I remember when I used to think that it would be cool to remember your dreams like every night. Well, it’s not. I’ve been seeing dreams all summer, many many dreams every night (due to bad medication, that is being fixed now). It’s hard to come back to reality from them, and when you remember something, you don’t know if it was dream or not. 

But anyway, some dreams are cool and I wanted to doodle them. Will probably do more of these in the future and try to get over my artblock.

Preorders for New 3DS and XL are open ⊟

If you want a New 3DS early and can’t wait until 2015 for it to release in the West, Play-Asia will ship one to you when the portable releases in October. While it’s likely the hardware will be region-locked again, there’s a possibility the upcoming (but delayed) 3DS Homebrew Channel will eventually fix that.

Note that the last listing is for a White 3DS XL, which doesn’t actually exist — it’s probably for the Metallic Black edition. Also, all these prices are before the $15-30 shipping/handling fees. Play-Asia will throw in one of its free branded 3DS cases with each order, too. We will let you know when the custom faceplates and docks are for up for preorder too!

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)
XKit & Chrome (Betas) - Part II

A while ago I wrote about XKit not working on Chrome Betas, and it would require a huge re-write. XKit 7.4.4 is now available to fix this.

I found a way to make it work by changing how some requests are made to XKit servers, and by using a “proxy” to load HTTP pages (a page on XKit servers that downloads the HTTP pages and serves it using HTTPS).

As a result, not only XKit is now working on Chrome betas, it will no longer display the “broken lock” icon on pages after it is loaded.

Please follow the instructions here (or wait for Chrome to update XKit itself) to get XKit version 7.4.4. (recommended even if you are not using Chrome beta.)

After updating, you might need to update all extensions by going to XKit Control Panel > Other > Update All.

If an extension is not working properly even after updating, please let me know by sending an ask and I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thank you!

bsrussell said:

As a long time player that hated Kamigawa—weak environment, bad color fixing, confusing names, boring legends, etc.—I have to ask: what do the Question Marks love about it?

I’m curious too. What do you love about it?

His child is scared of another band member 4/4

A/N: I got this as a request and tbh I loved writing it a hella lot, I hope you like it too, thanks for reading! x


Cal: You were visiting your husband on tour, joined by your 2 and a half-year-old daughter. That night they were playing a big show, but before that they had to do soundcheck.

With your daughter on your arm, you took a seat in front of the stage, while Calum and his band members fixed their instruments.

The little girl hadn’t been to many shows yet because of the noise and stress but she had often waited backstage, saying goodbye as the boys left for stage and jumping into their arms when they returned afterwards. Luke, Ashton and Michael were like uncles to her, who often insisted on babysitting her and spending time with her, which you gladly accepted.

“What is daddy doing?”, your little daughter asked, looking up at the stage curiously.

“Luke, Mikey, Ashton and your daddy are gonna play and sing some songs for us, just watch!”, you explained, laughing a little.

Through the songs, your baby daughter laughed and clapped while Calum kept looking over at you, smiling happily at his little family.

At the end of the last song, She Looks So Perfect, the boys played their instruments for the last few seconds, jumping around, jamming out one last time, which would normally make the crowd go absolutely crazy.

Suddenly, your daughter pointed at Mikey and shouted “Uncle Mikey, noo!”, a horrified look plastered on her face.

“What’s wrong, honey?” you asked, watching her as she covered her eyes with her tiny hands.

You didn’t get an answer, instead she started crying, burying her head in your shoulder.

The boys had finished playing and were all getting off the stage, but their chirpy expressions changed when they spotted yours and Calum’s daughter.

“I think she got a bit scared at the end”, you told them, still trying to cheer the little girl up with stroking her hair soothingly.

Abruptly, she lifted her head and looked at Michael, still with some tears in her eyes.

“Mikey, no!” she said again.

“Aww I’m sorry I scared you baby come here.” Michael opened his arms towards your daughter. At first she looked at him hesitantly, but then she let him give her a hug while the rest of the boys laughed at them.

Luke: “How are you feeling, hm babe?” Luke asked, giving you a welcoming hug followed by a kiss on your forehead.

He took your bag from the counter and looked around the rather small hospital room one last time.

“A little exhausted to be honest, but other than that, I’m happy.” You smiled up at your husband.

A week ago, you had born yours and Luke’s baby boy, and today was the day you were finally taking him home, which also meant, the rest of your husband’s band was coming over to see him for the first time.

Luke carried your stuff while you held the baby carefully, trying not to wake him up.

During the car ride, you closed your eyes and leaned your head against the seat. Having a baby made you incredibly happy, but unfortunately it was also extremely exhausting, and you were glad you were going home now, where you would get help from Luke and his band mates, who spent a lot of their time at yours and Luke’s house.

When you pulled up the driveway, you saw Ashton’s car parking in front of your house.

“Looks like we have guests already”, you noticed, laughing a little.

