"Her father and brother died in the same month. She developed a very bad problem in her head after that. For months, she would barely move. I was so worried about her that I took her to hospitals, and nothing worked. It was the hardest time of my life. But now she is better. She’s the greatest wife. Every time I come home, she makes me tea and thanks me for working all day."
"How did she fix her sadness?"
"None of the hospitals could help. But we just kept praying together."

(Naivasha, Kenya)

Capcom “touching up” localization of Ace Attorney Trilogy ⊟

You got me, Capcom. I will happily buy the Ace Attorney games again. I wasn’t particularly interested in the 3DS ports, but Capcom’s localization team (led by localization director Janet Hsu, who posted this info on Capcom-Unity) went back through and fixed up the text. Hsu outlined some changes:

"We have re-mastered the sound effects and background music, and yes, we’ve even proof-read the text again! Rejoice, for the miracle did happen! Finally! …Not that that’s something I should be saying too loudly… *hangs head in shame* 

All joking aside, the translation has received a much needed touch-up job, including some re-translations that I hope will help the dialogue flow more naturally, and tweaks that should make some of the more difficult cross-examinations easier to solve using, dare I say… LOGIC *gasp!*”

But if you want to avoid the localization entirely, you can do that. The 3DS release has the full Japanese text as well! How awesome! Ready to learn hella puns and legal vocabulary in Japanese? I’m not, but I’m damn sure gonna try!

BUY Ace Attorney games, upcoming releases

okay story time okay so I was in my bathroom sendin butt pics and then I heard my outside gate open and I looked out the window and saw the pool people who are fixing ours up and we have a window right near the pool and so you can see in and so basically I am hiding naked in my bathtub until the pool people leave

Beta map 4 time

A big thanks to all who have tested the beta maps. It helps a lot.

+ Added Overtime.
+ Removed train slowing with damage.
+ Train now ‘stuns’ the traps on initial impact with barricade.
+ New upper path on point 2 in stage 2, giving access to the roof.
+ Train warning gates now animate properly.
+ Hopefully fixed some bells playing when they shouldn’t.
+ Lengthened Red respawn time on stage 2, point 2.
+ Various poles have been clipped.
+ Updated Localization Files.
+ Added one or two health kits and ammo packs.

Gingiva 2.6 Finalizing Expansion Released


This version introduces new characters, a rebalanced battle system, dozens of new attacks, slow down fixes, dialogue games, advanced drollery usage, secret bosses, more scenes and developed endings; plus a swath of other material I couldn’t include at first due to time constraints and sheer exhaustion.

I spent weeks on the updates and I hope you’ll enjoy. This is in celebration of Gingiva’s year anniversary. 

You can download the patch here and here

This patch is currently only for Windows.





hey guys I edited some screenshots from 373


Theirs ^^^^^^^ Ugh the her seal/nose looks bad and what happen to her left eyelashes -_-


Vs. Mine ^^^^^^^


Theirs^^^^^ Okay why does Obito have more eyelash game than the actual girls???? They drew her nose and her eyebrows weird, and that piece of hair in her face is way too chunky.


Mine^^^^ come on now,what do they pay the animation staff for??


Theirs^^^ like seriously sasuke looks like absolute crap, his eyes are drawn very uneven.


Mine^^ Need I go on? Hell even naruto needed fixing

And I’m not even done yet

I tried to fix sakura’s rape face but even that was difficult since it was so bad.



And I saved the best for last! Sasuke’s smirk!



In my opinion, If your gonna have crappy animation at least have quality art or vice versa. This episode had neither, the art AND the animation didn’t meet anywhere near the manga’s standards. And look, I know that there’s a budget and all, but its still one of the top manga’s around so why is it so poorly put together? It really just upsets me that I’m not even looking forward to new episodes.

anonymous said:

I had this hetalia dream where I was on a ferris wheel with italy, and like it went out of control and Italy was screaming really loud and girly, and then Germany somehow just punches the metal and it went back to normal. It was also on fire.


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day today!

