ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Masterpost

So I’ve collected many videos of famous people doin the IBC, which is a great way to be involved into donation for a good cause. To know more about ALS  and to make a donation ► Here

50 Cent

5th Harmony

Adam Lambert

Adam Sandler

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandro Del Piero

Alex Gaskarth

Amy Schumer

Anna Kendrick

Anna Wintour

Ansel Elgort 1 2

Ashlely Benson

Ashley Tisdale & Zac Efron 1 2

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Kutcher & Wilmer Valderrama

Austin Mahone

Barbara Palvin

Bea Miller

Bella Thorne

Ben Affleck & Gennifer Garner 

Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

Bill Gates

Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and Adam Levine


Britney Spears

Brittany Snow

Brooklyn Beckham

Cara Delevigne 1 2

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

Chece Crawford

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan

Charli xcx

Cheryl Cole

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chord Overstreet

Chris Colfer

Chris Cristie

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Pratt

Colton Haynes & Emily Bett Rickard

Conan O’Brien

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Batista

David Beckham

Demi Lovato



Ed Sheeran

Ed Westwick

Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan

Eddie Vedder

Elizabeth Banks

Ellie Goulding 

Emblem 3 1 2

Emily Blunt

Emma Roberts 1 2

Emma Stone

Emmy Rossum

Ewan McGregor

Foo Fighters

Gabrielle Union

George Bush

Gisele Bundchen

Grant Gustin

Greys Anatomy Cast

Gordon Ramsay

Gwen Stefani

Gwineth Paltrow

Hilary Duff

Hilary Swank

Holland Roden

Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty

Hugh Jackman & the cast&crew of Pan

Hunter Hayes

Iggy Azalea

Ian Bohen

Imagine Dragons

Jack Barakat

Jack Black

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Oliver

James Franco

James LeBron

Jared Padalecki

Jason Derulo

Jennifer Lopez

Jenna Ushkowitz

Jess Glynne

Jesse Metcalfe

Jessica Alba & Nicole Ritchie

Jessica Biel

Jim Parsons

Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins, The Roots, Rob Riggle Horation Sanz

Jimmy Kimmel

Jessie J 1 2 3

JJ Abrams

Joe Jonas

John Barrowman

John Travolta

Jon Bon Jovi

Josh Groban

Jordan Dunn

Jordin Sparks

JR Bourne

Justin Bieber

Justin Timberlake

Kaley Cuoco

Kat Graham

Kate Upton

Katy Perry

Karry Washington

Keith Urban

Kermit the Frog

Kevin Hart

Kevin McHale

Kylie Jenner

Lady Gaga

Lana Parrilla

Laura Pausini

Lena Dunham

Liam Hemsworth  2

Lil Wayne

Lily Allen

Lily Collins

Lindsay Lohan

Linkin Park

Lionel richie

Little Mix

Lucy Hale


Luke Evans

Luke Mitchell



Marco Mengoni

Mark Shepard

Mark Ronson

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Zukerberg

Matt Bomer

Mayim Bialik

Miley Cyrus

Michael Buble

Michael Jordan

Misha Collins

Nat & Alex Wollf

Nathan Fillon


Niall Horan

Nick Jonas

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Scherzinger

Nina Dobrev 1 2

Novak Djokovic

Olly Murs

OneDirectionband: Jon Shone,Josh devine,Sandy Beales,Dan Richards

Oprah Winfrey 1 2

Osric Chau

Piers Morgan

R5 1 2

Ricky Gervais

Rita Ora


Robert Downey Jr

Robert Pattinson


Ryan Seacrest

Russel Crowe

Sasha Alexander

Scott Grimes

Selena Gomez 1 2

Sergio Ramos

Shakira & Pique


Sophia Bush 1 2

Stephen King

Steve O

Steven Spilberg

Suki Waterhouse

Taylor Swift & Jaime King 1 2 3

Tim Cook

Troian Bellisario

Tom Cruise & Chris McQuarrie

Tom Hiddleston

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Perry

Tyler Posey


Valentino Rossi

Vanessa Hudgens

Vin Diesel

Woody Johnson

Yogscast - Simon

Zach Braff

Zachary Levi


(Is someone missing? Please let me know right here, even anonimously, the name! I’ll try my best to keep it updated)

21 Aug

Okay, so I started following a lot of new blogs recently that I completely fell in love with so I thought why not make a month favourites. This is just a list of amazing people running perfect blogs pretty much ♥

People that i love a lot aka people i would probably marry (hover over your name for a special message)

Anca - Ashley - Carla - Mathilde - Merleen - Mimmie - SelliTara - TayTessa

Amazing people with amazing blogs (hover over your url for a special message)


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What is a Sugar Baby?

"There are many, many factors that go into the definition of a sugar baby, but to strip it down to it’s most loose, basic terms - A sugar baby is a woman who agrees to be in a relationship with a man in exchange for money/gifts."

Common Sugar Baby Abbreviations:
SD - Sugar Daddy
SB - Sugar Baby
POT - Potential Sugar Daddy

Common sites used to search for a Sugar Daddy:
Seeking Arrangement (SA)
Sugar Daddy for Me (SD4M)
Sugar Daddie
Ashley Madison (AM)

*Tip: Don’t wait for messages to come your way. Message SD’s yourself. This increases your chances.

Profile Tips:

- Unfiltered/Edited photos. 
Preferably no duck faces, your photos send a message.

- Headline.
Reel ‘em in with something catchy. This is essentially a preview of you.

- Hobbies/Interest
Gives them something to connect with.

- Try not to write a novel. Say less with more.
- Grammar Check/Spell Check. Use them!
- Keep it positive.