As soon as Luke had unlocked the front door, you heard feet shuffling towards you and voices ringing through the house.

“Awwwww, look, he’s so cute!” “Oh my god, he’s so tiny!” “I wanna hold him!”

You chuckled lightly as Michael, Ashton and Calum watched the little baby boy sleeping peacefully in your arms.

The five of you made their way to the couch, where you carefully handed your baby to Calum.

The boys commented everything, from how small his fingers were to how his nose looked exactly like yours’ and how desperately they wanted to see his eyes, but they couldn’t because he was still asleep.

The last one to hold your son was Ashton, and this time, your baby’s eyes fluttered open, examining all of the boys’ faces, his crystal blue eyes looking up at them interested.

“Luke, he totally has your eyes!”

All of a sudden, the little boy’s expression changed, and his curious eyes squeezed shut as he started crying.

“Look what you’ve done, you’ve already made him cry!” Michael laughed at Ashton, who looked at you helplessly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to make him cry!” Ashton said, the little baby in his arms moving around nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Here give him to me, I’m sure he’s just hungry”, you reassured, taking the crying little boy from Ashton’s arms, trying to calm him down with softly rocking him in your arms.

After a while, he had stopped crying, but you had to tell Ashton another ten times everything was okay before he finally stopped apologizing.

Ash: It was the 31st of October, Halloween. You didn’t have much plans for that night, other than the fact that Ashton’s band mates were coming over to play some silly games and dress up as monsters and other creatures.

You were busy painting the face of your nearly 4-year-old daughter, making her look like a witch, but “not too scary”, as she had instructed you.

From downstairs you could hear Ashton’s cheerful laughter as he greeted his friends. He was dressed up as Superman, you wore a Cat-woman costume.

“I think that’s it, what do you think, sweetie?”

You led your little girl to the front of the mirror, where she looked at herself, her eyes getting wide and a smile spreading across her face.

“Mommy, you made me look so pretty! I wanna show daddy and the others!” she said, pulling on your hand.

You made your way downstairs, spotting Ashton, Michael as Spiderman and Calum as, what a surprise, Cal-Pal.

“Hey little princess, wow I’ve never seen such a pretty witch!” Michael greeted your daughter, giving her a big hug, while she giggled.

“Cal-Pal!”, she laughed, turning to Calum, holding out her hand to receive a fist bump from him, who then bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, getting one back from her, making you laugh a little.

“Where’s Luke?”, was the next thing she said, looking around for him.

“I think he was in the kitchen, you should go and see him”, Ashton suggested, grinning mischievous.

So she made her way towards the kitchen, you could only hear her tipsy steps as she walked around the corner, suddenly followed by a loud roar that sounded more fake than anything you had ever heard, but obviously it was enough to make your little daughter scream and run back into the living room.

She looked terrified as she clung to her daddy’s legs, whimpering a little. Seconds later you saw Luke walking around the corner, a regretful look on his face as he took off the, actually scary looking, monster-mask.

“Hey, look it’s me, Luke! I’m sorry I scared you, look it’s just a mask!”

He bent down to the frightened little girl and handed her the mask, which she took after some hesitation. She looked at it for a while, confused, but then she looked back at Luke.

“You’re supposed to dress as someone nice!” she claimed.

“I know, I’m sorry honey. Let’s get upstairs and I’ll let you paint my face, how does that sound?”, Luke suggested, making your daughter smile in agreement.

Mikey: “Is daddy home?”

Your 2 year old daughter looked up at you with a questioning expression as you unlocked the door to yours and Michael’s apartment.

“Yeah, he is, go look for him!” you encouraged her.

You didn’t have to say that twice and she was already running down the hall, calling Michael with her cute, chirpy voice.

“Aw look who’s home! Come here princess!”

You smiled to yourself when you heard Michael’s voice, seeing him and your daughter together was, in your opinion, the cutest thing in the entire world.

You hung up your coat and made your way to the living room where you saw Michael and your daughter sitting on the floor, taking off her small shoes which she had left on.

“Hey babe, how are you?”, Mikey greeted you.

“I’m good, I missed you”, you replied. You hadn’t seen him much lately during the many writing and studio sessions.

You walked over to Michael and kissed him, then you pulled the three of you in a big hug, making your daughter giggle.

“Hey, do you wanna talk to Calum?”, Michael asked her after you’d pulled away.

“Cal is not here”, she noticed, looking a bit confused.

“I know, but he’s there, on my laptop, on Skype. Do you wanna see him?”

He picked her up and sat down on the couch, placing her in his lap before pointing to the laptop screen.

You took a seat next to them, waving and saying hi to Calum.

“That’s not Cal!” Your daughter had a frightened look on her face. “Why is he in there? I don’t want that! That’s not Cal!”

Laughing a little, you tried to explain the whole thing to her but she only started crying and burying her head in Michael’s shirt.

