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I've been watching One Piece since I was a kid and I really loved the art style and animation but once it got to the Fishman Island Arc I noticed the animation was getting very bad. One Piece is the most popular anime in manga in Japan and more than likely has a huge budget, so I don't really get why Toei isn't putting in the effort to do better animation. It makes a little angry they aren't doing it justice.

Yeah, I feel you, and so does the bulk of the fandom. >.>



she’s a 28 yr old fishman karate practitioner who sails around hunting slave traders with her motley crew of ex-slaves. the government branded her a pirate even though she doesn’t consider herself such. but to be fair, she goes into battle wearing a human skull, a bloodstained marine coat, and a necklace of human ears ٩(。•ω•。)و

she was briefly involved with the new fishman pirates before deciding she wanted to fight the long fight her own way.

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Heei. Îmi spui te rog câteva cărți frumoase din perspectiva ta?

Thunderstruck de Elizabeth McCracken
Station Eleven de Emily St. John Mandel
California de Edan Lepucki
Friendship de Emily Gould
Euphoria de Lily King
Save the Date de Jen Doll
A Replacement Life de Boris Fishman
The Vacationers de Emma Straub

Marionette - Doflamingo x Reader

The Donquioxte family, the only home you ever knew. Your name, _____, a simple underling, but you didn’t quite mind it. The work you did was fun and easy, the young master, Doflamingo, the new king of Dressrosa, was quite fond of you. He kept you in the castle with the rest of the family, though you were just their maid. Baby5 had grown fond of you as well, going as far as calling you her ‘best friend.’ The little half and half fighting fishman named Dellinger would call you his ‘big sister.’ Everything was so wonderful since the previous king had fallen, despite everything you had been through to keep your job prior.

Today was unusually busy, getting pushed around by the executives because they were bored. Some of the family members tracking in dirt and mud, making fun of you for not cleaning it up with each step they took, it drove you mad, but you stood strong and held your tongue. All and all, today was unusual, everyone was acting so different, so rude, the reason, you did not know. Though, through all of your frustration and despair, you managed to make it through the day.

'Maybe everyone was just so bored today, maybe that's why they seemed so off,' you thought, laying face down on your bed in exhaustion. The harsh, strange, cruel day was over, or, atleast you thought, 'I'm sure everything will go back to normal tomorrow.' Little did you know, that things would begin to change from there, getting more cruel and stressful, no longer the kind family you had known previously.

As each day passed by, the family seemed to become more rude and unusual, the work was so rough that you would barely be able to lift your limbs in the morning, not to mention the young master always seemed to be out tending to business, leaving you alone. Baby5 and Dellinger felt for you, but all they could do was watch from the sidelines as the rest of the family verbally abused you when you worked hard to clean the mess they made. It seemed that when the young master was out, they did as they pleased without a second thought, it drove you completely mad, you were almost about to snap.

One night at dinner, the young master was actually attending, the family members were actually being nice, being on their best behavior. You just gazed around at everyone sitting at the table as they ate, one after another tossing false compliments and gracing you with their fake hyena smiles. It made you sick, though you kept your face normal, not wanting to burden the young master, he had already seemed stressed enough. One by one, you cleaned up and picked up the plates of those who left, the young master was the last to finish. He was sitting at the table with a stressful expression plastered on his face as he was deep in thought. “Young master,” you piped up, snapping him from his thoughts. He looked at you through his mirrored glasses, “are you alright?” You asked worryingly, he paused for a moment before giving you his signature grin, “I’m fine, thank you _____, I’ve just been a little stressed.” You blinked at him and pouted slightly, “you and me both sir.” He chuckles as an idea crossed his mind, “we could help each other to relieve stress,” he rumbles suggestively, making you blush. “I-if it pleases the young master,” you stammer, turning your head away slightly to hide your blush. With that, he gets up from his seat, still grinning widely, “come, let’s go to my office.”

You obediently followed the young master to his office down the hall, papers stacked wall to wall, each one had big bold lettering the read, ‘SMILE.’ As you walked past the stacks over to his desk, he caught you glancing around, “what’s the matter, _____? Never seen my office before?” He chuckled, you simply shook your head, “no, but if I had, I would’ve certainly organized it,” you frowned as you continued to gaze around. He chuckles once again and took a seat in his chair by his desk, he leaned himself over his desk slightly and gave you another grin, “I’ve grown quite fond of you, _____,” he comments, looking straight at you through his mirrored lenses. You swallowed a lump in your throat as a blush graced your cheeks, “thank you young master,” he simply kept grinning and sat back in his chair.

"Your so cute, _____," he rumbles, "I don’t want you to feel like your the family’s puppet," with that, your body started to move on its own. Your hands started to unbutton your shirt involuntarily, your legs started to walk over to where the young master sat, your cheeks burning from your furious blush, "w-what’s going on?!" You squeak, the young master simply watched you and started to lick his lips hungrily, you then noticed that his fingers were making strange movements as your hands involuntary stripped off your shirt, "fufufufufu, your my cute little marionette, _____." All you could do was watch as the young master was being entertained and aroused by your involuntary stripping, all the while your face was burning red as you reach complete nudity. Your body suggestively walked over to him and straddled his lap, hands undoing his pants, reaching in and pulling out his large, throbbing member.

Your body positioned itself above him, prodding his tip at your entrance, “y-young master,” you panted, he just grinned widely before grasping your chin, “don’t worry, _____, I’ll be gentle. For a little bit that is,” he rumbles as a finger motioned itself down slowly as did your body. He watched your face intently as he entered inside you agonizingly slow, he gave you a moment to adjust before motioning his finger up again, making you ride him slowly. You were slightly uncomfortable at first, but after a few strokes, it started to become more pleasurable. He grins his usual grin as he watched your pleasured expression, “you like that, _____?” You moaned in response, “young master!” His hand swiftly returned back to normal as did your control over your body, “now, continue,” he tells you. You nod and obediently started to ride him slowly again, holding onto his shoulders for support.

In the midst of your exploits, you feel a knot forming inside you and it just kept getting tighter with each stroke. He grew impatient and anxious, he then gripped your hips tightly and slammed you down onto him hard. You moaned loudly as he began to thrust up into you hard and deep, making the knot in your stomach get tighter faster. He groans lowly as he persisted his thrusting at your insides, your tight walls driving him closer to the edge. You climaxed above him as his member bursts inside you. You both panted heavily, resting your head on his shoulder until your panting slowed. “Thank you, young master,” you breathe, tracing small circles on his pectorals.

"I wouldn’t thank me just yet," he tells you monotoned, "what do you mean?" You asked, picking up your head and peering at his face. He chuckles and gives you his signature grin, "as much as I’m fond of you, I don’t like playing with my toys more than once." You blinked confused, but before you could ask him what he meant, you felt a small cold hand against your lower back. Suddenly, you felt strange, the young master’s body seemed suddenly gigantic. You looked down at your hands and instantly noticed they were wooden, ‘what the-?’ You looked back at the person who had touched you, out was Sugar, she had turned you into a toy, not just any toy, a marionette with strings and all. The young master gripped tightly at your little toy body and picked you up to face him, "fufufu, farewell my little marionette," he chuckled darkly as he got up and casted you out the window.