I’m pretty sure that if a completely objective person with no context into One Direction or the fandom paid attention to Harry’s behavior over the past few months they’d come to the conclusion that he’s interested in men.

It’s not that that should really mean anything for us, but it’s worth pointing out when we’re getting constantly shot down by half the fandom and they’re screaming “YOU’RE STEREOTYPING YOU’RE THE HOMOPHOBES BLAH BLAH BLAH” at us in pretty abusive manners. 

We’re not stereotyping. We’re reading social codes. I’m not talking about his pirouettes or sashays or when he sticks a pink bow or party hat on his head, because yes, those are stereotypes, and while sometimes they go hand in hand with it, they don’t mean anything in and of themselves. And they shouldn’t.

I’m talking about how yesterday he flat-out flirted with a guy in the crowd, how he makes nearly constant dick and blowjob innuendos, and how he makes regular references to LGBTQIA+ culture beyond support that could be interpreted as an ally’s (no, I am not even referencing the Michael Sam jersey here, because that is a show of support that could just as likely come from an ally).

So no, we’re not crazy, and we’re not fetishizing homosexuality, and we’re not trying to jump all over Harry’s identity for him. Like I said - we’re reading social codes, and I’m pretty sure a bystander would come to the same conclusion.

anonymous said:

I find the backlash others serve your blog hilarious, especially giving the reason that "Swan Queen" shippers are solely the bad apples. Here's the thing - Emma Swan Stans are possibly the most aggressive of them all. I cannot even publically write or blog under my old name due to all the hate I received. Since I didn't agree with Emma's development or her current ship, I got sent hate messages from CS shippers and the stans for weeks. Tell me, who are the real bad guys?

Well, we find it hilarious too, seeing that we basically only serve as a mirror, we simply reflect all the fuckery. Whether it’s in the writing and everything it entails (what we prefer to discuss, essentially) or PR, audience treatment — or audience itself and all their fuckeries. We are no shippers, we just love characters, all characters - and the story, original concept that S1 got us all hooked. Which of course was before the ‘hookers’ got hooked onto something else and the show suffered a horrific tectonic shift.

So for whose stans are most aggressive, I wouldn’t really go that far to say that Emma has the most aggressive fanbase. In fact, I’d rather say that she’s been used mostly as a veil for Hook fans to hide behind, because they’re first and foremost his fans, and Emma is just… a vessel for them to project themselves through. So I’d rather say you got hate from ‘hookers’ rather than Emma stans, my friend. Because they will of course justify and be all ‘hell yes!’ with all writing meandering in Emma’s regressive development (from independence to indecisiveness to inaction and passivity — all the way to eleven dozen ‘no-s’ that eventually sum up to a ‘yes’) because it endorses their ship and their favourite sexist rapist bastard, over whom they actually only fawn over?

Basically it’s the same type of hate-justification, like say girls (and it’s always the same — straight, white, very passive aggressive) who are Huntsman (and more often than not, also Hook and Rumple) fans, who project it still, years later — and paint him as this poor innocent victim of abuse and rape. While nothing justifies what’s been done to him (solely by Brother Dim’s idiotic writing and presentation of Regina’s ‘evilness’ by creating a sexual dominatrix predator fantasy projection) it’s used ONLY as an implement of a simple Regina-hate. And projection of… what we really wouldn’t want to analyse, anyway. So we have criticized Regina’s development and OOC-ness a helluva lot here (and she has even more hardcore fanbase, you’ll admit?) and yet I don’t think we got any hate for it. Perhaps because our friends and followers here basically see all those things themselves, and they dislike what their fave characters have been turning into?

So as for Emma, all constructive objective criticism is very much justified, as far as we are concerned. And I don’t know who you’ve had problems with about it, but I can tell you that personally we here have criticised Emma critics only in the cases where certain people ripped her apart for the sole reason of making a point that they “wouldn’t want this Emma near Regina” because, doh — that’s the only way to make the ForestLog (that goes by the name of Hood these days) seem better for Regina, in terms of shipping. Soooo… if you’re not one of those people, friend — please feel free to come into our inbox anytime you feel like to, and constructively deconstruct and criticize Emma Swan’s recent character digressions and regressions, however much you want. :)

Cullen is an Abuse & Sexual Assault Victim

I can’t even believe that I or anyone else has to say this, that it’s even up for debate. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Cullen fan, I would do this for Anders or Fenris, or any other male abuse victim if it happened to them. But it doesn’t, at least if it does it doesn’t happen to the extent that it does with Cullen as far as I’ve seen, though I’m sure it does happen cause the fandom loves doing crap like this. The sole reason people even question or doubt that he was abused is because Cullen’s a Templar. That’s it. Enter Cassandra yelling “Bullshit!” & stabbing a table.

