Satsuki trolling
  • Satsuki trolling
  • Ryoka Yuzuki & Ami Koshimizu
  • Kill la Kill Drama CD Vol 1

Satsuki: What would you do if the Homework Club attacked you?
Ryuko: W-Well… There’s such a club?!
Satsuki: No.
Ryuko: SO THERE ISN’T!!?

This scene from drama cd 1 is even more funny when you don’t know the context :D

- Akárhányszor eldöntöm, hogy továbblépek, van bennem egy rész, ami képtelen elengedni őt. (…)
—  Vampire Diaries
which amis should you fight

amis you can and should fight:

combeferre: !!! okay, first of all - the guy’s a living arsenal. Like, seriously. he says he’s a pacifist, but why would he have so many guns. he’s totally ready to fight, so fight him. if you dare. go for it! I mean, guy can be pretty cold when it comes to verbal blows, so you can try punching him in return. but he’ll punch back, and then help you up afterwards. then you’ll feel bad. so yeah. go for it, but prepared to cry about it afterwards.

bahorel: it’s been said before, and it’s true: bahorel would fight himself if he could. bahorel flirts with his fists, and you want him to flirt with you, because he’s a great guy. and he’s also super hot, it’s a fact. he knows what he’s doing, he has experience, you’ll both enjoy it. go ahead, fight bahorel. it’ll be a hoot, I promise.

grantaire: he knows so many techniques, but he’s probably too drunk to use them. in fact he’s probably sleeping right at this moment. but he’s also an ass - a loveable ass, but still an ass. he’s definitely looking for a fight, so give it to him. kick his ass. then buy him a drink. repeat as many times as you want, he won’t mind.

amis you can theoretically fight but it would be a terrible idea:

feuilly: guy doesn’t look like much, but he’s had to fight to survive his entire life. he won’t be afraid to punch you back. or more like kick you, because he wouldn’t want to hurt his hands, it’s his livelyhood after all. and kicks hurt more. ow. ow. ow. then afterwards he’d probably lecture you about international politics, because that’s what he does, you can’t escape it. so yeah, you can fight him, but neither of you would like it very much. just ask him about poland or italy instead, it’ll save precious time and it’ll make him happy and you want feuilly to be happy. everyone does.

bossuet: bossuet’s also had a tough time surviving it all, but he just. doesn’t fight. that’s not what bossuet does. I mean if you hurt his friends he might fight you, but he won’t go far. he’s like the most cheerfully unfortunate guy around, he’s so used to getting his ass kicked that no matter what you do to him it won’t bother him. it’s no use. don’t fight bossuet.

joly: you could probably take him down, but do not fight joly. just don’t. first of all, there’s no use in fighting joly. like, what has joly done to you? coughed on you? come on, man. joly just wants to talk about cats and laugh and drink and be merry. seriously, he’s hilarious. you don’t want to fight him. nobody does. just hang out with him instead. it’s much more rewarding.

amis you just shouldn’t fight. don’t do it: 

enjolras: not a good idea. like, not at all. first of all - why would you want to fight a flower? the national guard sure didn’t, and he had to. also, enjolras fought on a barricade for like, an entire night and all of his friends died like super violent ways and he was still unharmed? woa. clearly there’s some kind of magic there. I think you might be blinded by his hair. like, there’s probably a secret trick to fighting him, but I suggest you don’t attempt until you’re absolutely sure you can do it. either way, prepare to cry, even if you’re about to deliver the final blow. happens every time. so what’s the use? you know what, just don’t fight enjolras. even hanging upside down from a window he’ll have better hair than you.

courfeyrac: WHY WOULD YOU FIGHT COURFEYRAC. Courfeyrac is sunshine and rainbows and puppies. no one wants to fight him, and you don’t either. trust me. he brings a sword-cane to the barricade, he’s so not ready to fight. he might set you on fire though? woa. plus, if you harm a hair on his head the rest of the amis will be on your ass in a sec and it will not end well. don’t fight courfeyrac. you don’t really want to and you will just hurt a lot.

jean prouvaire: okay, like, theorically, you can probably fight him. or you think you can. but he’s just so confusing? he loves flowers and music and poetry and song but he honestly could probably kick your ass in two moves.  and then smile about it afterwards. JEAN PROUVAIRE IS NOT AFRAID OFANYTHING, and that includes you. stone. cold. and he’s so young, so like. he’s still in training. he’ll just get stronger. don’t fight him. don’t bother him - just. let him be.