Holographic characters 411

Just thought I’d share this little run-down of the boys I have planned for the upcoming Holographic (though some details may change)

Name: Abel King
Age: 42
PB: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Region/Occupation: Arizona, fire gym leader
411: I’m still hashing out his history (he’s originally from another site, I just really like AUs shhh), but he’s gonna be the very first gym leader young trainers go up against, and… I’m sorry, young trainers |: He’s bitterly sarcastic, impossible to corral into a serious conversation, and is a true trial against one’s patience… on the surface. When it comes to actual battles, or how he handles a situation with genuine severity, he’s pretty unrelenting because he wants to weed out all the weak trainers. I haven’t figured out his entire line-up yet, but I know he keeps an arcanine out of his gym-battle line up because he’s Abel’s life-time buddy. Behind the scenes (and beyond public knowledge), Abe runs an underground pokemon smuggling circuit in Arizona. He helps get pokemon (and their trainers) out of the harsher states/areas of the US, and to better places to avoid some inhumane treatment.

Name: Isaiah Seong
Age: 25
PB: Hoya/Lee Ho-dong
Region/Occupation: Oregon (Portland, to be specific), berry farmer/manager of an organic berry juice shop
411: Isaiah’s a wet blanket. |: He’s worry and responsibility wrapped up in a wet blanket burrito, stuffed with anxiety and frustration, and sprinkled with a healthy dose of nearly maternal, polyamorous love and devotion for the group of idiots he I guess loves or whatever and runs the farm/shop with. He’s not so much a trainer as he is a man with a lot of things to do and only two hands so he might as well have a psychic pokemon look this meowstic who has just as much of a disappointed angry bitch face as he does UuU Perfect. He comes off as about 0% fun, but he just worries a lot for the people he cares about and was raised in a life of basically caring and looking out for people, so if he’s not doing that, then he feels utterly useless.

Name: Dorian (last name still pending heeyycrap)
Age: 28
PB: Josh Beech
Region/Occupation: Probably Oregon or Washington (somewhere north-ish and on the coast), pokemon day care owner/attendant 
411: He’s a wannabe pokemon biologist/researcher, but life didn’t give him lemons. It gave him property and a lot of pokemon eggs/babies without adult pokemon to guide them, so… WHOOP there it is |: He runs the small day care center with his younger sister, and is generally an energetic, somewhat naive sort of guy. He attempts to be seeerioouuuuss but the guy looks like a tattooed cartoon, and “serious” only lasts until you show him a baby froakie and then he’s in love. He gets ridiculously excited about pokemon biology and facts, but can sometimes get suckered into the immature behavior of his juvenile charges. Which is to say he has a young totodile who likes to argue with him, disobey, and eat everything - including mint floss (a whole ‘nother world of trouble).