Researching your Sugar Daddy:
Google. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name - Try and find a Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Images - Save a photo and upload it to Google Images to find their photos on any other site the picture is affiliated with.

Spokeo. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name

Further screening:

*Tip: Research is not something to slack on. I spend a lot of time doing this, searching for any red flags.

Informative Tumblr Hashtags:
#sugar advice
#sugar tips
#sb tips

*Note: Each Sugar Baby has had different experiences therefore he/she may provide different advice. This is my advice from personal experience in the sugar bowl and what I found most helpful upon starting out.


Haunted House of Montpelier Hill
- Ghosts and Hauntings

- The thunder sends roaring booms, gusts of wind cause the candles to flicker and spit, flashes of forked lightning provide spectacular light and at the door, a knocking, a stranger in the night.

For the distinguished well-to-do‘s, barons, lords and other high class peoples of the area, the knock is not completely unwanted, for another player in their game of cards would make it more interesting. The shrouded stranger is invited in and set at the table, a spare seat usually left for their most distinguished of guests.

The cards are passed, the game is played and a good time is had. The stranger is not talkative, but having someone new to play against, someone unfamiliar, a new style of play more than makes up for that.

One of this elite clubs members fumbles his cards, one drops to the floor. He bends low to pick it up and glances towards where the stranger is seated. Shock, the man’s feet are misshapen, they are not that of a man, but rather the cloven hooves of the beast. Blustering and blurting he grabs his card and retakes his seat. The stranger, aware that his cover is blown, disappears in a flash of flame, leaving only a terrible odour.

The seat usually left for the most distinguished of guests – the devil himself – had at last been filled. A pity he had to leave so suddenly…

So goes one of the legends of the ‘Haunted House’, ‘The Kennel’, ‘The Shooting Club’ but at the time better known as the ‘Montpelier Hill‘ meeting place of The Hellfire Club (also Hell Fire Club).

The history of this building (located in County Dublin, Ireland) is dark from the very beginning. Built in 1725 by William Conolly, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, as a hunting lodge, the construction of the building itself was seen by many to be cursed. Although much of the material was sourced from stone quarries and the like, it was a chance discovery that many believed to be the seed of much to come.

As the workers were digging out the land in order to provide a stable base for the lodge, they came across an ancient passageway that led to a cairn. One would think such a burial place would be left alone, but instead William Conolly had the great stones incorporated into the lodges structure. An ancient standing stone that helped mark the land as a sacred resting place was used as the lintel of the grand fireplace.

Many believe that it was at this exact point in time when the hunting lodge was cursed, and soon after construction the entire slate roof was blown off. This was a set back to Conolly, but he had the roof replaced, this time with an arch of stones, more of which were taken from the cairn.

William Conolly died in 1729. Six years later, in 1735, the Conolly family leased the hunting lodge to the Irish Hellfire Club.

The original Hellfire Club was founded in London in 1719, as a kind of gentlemen’s club. The Hellfire Clubs were much different than the typical gentlemen’s clubs of the day, they were places for ‘persons of quality’ wishing to take part in lewd and immoral acts – the clubs motto was ‘Fais ce que tu voudras ’ which essentially translates to ‘Do what you want’ – and legends have it that is exactly what they did.

There are stories of drunkenness, orgies, blasphemy, dabblings in the occult, devil worship, violence for fun, animal and human sacrifice… and with the remote location of the Montpelier Hill meeting house, no one knows exactly what went on within its walls, but some stories tell of horrific happenings.

It was one such meeting of drunken debauchery that the building was essentially destroyed by fire. There are many tellings as to what led to the fire, but one of the most famous involves a simple accident and an extreme response. One of the clubs more famous members was Richard Chappel Whaley who hated religion and spent his Sundays setting fire to Catholic chapels. For his involvement in the burning of the Hellfire Club, its best to leave that to the words of Robert Whaley:

“After an unfrocked clergyman had performed a Black Mass in one of the two upstairs rooms in Montpelier House, the ceremony ending in the usual drunken revelry, a footman picking his way through the sprawling bodies spilt some drink on Richard Whaley’s coat. Whaley reacted by pouring brandy over the footman and setting him alight. The man fled downstairs clutching at a tapestry hanging by the hall door, trying to douse the flames. Within minutes the whole house was ablaze.”

This was essentially the end of the Hellfire Clubs use of the Montpelier House, but not the end of the club itself – it simply moved down the hill a little to the Killakee Stewards House (but that will be for a different time… more ghastly happenings took place there!)

The building was never the same again, it fell into disrepair and the lands were sold by the Conolly family to the White family, then the Massy family, and are now owned by the state and maintained by the forestries.

You can visit the ruins of the place, once filled with all manner of human folly, and many who have done so have experienced many strange goings on. Those walking through the ruins have felt necklaces and bracelets being tugged at, and at times snapped by unseen hands.

An ever present feeling of terrible awe has also been noted by many visitors, as if some power has indeed been trapped within the walls, or trapped in the old cairn, whose stone thieved remains are said to still be located below the house.

A large black cat has also been seen about the hill, believed to have been the same cat a priest exorcised after walking in on one of the clubs many sacrifices. This cat is not to be confused with the black cat of Killakee which is said to be an elemental spirit.

However, the most terrifying of encounters takes place at night. Visitors who have dared stay after dark have, at times, heard the shrieking wailing of a tortured young woman. Legends state she is the same woman who was placed in a barrel, set alight and rolled down the hillside – all for a spot of fun.

Ashley Hall 2013

Photos: Hell Fire Club at Dawn by Joe King.
Inset left: Entrance Hall and Stairs.
Inset right: Painting allegedly showing members of the Hell Fire Club.

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