HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY playlist!!!!

1. San Francisco - The Mowgli's
2. At Home - The Crystal Fighters
3. Rollercoaster - Bleachers
4. Are You What You Want To Be - Foster the People
5. Let's Go - Matt and Kim
6. Junk of the Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
7. Paris - Magic Man
8. Helena Beat - Foster the People
9. Kids - MGMT
10. Giants (Le P Remix) - Bear Hands
11. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
12. Sunshine - Tiger Weather
13. Best Song Ever - One Direction

I love myself and my everyone else can Poo into their Hands ad have their photo taken of their expression as a permanent . photo. what? thatid t make sense. why I’m saying is. I love myself


Hello House, Melbourne | Australia  (by OOF! architecture)
photos by Nic Granleese

This single storey structure in Melbourne has been clad with a painted brick façade that offers a friendly greeting to passersby. Designed by local practice OOF! architecture, in collaboration with artist Rose Nolan, the former victorian shophouse has been reconfigured to the needs of 21st century living.

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what does "the boy" do that makes you know he loves you?

• holds me through all of my panic and anxiety attacks
• helps me study and tutors me without being asked
• tells me everyday that I am the best thing that has ever happened to him
• buys and brings me food when I get out of class late
• surprises me with ginger ale and my favorite ice cream after a bad day
• tucks me into bed when I’m sick
• makes sure my feet are warm enough after tucking me in by adding another blanket down there
• offers me all of his cozy sweaters
• hangs up every painting I’ve made for him and treats them with such care
• listens to the cd I made him for his birthday nearly every day
• fixes my shirt collars, hoods, hats, and hair for me when I have mitten covered hands
• reassures me of my talents and skills
• reminds me to take care of myself and that I am greatly loved and valued
• and he tells me

Aşk bu değil abi. Birkaç gün peşinden koşup karşılık vermeyince bırakmak değil. Yada daha tiplisi teklif edince ona gitmek de değil. Aşk dediğin uzun zaman alır. Vazgeçmesi zordur abi aşkın. Bikere sevdimmi o sana karşılık vermese bile yüz hatlarını ezbere bilmektir. Adım atışını giyim tarzını sevdiği müzikleri bilmek, her bakışta daha çok bağlanmaktır aşk. Öyle sırf çıkmak için değilde sevdiğin için birlikte olmaktır. Siz konuyu yanlış anlamışsınız.


  • "The sensation of the trial was supplied by Constable Young, who said he was on duty in the watch house on Monday, September 25th. About 9.25 a.m. Terry walked into the room and said: “I came to tell you I am the man who shot the Chinaman last night. I take an interest in alien immigration and I took this means of bringing it under notice.” The Constable then called in Inspector Ellison, to whom Terry repeated his story. The Inspector wrote it down and Terry willingly signed it. He was then charged with the murder, the Inspector said, and then he added: “Just before I charged him he handed me two books called ‘The Shadow,’ and he said, “If you read these you will understand the position.’” (NOTE: ‘The Shadow’ is a poem that Terry wrote on the “importance of racial purity”/white supremacy)
  • Later in his (Terry) address, he said he was there to test the validity of a law, he would never recognise, namely, that which purported to protect aliens within our shores. He laid down three rules, each of which was to all intents and purposes the same. The first will illustrate them all. “(1) That whereas the British law is the law of a nation constituting a portion of the white race, and whereas the laws of all races are moulded according to the different characteristics of their respective nationalities, all of which vary materially one from another, therefore, inasmuch as it is naturally impossible for the people of two distinct races to possess the same characteristics, so therefore it must be equally impossible for the laws of a people of one race to beneficially control and govern those of another.”
  • "There was always a lot of morbid sympathy or admiration for the man. Letters poured in to the newspapers calling Terry a patriot and a hero ad nauseum.