“Hey, sweetie! It’s really me Cal, you don’t need to be scared I’m okay, nothing’s wrong!” Calum spoke to her softly, making her turn her head around slowly.

After some minutes of talking to the “unreal” Calum, your daughter wasn’t scared anymore.

“But you’re gonna come out of there again, aren’t you?” she asked unsurely, making everyone laugh as she looked at you confused.


new design for blood bags,

with some smart fixes, such as better labelling of blood types with colors, shape design that allows the blood packs to be stacked, as well as a groove niche that lets blood tubes be wrapped around the pack while still leaving space for clear visibility of the labeling. The bag also has an attached sensor, ensuring that the blood packs don’t fall below optimum temperature. 

Ni-Hsin Chang

Track 4
  • Track 4
  • Various
  • Hamatora drama cd 4

Nice : More importantly look at this!

Murasaki : huh? the hamatora key holder that brings good luck, right? why is it in your hands?

Nice : I’m not really sure,  birthday gave it to honey, honey gave it to Art, and just before Art gave it back to me.

Murasaki : they’re completely pushing it to each other.

Nice : that’s not it ! because of this the rumor that we caught the purse snatcher and the molester reached Art, it’s effect is great isn’t it !

Murasaki : heh… we were successful in an unthinkable place.

Nice : and then Art said he might have an official request from the police for us, he discussed it with me. If we complete that request we had a promise that he’ll take the key holder back once again. Until then i’ll have to fix this worn out key holder.

Murasaki : so does that means we’ll be involved in the case’s investigation?

Nice : maybe he’ll ask us to investigate in a kidnap case?! it’s detective-like it’s seems interesting right?

Murasaki : and make us do the troublesome work too.

Nice : Art wouldn’t do that.

Thank you murasaki4you for the drama cd ^^ !!

I’ve always kinda wanted to do a progress gif but I never have so pardon how shaky this one is but!! Yeah! This was kinda hard to decide when exactly to take a screenshot because I don’t really work in steps so much as just diving in and working it over but there are a few things I could kinda pick out so here goes

1: Sketch

2: Throw in a base color (green) and start signifying what colors you want to go where, really just starting to block in colors without paying much attention to shape

3: More…..coloring underneath the sketch layer

4: Ok now I get into more dynamic coloring with the fur and stuff. I noticed I had a really low contrast and my levels were telling me my image was kinda dark so i fixed that here

5: Painting over the lineart!! This part takes the longest and is pretty much the majority of the work? I just go in and define shapes and get rid of a majority of the lines (or all of them really) 

6: Details? I guess? Whatever I missed? I put in the spices above the stove top and the celery going into the pot?? But I also noticed that (again) the contrast wasn’t what I wanted it to be so I went in with a multiply layer and just slapped that on everything that I wanted to push further into the background that had no business being a light/middle tone.

But this illustration has a lot of first time things for me (namely fur, glassware, kitchen appliances in general,  etc.) and I’m really proud of how it turned out!

shout out to the people who got school next week and still haven’t fixed their sleeping schedules

anonymous said:

How do you perceive Makoto and Haruka's relationship? I know many people ship these two together and there could be romantic undertones, but I do want to hear your opinion on it.

Well, I’m one of those many people who ship them!

Makoto and Haruka have reached a level of incredible emotional closeness from a young age, and few are lucky to have such a strong bond in their life. They’re each others’ safe harbor, fixed points in each others’ lives. Kisumi said it best: it’s like their hearts are connected. Of course, this kind of bond has its pros and cons just like every other kind of relationship, but combined with their personalities and circumstances, it’s an overall positive influence in both of their lives.

Makoto loves Haru. That’s just an undeniable fact at this point: all those warm and caring looks he gives, all the little everyday things he does for him like pulling him out of the water and sharing popsicles. Makoto is naturally a very kind and giving person who tries to help others in any way he can, but he always pays extra attention to Haru. An argument can be made for what kind of love (and my knowledge is limited on that topic), he’s not necessarily aware of his feelings as romantic love yet even with the undertones, but it certainly is an emotion that runs very deep in him.

Haruka cares very deeply about Makoto, too. He looks out for Makoto in his own way, gently supporting him and making sure he’s alright. It’s especially prominent in the novel that Makoto is important to him. He’s become the person he is now because he had Makoto by his side all along to support him. Without Makoto, he would’ve never joined the swimming club, he would’ve never become friends with Nagisa, Rin and Rei, who also had huge impacts on his life.

I think they have yet to realize the full extent of their feelings towards each other because it’s just the way they’ve always been and it’s so natural for them to be together, but with a few more years and the right catalyst, it’ll happen.

tl;dr my opinion is that they’re soulmates married for life since childhood

And just to be clear: I make sure to put away my shipping goggles when I’m translating. I may be a devoted makoharu shipper, but please don’t doubt the credibility of my translations because of it.