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how gross, sick, warped, & messed up this crap is. That just because Cullen’s a Templar, complicit/part of system that oppresses, dehumanizes & abuses Mages on a daily basis, that somehow in turn removes & invalidates his abuse, that he deserves it. I don’t even know what to call this as cause it’s not even just ignorance or immaturity that because he’s a Templar, Templar’s aren’t people & deserve whatever comes to them.

Have you people even met or spoken to someone who was abused, let alone sexually assaulted? Do you have even an inkling of how horrible it is? What it does to a person? Have you not read a single story about abuse/sexual assault victims committing suicide because it was that bad? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not a single person. No one in the world, no matter what horrible things they do/have done, deserves to be abused or sexually assaulted. No one. It is wrong & there is no arguing about that, no amount of reason/justification/rationalizing you can come up with that makes abuse okay.

The world we live in loves to erase the fact that male abuse & sexual assault happens, a lot more than people like to think. There are people who think that well they’re men, they deserve it because of what they’ve done to women. They don’t. 

Stop erasing the fact that Cullen was abused, stop trying to excuse it or justify it. He was abused. He suffered & still suffers from how it messed him up. It doesn’t excuse what hate he says about Mages or how he continues to support an oppressive system, it doesn’t. The only difference between Cullen & Anders/Fenris is that they continue to be systematically abused & Cullen’s abuse is a result of an already abusive system. That’s it. But it is there, it needs to be recognized & acknowledged, not ignored or written off just because you decide to ignorantly paint all Templar’s as “mindless feeling-less empty voids of evilness” instead of what they are, people. Messed up, morally confused & abusive people, but people that are no less deserving of basic human decency even if they don’t give it to others. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I don’t care if you dislike Cullen or you’re Pro-Mage, whatever. Cullen doesn’t need defending & I’m not here to convince you to like him, I don’t care about any of that, that’s your business & opinion & your right. But I will defend the fact that he is an abuse victim & the fandom’s “debate” over that needs to end.

I’m sorry I can’t help it, look at these comments. I never go to this side of the fandom, I’m crying. I’m probably breaking the Tumblr code of etiquette for making fun of these people, but…oh well. I’m terrible at Tumblr etiquette. These are all from within one minute. Instagram is a crazy place.

neither of them are even harry or louis

but guys do you seriously think that thats louis and harry, im laughing of your stupidness lmao

Can u believe people think this is harry and Lou they don’t even have tatts

if I posted a picture of 2 girls it wouldn’t make me gay??

Guys harry is the one taking the photo it’s probably 2 of the band members

Guuyyss it isn’t Larry its so funny how ppl commenting larry and stuff like that while this is not ever harry and louiis lmfao


larry isn’t real you’re all dumb

Like it how everyone is like Larry! Maybe he’s trying to say its another man? You all just jump to Louis who is happily in A relationship. Maybe it’s just a metaphor for something. You don’t know.


For all we know he may mean tjat their outfits are strong. Aka on point.

that isn’t Larry lmao. Do you see any tattoos? NO. Harry has tattoos on the back of his arms. This isn’t Larry.

Maybe he’s talking about their outfits guys lol not everything he posts is about Larry or trying to hint at Larry…

Okay Larry is not real. Nobody understands Harry’s tweets and photos so…0 dramas, thanks.

I don’t believe this is a Larry picture. It’s not Louis and Harry in this picture, so I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out.

(I took their usernames off because I’m making fun of them and don’t want to embarrass anybody.)

anonymous said:

I think your the only one that noticed Liam shading the duck dynasty birthday message. 99.9% of the fandom missed that. 😐


Yeah, people tend to miss the subtext when it comes to Liam. It’s unfortunate because he’s telling us a lot. And what he’s saying gives us insight into 1D’s entire situation. Tonight I read a post from a Larry blogger saying Liam’s comment about everyone having beards except Niall was a literal reference to facial hair. Nevermind the fact that Harry doesn’t even have scruff on his face. So, wtf? Most of this fandom is unable to contextualize anything when it comes to Liam because they only see him as a problematic dude bro supporting player.  

Let’s also not forget he recently gave us this Insta pic showing he hadn’t been in a hotel during the tour break with the infamous red sneaker making a cameo appearance. 


Same as with Harry and Louis, how many coincidences have to pile up before we acknowledge a pattern has emerged? Idc if just me and a handful of other bloggers notice what Liam is doing. I hope he keeps it coming. We see you, babe. And we support you, 100%.  

anonymous said:

I find it particularly hilarious that Larry shippers/supporters think they're so /smart/ for having seen through the bullshit of larry beards and closeting but completely fall for Liam's bearding and easily take the narrative given that he's an asshole. Good one. Part of being a good detective is analyzing every possible outcome and theory so I find their word incredibly lacking because it doesn't take Ziam into consideration which takes a blow when it comes to rebranding, as well.

