chanyeol using his fire power to warm up your meat patty lmao

Thank you to my fellow fans and followers whom I have the pleasure to meet and shake hands personally in CF over the last two days. Ed and I also want to thank you all so much for grabbing our zines and other cool stuff and also for supporting us there.

My highlights were the feed backs, and responds to people looking through the preview copy of Let’s go for a Walk and reacted with feels or saying they are about to cry. I feel bad (no I don’t) haha but seriously that made my exhausted two days manning the booth all worth it and as a comic artist and storyteller, your positive responds to my work encouraged me to make new comics, have me as prints so you all can have a copy of your own to keep at home.

Also the responds for Tales by the Fire - the horror anthology zine of ours was wonderful and I enjoyed seeing people flipping through the book at the booth and goes “nope” or “this is a fear I can relate” etc. of course, other curious readers still got a copy for themselves without going through the preview copy sample.

Hopefully the next volume for Tales is we can have guest artists to contribute their own horror stories to give you readers sleepless nights.

Till then, I’m off to have a short break before getting the online store and orders for the books up soon.



Sergio Ramos: Honours & Awards

2010-11 season had the ridiculous situation where, in the season’s Copa del Rey victory procession, while celebrating on the top of the club’s bus, he accidentally lost hold of the cup, which fell under the wheels of the vehicle. The trophy was dented as a result

Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League: 2013–14
UEFA Super Cup: 2014
FIFA Club World Cup: 2014
La Liga: 2006–07, 2007–08, 2011–12
Copa del Rey: 2010–11, 2013–14
Supercopa de España: 2008, 2012


La Liga Breakthrough Player of the Year: 2005
La Liga Best Defender: 2012, 2013, 2014
FIFA/FIFPro World XI: 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013
UEFA Team of the Year: 2008, 2012, 2013
ESM Team of the year: 2007–08, 2011–12
2010 FIFA World Cup: Castrol Index Winner
FIFA World Cup Dream Team: 2010
UEFA EURO 2012: Castrol EDGE Index Winner
UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament: 2012
FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball: 2014


141229 EXO - KFC China cf


141229 EXO - KFC China 3 CF Ver


Interesting fact of the day :

I was about to google “naruto without headband” as a reference for a fanart I am drawing when THIS showed up (cf. screenshot).
Now, the first suggestion is understandable : it’s an important moment of the manga.
But the four other ones are things that people are curious about and/or interested in. People are interested in watching the anime without fillers (who isn’t ?) and people are curious about Naruto with rinnegan/sharingan (as it was a rumor of an (ex-)future possibility at one point in the fandom).

AND PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED/CURIOUS ABOUT “NARUTO WITH SAKURA”. Please note that it’s not “naruto AND sakura” in which case it would be neutral, but “naruto WITH sakura”. And this despite the now well-known fact that he is married to Hinata. Now, you’re free to interpret this however you want but for me, it is clear…


WODs: 12.18.2014 - 12.28.2014

Eek. A bit of catching up to do on ye ol’ wod blog.

12.18.2014 : CrossFit

DB shoulder press 3x10 @ 25#, DUs and a WOD


  • 50 cal row
  • 100 DUs
  • 50 lunges

27:43 Rx (the row was the slow)


12.19.2014: Missed CF because of work

12.20.2014: Didn’t run because lazy

12.21.2014: Didn’t CF because can’t remember, prob. lazy or having fun with family


12.22.2014: CrossFit

Squats 3x8 @ 75% 1RM = 168# : It sounded like Gold’s Gym up in my rack. So grunty.

RDLs 3x8 @ I think I did 85#? Can’t remember. Was sharing a bar with 3 ppl.

Ladder WOD:

  • 10-1 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 2-20 Pistols

14:55 Rx


12.23.2014 : CrossFit


4x6 @ 125#, 130#, 135#, 140# (got 5 reps, butt came up on #6).

BB Rows 4x6 @ 85#

WOD was long, first DNS for me — I had to leave to get to a work meeting.

21-15-9: HSPU, Ring Dips, Hand Release Push-Ups


2-15-21: BB Row (115/75), Ring Rows, Cal Row


12.24.2014: Run

4.5 miles on the treadmill. Pure torture. I counted backward in .10 increments, which helped me play a mind game to keep moving. So I started counting at 45, then 44, 43, 42, etc. Made it seem to go a little faster. Would still rather eat shredded glass with no ketchup.


12.25.2014: CrossFit @ Home

12 days of x-mas, work through it like the song:

  • 1 SDHP (75#/55#)
  • 2 Thrusters
  • 3 Push Press
  • 4 Power Cleans
  • 5 Power Snatches
  • 6 KB swings (45/35)
  • 7 Pullups
  • 8 K2Es
  • 9 Box Jumps
  • 10 DUs
  • 11 Burpees
  • 12 OH Lunges weighted 45/25

I think it took me about 30 min.


12.26.2014: Missed CF again, busy with kiddo.


12.27.2014: CrossFit

Clean grip deadlift 3x12 @ 135, 135, 165

Then, 3x:

  • 15 SDHP (115/75) BITE ME
  • 15 box jumps (24/20)
  • 5 Wall walks I LOVE YOU

14:30 I think? Can’t remember and didn’t seem to write it down.


12.28.2014: 6 mile run


Bam. Goal was 6 miles at a conversational pace with no stopping or walking. Achievement unlocked. Started out a bit slow — I’ve been on the treadmill too much and it took me a mile to get my sea legs back.


P.S. I got my new fitbit yesterday!!!! :D I’m back!


EXO - KFC China CF version 3