FRIDAY 20 FEB 2015
8PM EST - 2AM CET (sorry that it is so late)

Its simple, yet another meetup.. We should do more.

This is for everyone in the youtube fandom! Yaaaaaay!

Follow, make friends, enjoy!

Also please share this post with as much people as possible! :D

Tumblr awards bc I recently hit 1.3k (yay)


mbf me
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this must reach at least 50 notes
ends march 1st
1 winner and 2 runner-ups per category (depending on interest)


  • jasper jordan award (best url)
  • wells jaha award (best icon)
  • clarke griffin award (best theme)
  • monty green award (best original posts/edits)
  • nathan miller award (nicest blogger)
  • octavia blake award (best posts in general)
  • connor walsh award (best htgawm)
  • luna lovegood award (best harry potter)
  • bellamy blake award (best bellarke)
  • commander lexa award (best the 100)
  • jason dilaurentis award (best pll)
  • simon lewis award (best tmi)
  • raven reyes award (best overall)
  • aisling’s award (personal favourite)


  • A place on my updates tab for a month
  • Unlimited promos for a month to the winners and 3 on request for the runner-ups
  • A follow from me
  • An edit on request
  • My everlasting friendship

(note: some categories may be dropped due to lack of interest)