I saw a post that bugged me just a minute ago. Basically this entire spring and summer didn’t happen. Liam didn’t take on a more prominent role after weedgate. Liam wasn’t named the “unofficial band spokesman” in the press. The weedgate apology didn’t come from his Twitter. He didn’t toe the party line by saying management only helps with promo regarding their Twitter accounts. He didn’t also claim they don’t have any secrets during the same interview. He didn’t stunt like he’s never stunted before with Sophia. He didn’t do tons of promo. He didn’t get a ton of press that included mentions/pictures/shared headlines with the “girlfriend”. Nope. That was a group hallucination among us deluded Liam observers. It’s all about Niall. Yep, that’s the ticket. It’s been about Niall all along. Management has been plotting and planning Niall-as-frontman forever. And they knew this all along. They never blogged about until maybe a week ago, but they knew it. Liam who? Was he in The Wanted? LMAO.

This fandom. Nevermind Ziam supporters were having discussions about Niall getting a pass when it comes to his personal life for weeks and weeks including when a wave of probable astroturfers was canvassing tons of 1D blogs.  

If I sound a tad salty, it’s only because I am. LOL The reason many Ziam/Larry & Ziam blogs have a better handle on what’s going on with with 1D is because we’re paying attention to more than Harry and Louis. I’m seeing people constantly try to construct a narrative where Liam, Zayn and Niall don’t have any impact and don’t do anything of any import ever. The only reason so many blogs are discussing Niall now is because the trend toward him taking a more prominent role is undeniable. But some have such an irrational enmity towards Liam that they ignored everything he did all spring and summer to bear his share of the official narrative/hetero frontman/promo burden. It’s annoying. 

And damn right, this rant is a Liam appreciation post!

You know, the worst part of all of this fandom fuckery is that it never ends. As a Latina queer woman who has been abused, it’s not my job to educate people and to make them stop being sexist or homophobic or ableist or racist or to make them see rape culture. The problem is that if I don’t do that, I’ll always be receiving anon hate. I’ll always be seeing shit on my tag. II will always be receiving hateful accusations. I’ll never see my ship be canon. I’ll never see any representation of someone like me in the media being legitimized. 

While others can sit back and enjoy a fandom and tell others to stop hating and to be nicer and to “ship and let ship”, I can’t. I don’t have that sort of privilege. Because I can’t stop fighting, I can’t stop screaming and I can’t stop pleading. Because if I do stop, I’ll be silenced. 

And I won’t let that happen. 


remember a while back there was that clash between the “not all men” notion where some men felt unfairly blamed for the bad behavior of others and the hashtag #YesAllWomen, which tried to show that the things that happen are systematic and affect all women regardless of whether any given man does it?

i think that is a useful model for us in this corner of fandom. rather than indulging the asinine a conversation about “bad apples,” which, as i’ve said many a time, encourages the sort of collective punishment we continue to endure, rather than trying to convince people who are ultimately unwilling to listen that “not all SQers are like that,” rather than conceding that “not all CS/OQ/anti-SQers are homophobes” or “not all CS/OQ fans attack us” …

  • #YesAllSWEN experience marginalization for being queer or queer-shipping, regardless of whether any given person is personally homophobic
  • #YesAllSWEN deserve to be treated as equal members of this fandom, regardless of our ship’s canonicity, becaues our money spends just as well
  • #YesAllSWEN get told that asking for queer inclusion in fairytales (and not a separate-but-equal fairtytale, JFC) is inherently hateful or shoving sex down peole’s throats and think of the children! (but not the queer children or children with queer parents.)

and i’m sure we can think of others. it’s time to take the conversation back. 

anonymous said:

Please note the tumblr policy on harassment and spam, as well as Cyberharassment. Nothingeverlost has requested in writing that you stop tagging her, and contacting her. In your messages on her tag, you do admit knowledge of her request, and the intent to continue doing so until an apology is given. Please respect the written request to cease these messages in her tags. Thank you for your time in reading this, and I hope that everyone can continue enjoying their tumblr experiences.

What Tumblr is for:

Tumblr celebrates creativity. We want you to express yourself freely and use Tumblr to reflect who you are, and what you love, think, and stand for.

What Tumblr is not for:

  • Malicious Speech. Don’t encourage violence or hatred on the basis of things like race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We encourage you to dismantle negative speech through argument rather than censorship.
  • Spam. Don’t spam people. Don’t make spammy posts, don’t post spammy replies, don’t send people spammy messages. Be a regular human.

