tummylinson replied to your post: ok but where are the hq´s of louis´ 3r…

Tell me about it!! I still can’t believe he wore a short sleeved shirt throughout the whole thing and there’s not a single hq of it like 😭

same! i just really want to know what it says cause it looks like a text tattoo and im so fucking curious about it cause other than the “oops” and “it is what it is” tattoo he´s not having any text tattoos and both of them have a heavy meaning so what is it this time??


2014 WTA Tour Review
Maria Sharapova + 4 titles in 2014

  • undefeated in all her 2014 finals (4-0)
  • 3rd consecutive Stuttgart title (the only tournament Sharapova has won at least three times)
  • 2nd Roland Garros title, also her 5th Grand Slam (the only active player besides Serena Williams to have won more than one Roland Garros title)
  • 19-1 record in 2014 claycourt tournaments with 3 titles: Stuttgart, Madrid, Roland Garros (only loss to Ana Ivanovic in Rome 3R)
Mighty Morphin' Poser Ranger

Sinabi ko pa man din na babalik ako dito kaso tinamad rin ako ulit. Bumalik lang ako at makikipost dahil may nag-summon sa akin at kinailangan daw niya ang aking $k1LLz para mahuli itong p0$3r. Totoong madali lang makaramdam kung poser ang isang tao o hindi. I mean, masyadong pogi/maganda tapos pinapansin ka? Ha ha ha. Hindi ‘yun, pero totoong madali lang makaramdam kung poser ang isang tao o hindi. Ang kailangan mo lang ay ebidensya talaga; parang nasa korte. Pero bago ang lahat, alamin muna natin ang alamat ng poser.

Isang araw, nagwe-webcam si Girl at puro katawan lang ang kanyang pinapakita sa kanyang customer…

Customer: Girl, itaas mo nga ‘yung camera, gusto kong makita ang mukha mo.
Girl: Ano po, ser? *kinakabahan*
Customer: Itaas mo kako ‘yung webcam para makita itsura mo.
Girl: Po, ser?
Customer: Sabi ko, itaas mo ‘yung webcam! ‘Wag mo itago mukha mo!
Girl: Po, ser?
Customer: “Po, ser” ka nang “Po, ser”, “Po, ser” ka ata e. Po ser!

So bale, ito ang naganap sa twitter…



After 21 minutes (dahil chineck ko ang time), natapos ko at nalaman ko kung taga-saan siya and shit. Medyo hassle lang kasi marami siyang poser pa na iba at napagkamalan kong tunay ‘yung isang poser pero I need to go deeper. #Ansabe2014

Ito ang picture ni “Bryan” na kakatapos lang mag-workout: [click]
Ito naman si Huang Xinhao: [click]
Ito naman ibang pics niya kung gusto niyong pagpantasyahan: [click]

Nag-T.A. rin ako sa kanya…


Tapos hindi na ako sinagot ni Papi.

Hindi ko sinasabi na magaling ako. Ang point ko dito ay oo, magaling talaga ako pero may iba pa — Nakakatakot talaga ang internet. Hindi dahil sa pwede kang makuhanan ng mukha dahil pwedeng rason na rin ‘yun, pero sa rason na paano ko na-track si Bryan at si Huang Xinhao at wala nang privacy sa mundong ‘to at sa mga sunod pang pwedeng mangyari, sa bank account niyo and etc. Pero ‘wag kang mag-alala kasi ‘di ka magkakaposer.

Broadcasting Carry submitted by Sam Peterson

A few updates from my ~2012 pocket dump. Wood grain has been replaced with aluminum. The Rimowa is not part of my everyday but certainly part of my every week carry.


[FAN PHOTO] 14.11.18 - 21 Shinhwa Eric in Hong Kong (part 2/5)

First 4 photos are screencaps from Apple Daily news.  Eric was spotted by Apple Daily numerous times when he was doing the photoshoot in Hong Kong.  It’s said Eric & Chief Lee were seen smoking on the balcony (3r & 4th pics).   After working on the photoshoots, Eric didn’t just leave right away without touring around the area for a bit.  They spotted Eric again that day across the Hong Kong harbor.

In the first 2 photos, they said Eric was posing for the photoshoot at a taxi stand.  He was so good looking that even bus driver uncle can’t stop looking.  See the bus driver uncle keep looking over at Eric in the 2nd photo? (the red arrow is by Apple Daily) ^^

Credit as tagged + Apple Daily & original owners on weibo/ingstagram/twitter + EricMun Tumblr



Art by MughalRox | source

Meet Voltorb. It’s a creature, it’s a removal spell, it’s both! Red and Blue play well with artifacts in this set, so I wanted a common artifact that pushed you to play Red. Voltorb here definitely does that, maybe a little too well. The playtest group mentioned it would feel more fair if the ability cost 3R, so I’ll probably test with that moving forward.

So what do you think? Powerful? Fair? First Pick? Twelfth pick?

ForScan Plaster 27, 2013, on view at William Arnold (94 Scholes, Apt. 3R, Brooklyn, NY) for Time Remembered. 

Really really messy (what are proportions even?) doodle of dipper in a version the darkness outfit from Legend. Cause i really want to write in a version of the scene so it may happen in the fic???? i’m really tempted. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAIf0Sy-3rs <- for reference

it’s past one i’m going to sleep 

swiggitytrolls asked:

dances slowly. how do u feel about deloch, centis. one hundred percent honest just between u and me what do u think abt him

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