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Onebuttscratcher PRESENTS A kcolrehssemloh II emilyjanesworld II thedreamingdinosaur A FILM BY neb-is-here Benedict Cumberbatch Chris Evans MUSIC BY II i-loki-you II winterheart17 COSTUME DESIGNER duckland EDITED BY sherlock-life PRODUCTION DESIGNER amortentia25 II DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY kevienpictures EXECUTIVE PRODUCER sherlyismyholmesboy II barely-seen II jurgbury STORY BY hiddlestonhug DIRECTED BY nievesrecords

A broken heart can lead even the sweetest person to turn. After a particularly bad breakup Flannigan (played by Award Winning Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch) refuses to let go of his love. Hearing about his tough breakup his three best friends gather around to support him but when Flannigan starts to list the people who’ve broken his heart and heads down a dark path they question what he may do if he gets too far into this pit of despair.



The hierarchy of portrayals of Peter Parker is:

  1. Josh Keaton
  2. Josh Keaton
  3. Josh Keaton
  4. Andrew Garfield
  5. Tobey Maguire
  6. Every other actor to play Peter Parker except for Drake Bell
  7. Drake Bell

I’m hearing that Frankie’s role might also be Franz from Rock of Ages? It’s also German and 80s related. The current actor is leaving to pursue other things. 

He also followed someone who is in the Vegas version of Rock Of Ages yesterday…

video games are like movies

movies where the lead actor shows up drunk, doesn’t remember their lines, drinks 20 cups of coffee in one sitting, breaks the props, steals the special effects and makeup, blows up half the set, tries to kill the director, attempts to make out with the supporting roles, floods the porta-potties, and videotapes every single second of it using a go-pro strapped to their face

So basically....

Some people went to Emily’s concert at WSC only to stand there and rip on her, saying they didn’t know she sang more than one song….someone else gets up and asks Scott Wilson, a legendary actor, if he thought Bethyl was gross and he essentially shut that shit down (that’s gotta be embarrassing) and now I’m hearing that some lovely folks are saying Emily fucked her way into the role of Beth…..

I just……what the fuck has happened to our fandom???

The 1000 - London's most influential people 2014: The Arts


Tom Hiddleston

The star of Thor and the upcoming Crimson Peak made a magnificent return to theatre when he played Shakespeare’s Coriolanus at the Donmar. As an associate actor at Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre, he looks set to grace the stage again soon. x

Interesting to see that he was included for theatre NOT for film. So while most on the site here are naturally more familiar with his work in film, his work in theatre is seen as more influential, even though he was in OLLA last year and has a lot of movies set for next year. Granted there is no real distinction, yet I find it interesting how he is perceived by London media.