So as you can tell from the doodle above, I’m not too happy, and I want to fix that. Lately I’ve been affected by Tumblr’s negativity and I’m debating on wether or not to let this site go and move on. As much as I love the amazing support from followers and fellow artists, there are a ton of problems I have with how social networking works on here. It’s hard to communicate and make connections with people, the sharing “piggy back” system can be unbearable (I have to rely on a popular blog to share my work for it to even try to circulate and get my artistic name out there, and even then I don’t know who’s reblogging and who even bothers to follow my work), and I manage to get unnecessary negativity on my dash and even on my posts. It’s draining. Even when I try to hone in on blogs that inspire me, I still have to deal with unfortunate things popping up from people I follow. 

I want positivity, I want to make friends and important connections, I want to focus on art and inspiration. I’m just missing a good chunk of it on here. 

Sorry for the rant, I might get over it and stay, but then this situation could happen again. Sigh…

Lauryn Hill Breaks Down the Protests in Ferguson with "Black Rage"

Lauryn Hill Breaks Down the Protests in Ferguson with “Black Rage”

Lauryn Hill made waves on the Internet this week when she released “Black Rage (Sketch),” a track written in the style of “My Favorite Things” that recounts various acts of violence and injustice against the Black community in America. The track finally puts to rest the empty calls for “peace” amidst ongoing protests in Ferguson, Missouri since the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Hill …

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cs + "Look at me - just breathe, okay?"

Another take on the car crash spoiler?


"Emma look at me."

A pause.


His voice shocks her out of her daze and she looks up at him, her eyes wide, her mouth dry.

"Look at me, love. That’s it. Just breathe, darling."

She tries to listen to him, tries to keep her eyes from wandering to the blood staining her hands and clothes, tries to breathe. She takes a few deep breaths, eyes fixed on his deep blue ones. Her hands are gripping his biceps and suddenly she is crying. She screws her eyes shut and lets go, cries in deep heaving sobs and forgets to breathe again until he’s pulling her into him. Her arms wrap around his waist, the blood transferring to his clothes. She can feel him stroking her hair and whispering comfort but his voice cracks just often enough that she knows he’s crying too.

"He’ll be alright. He’s your son love. Stubborn as they come, just like his mother.”

He drops kisses in her hair and coaxes her to face him again. He looks her right in the eyes, his own red from his restrained tears and says again in a voice that brokers no argument.

"He will be alright, Swan. Trust me. Regina will be here any minute.”

She is far too inexperienced with her magic, far too panicked to use it and Regina had been unreachable for the last hour. She wants to trust him, she wants to trust him so much. She wants to believe that Henry would walk out of that room on his own feet, chattering nonstop like does. But, all she sees over and over in her head is the way the car had skid on the sudden ice, the way Henry had looked with his eyes closed and blood trickling down his face from the gash on his forehead.

She takes a few more deep breaths, her death grip on his arms doesn’t loosen but the crying reduces to dry sobs. She closes her eyes and takes a second to calm down. She needs to be strong.

He will be ok. He will. He has to be. 

She repeats this to herself over and over and buries herself into Killian’s embrace, breathing him in.

"Where is he?!"

Regina’s panicked voice reaches her ears.

He was going to be ok.

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It’s been a month since I stopped shaving my legs. This video is about the terrible things people have said to me about this. Even my best friends are negative about this. Words actually hurt. Even the little things. If someone is passionate about something, don’t knock them down about it. Please learn to support your friends, even if what they’re doing is “stupid.” 

Your words can change someones life. In a good way or a bad way. Just be careful. 

Reparations are not a radical idea; they’re considered a basic tenet of social and political policy throughout the world. Why should America not pay reparations to the descendants of slaves who were brought to America against their will, used as slaves to build the Southern economy into a huge economic force, and then freed into a culture of further violence perpetrated against them? It’s not as though all that’s over now; if anything, the problem has grown within the cells and psyches of every generation since. America will continue to waste money on relatively limited fixes, until we buck up and pay this debt in a real way once and for all. Millions are indeed wasted if the billions we owe here are not paid. A Reparations Plan would provide a massive investment in educational and economic opportunities for African Americans— rendered as payment for a long overdue debt. Until that debt is paid, the cycle of violence that began in the 1600s and continues to this day will continue to haunt our psyche and disrupt our social good. It is time for America to atone for our past in both word and deed, and to heal our weary soul.