It is very clear what is being “celebrated” (what tumblr is for?) on that anti-SQ hateblog. So apart from that, your friend nothingeverlost has not respected the first no-no rule when slagging us off for no reason, after which she hasn’t respected our request to rectify it. And you are now another one of her friends not respecting the second one. So, for an overall ‘respect’, yes — we insist on that apology. Then the tagging will stop.

It is THAT simple.

anonymous said:

I'd really like to read your thoughts on the word "broken" if that's ok.

Of course it’s okay!

So there are two issues I have with “broken” as it gets prevalently used on tumblr to describe characters. (I have no problem with saying your dishwasher is broken, obviously.)

The first is very similar to the post on sass I wrote the other day: it’s trotted out so frequently and with so little qualification that it’s functionally meaningless. It’s become a placeholder for “fucked up.” When people write odes to Dean Winchester or Will Graham or Tony Stark or Loki or whoever, very frequently it’s about character, right? It’s about all the horrible things this character has been through and how they have affected the character and the ways the character copes, or fails to cope, and why this makes the author want to lie down on the floor and never get up again. Great! Why great? Because all of this hinges on specificity and nuance, right, it’s about bringing forth greater and more emotionally devastating understanding of the canon.

And “broken” (or “so broken”) needs to be used in concert with other words in order to have any real meaning in that context, right, like you have to say what they were broken by or, you know, what you mean by it. So “broken” becomes a very interesting word for Tony Stark the engineer in one way; and it’s got other potential connotations for Dean Winchester, who cobbles together makeshift EMF meters from leftover and nonfunctional items, who was a construction worker, etc. “Broken” could make sense to talk about Dean’s alcoholism or Will Graham’s fractured memory; there’s something functional that’s not working in the usual way. There’s nothing objectively wrong about the word itself being used for this purpose! At all!

BUT. People just…throw it out there without any kind of apparent thought to mean “fucked up,” i.e. maybe under a Dean and Cas photoset someone will talk about how they’re “so broken and they find their way to each other over and over again anyway” “these two broken people im cry” or similar and like…you have not actually said anything? They’re sad! Insight! 

Now, all of this is not, in the end, really a big problem; a lot of what we do on tumblr in fandom is extremely performative, and to some degree going through the motions of talking about a character’s brokenness and then type-screaming about emotions, which will be followed by others piling on to do the same, is valuable in itself without necessarily having to, like, say something “original” or put a lot of thought into word choices. I get that. It’s fine. It would still be something of a pet peeve of mine (again, as with “sass”) but ultimately, whatever, my pet peeves do not order the universe. Yet.


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You cant sit there and tell me that the will they wont they shit from Bones or Castle is ANYTHING like Abbie and Ichabod.

Name as many tv shows as you can where there is a will they wont they romantic sub plot?

How many of them were black women? How many of those shows had black women in the cast who were never a romantic option in the first place? How many of those black women never had an on-screen love interest (Donna from Parks and Rec JUST got an on-screen love interest after six years)?

  • Disappointed Fan:I think that this is problematic because this, this, and this.
  • Another Fan:You're just looking for reasons to complain!!1!
  • Disappointed Fan:As much as I love Bioware, this is not good beca-
  • Another Fan:Stop bashing them! They're not perfect! Be grateful for what representation you have!
  • Disappointed Fan:Still, representation isn't about being grateful for what you get. It's always going to be an uphill battle, and most representations of minority groups aren't going to be perfect. That's why you have to discuss them and make sure your voices are heard.

thinking about this recent Twitter-related blowup (is it #teagate?) and the previous one around AfterEllen, i have noticed one key thing: this shit doesn’t happen with Lana. 

if SwanQueen shippers were really the problem, it would. so what other elements comprise the situation?

Jen: Lana has the sense not to (or her people have the sense not to let her) get involved in intra-fandom (or inter-ship) conflict. as much as we were frustrated by her total radio silence re: AfterEllen, it didn’t turn into a thing either. so, Jen may want to consider using the platform a little differently.

CaptainSwan: i’ve had conflict with OQ-ers. many of us have. but when there is a blowup, when there is a deluge of hostility over even the most tepid of mentions of SQ, when there are people coming into ALL THE TAGS to say “omg no hate kumbaya,” every time i have personally seen this it has been from within the CS population. we can speculate about why that might be, but there does seem to be a pattern in who it is that gets mouth-foamy.

so perhaps, the next time there’s some accusation about SQ as the problem, let’s conspicuously notice that SWEN aren’t the only moving part in these things, and that the other half of our ship does not end  up in the middle of this kind of bullshit.