinner with friends (although they weren't together), Caroline yelling at him in the car (is that only normal in my family?), and him fixing and setting up things. Her setting up the cabin..

Awwww are you bringing me happy thoughts because I’ve talking about sad faces so much! I heart you for that Anon and OMG there’s been so much domestic/married Steroline this season!

  • 6x02 Stefan and Caroline passive aggressively fighting over dinner with friends while everyone else feels uber awkward.
  • 6x07 Caroline is yelling at Stefan for being a dummy but still let him drive her car. (This is very normal in my family so it’s not just you lol)
  • 6x08 Caroline brings her husband (Stefan) a doggy bag
  • 6x10 Stefan holds up the Christmas lights braying he picked out the right ones because he knows his wife (Caroline) is very particular.
  • 6x11 Stefan sets up his future Mother In Law’s speaker system.
  • 6x12 Stefan gets Caroline a coffee just the way she likes it (this is essential for every married couple) just to make her smile.
  • 6x13 Bringing Caroline a drink after a long day of digging holes, he even gives her his when she finishes hers in one gulp.
  • 6x14 Stefan carrying the boxes and fixing the electrical wiring, Caroline setting up the cabin.
  • 6x19 Caroline giving Stefan neck kisses in appreciating for bringing her to a romantic Bed and Breakfast.

These two are so married they don’t even realize. Also does a Domestic!Steroline gifset exist somewhere and if not I would totally heart any of my talented gif-making followers if they wanted to do one :)

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Hey man not a ask but just saying keep up the good work. We're other fitness people might lead people away from the facts and evidence that will help them with "quick fixes" or just stupid short term workout programs you stick to your guns e.g. Drilling the importance of nutrition which is 103949% correct and it motivates the fuck out of me and I am a lazy fuck trying to change my ways.

You’re not trying, you’re doing.

We’re all gonna make it:


People’s Primer Theme Week: Karl Marx

Why is it that Marx has remained so relevant, so feared and so hated, nearly a century and a half after his death?  Almost alone among the economists and activists of his generation, Marx continues to allure, his theories are still used and reinterpreted, and his name is attached to an ideology which has survived the death of Karl Marx, the transition to a service economy, and the end of the Cold War.

Marx survives because he added solid analysis to the people’s drive for a emancipation. At the time radical thought was based on a moralistic critique of society and aimed towards a utopian alternative, with little thought put into the praxis required to create this alternative.  Marx went further than this, arguing that early capitalism was not only morally bankrupt but materially oppressed people, and that while capitalism had created a level of development unthought of in earlier centuries, it also possessed fixed contradictions which required the development of movements striving for a new and better society.

Marx’s thought rests upon this idea, and the concepts we’re going to deal with this week touch on it in one way or another.  Note that this list is in no way all of the ideas in Marx’s work, though they are some of the main themes:

-Base & Superstructure
-The Labor Theory of Value

Just because people don’t want to rp with your female OC, doesn’t give you the right to call sexism or discrimination on the whole community, as there isn’t any! Maybe you’re oc isn’t interesting enough or there isn’t enough effort put into her. Maybe try fixing the faults first, before you go around blaming everybody else IMO.

Everyone in Baltimore participating in the riots are ANIMALS.

Anyone who would destroy their own homes and businesses, and steal from and injure their own neighbors for absolutely no reason is an animal. Congratulations you have destroyed your community and accomplished what? further perpetuated the negative stereotypes of black people? Caused even less trust between the police and the people? you are a disgrace. Even if the cops were in the wrong and someone was killed unjustly tell me how exactly making the situation worse and looting and destruction is going to fix it????? Shameful. 

Ahahahaha that’s my girl

I am so pleased.  This is so weird and queasy and terrible and great.

I have seen all these posts going around about the “resolution of Terezi’s arc”, as if voluntary self-erasure was some kind of heroic accomplishment.  Nope! Bringing the abusive shitlord back into her life fixed nothing inside of her - it just meant she didn’t have to make any decisions anymore.  All the character development of the past three years has been wiped away in a stirring rendition of the ‘I don’t care’ chorus, starring the entire cast.

And this Vriska never lost and never learned any lessons  She is just as awful as she ever was, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t really care how this turns out plotwise - whether her awfulness turns out to be central to the victory or not.  It’s just kind of lovely on its own merits how sick-making the results of Terezi’s pathological need to erase her own supposed mistakes have turned out.

Stray observation: Arquiusprite seems to have been rebalanced, with Equius at the forefront instead of AR.  I wonder if that has to do with the order of prototyping?  It’s kind of lovely how V’s insistence that he’s the most hilarious character coincides with the erasure of everything that made him entertaining.