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interviewer: alright iggy lets hear some freestylin

iggy: k alright u ready for this

iggy: well I was shoppin for a new car, which ones me? a cool convertible or an SUV? too bad I didn’t know my credit was whack, cuz now I’m drivin off the lot in a used subcompact. F-R-E-E that spells free, Credit report dot com baby. Saw their ads on my tv thought about going, but was too lazy. Now instead of lookin fly and rollin phat, My legs are sticking to the vinyl and my posse’s gettin’ laughed at. F-R-E-E that spells free, Credit report dot com baby

About the rumors regarding the "CICRET bracelet"! this is a prototype! Please, stop! do not invade my letter box, it is reserved! True or false! discredited or not! Sorry, but this is secondary and it is not our problem. There is no commercialism or promotion in this blog. Do not imagine that I'll remove the post! unless, tumblr, asks me. A post is considered a "message" and not something any promotional or advertising. We doubt that people buy blindly. If there is trickery, the product and its ads, quickly shall fall into oblivion. What is true, by cons is that you made a lot of noise, for not much and you should defend more worthy causes! Nobody died electrocuted! We can understand that everything you try to do, from a good feeling ... But we are not the right target. Address to those who are really responsible! Then you are really naive! How many advertisements are untruthful, at least 1 out of 2. We are there for interested, people on everything related to art and not to do business. We are not forcing anyone to Reblog. What you do not understand is that the dream and illusion; people, they need it. And that has existed since the world began. This will always exist! I tell you address to the source. And spend your energy to defend or denounce more serious and crucial topics where personal integrity is called into question! Good luck.



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In reality, John isn't even ten years old and people are already pushing her into a gender category and not allowing her to express herself without adding a label. Because people are still narrow minded and meet to put her in a box. There is no box

I feel like this isn’t the end

Se c’è una cosa che mi manca moltissimo, soprattutto quando la neve si fa sentire, è sciare.
Ho imparato a sciare a 12 anni per non sfigurare con i miei compagni di classe quando ci dissero che ci avrebbero portato una settimana in montagna a imparare a sciare. LoL.
Mio padre, fin da piccola, ha sempre insistito sul fatto che io sciassi, e io non volevo mai! Poi, appena ho saputo di questa gita, l’ho tormentato tantissimo e mi ha insegnato a sciare.
Da quel momento ogni occasione era buona per portarmi in montagna a sciare.
Mia madre ha sempre avuto paura e, nonostante ci abbia provato diverse volte, non ce l’ha mai fatta ad imparare. Io invece corro fortissimo, mi piace troppo!
Quando papà è morto però naturalmente nessuno mi portava più in montagna a sciare e io, più di tanto, mica me la sentivo.
Poi è arrivato l’allora Fidanzato e mi ha riportato in montagna! Lui non sa affatto sciare. Ha provato lo snowboard con scarsissimi risultati così quest’anno il mio obiettivo sarà provare a fargli mettere gli sci!
Spero davvero di riuscire ad andare la prossima domenica o il giorno dell’Epifania!
Quanto mi piacerebbe sentire il freddo sulle guance e correre correre e correre e poi risalire e giù di nuovo in picchiata.
Boh, per me sciare è meraviglioso.

PNYR-3 two beauties This mother and daughter were a part of a family group attending a Sufi shrine in Delhi. I was nervous to attempt to photograph them concerned about intruding but pushed myself to engage. The whole group responded warmly and we soon got to meet the family. The two mothers were visiting the shrine with their mother in law and I had the sense our engagement added to their experience a little. I would have been more than happy with the experience alone without an image but ended up with this wonderful ‘madonna and child’ portrait.
Resolution 3: Keep making the effort to engage from my own delight in the other. (sharing my favourites from 2014 as ‘resolutions’ for 2015)

www.robertvankoesveld.com  ©Robert van Koesveld Photography http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0

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is it better to wear a sports bra under a binder or just the binder

Kay says

Binder only!!! Adding a sports bra would probably put too much pressure on your chest and that can cause A LOT of problems from being uncomfortable to rib deformities.

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What is the mechanical difference of rebels ad mercs?

Rebels chain up in converted mana costs and mercenaries chain down. The former is significantly stronger than the latter.