veln said:

The other Sylvari pplz like Scarlet and that other jerk on the air ship thingy are being Mordremoth minions o__________o. Thats dumm, hes dumm. Can I be ur minion instead?!?!? :DDD

Dear mortal, you already are my minion.

Haven’t you noticed my lack of hands? How do you think I type up these responses? I simply take over your body and make you type up these answers, then I relinquish control and any memories you could have of me controlling you.

It seemed like an appropriate way to communicate, because otherwise my life would be more like this:

ma irány a Strandfesztivál!

(Telefonbeszélgetés tegnap este):
én: na, mondjátok majd kb délig, hogy mi kell, viszem a táskát!
Luca: húúú, nagyon várunk, hiányzol! de milyen táskát?
én: HÁT A BASZATÁSKÁT, áááhhá!



anonymous said:

Today some lady walk past me and my friends and said "bless you and take care of each others" and I had to yell at her middle fingers up "well, hail satan bitch" and i think she had a heartattack :DDD

Well, you didn’t have to do that. It seems like she tried to be polite and you retorted rudely. Just say thanks and move on. She’s not spreading hate.