Starting to snow again. Glad I put on the rugged tall top Tony Lama 3Rs this AM. Rounded toe not my favorite, but this pair and I have bonded.

==> You figured you would give her something nice for once, even though you are not nice. At all. But, hey. What’s the harm in doing good things every once in a while? Especially for good friends, such as Saikin. She deserves something nice. So, you showed up to her hive. She’d probably be moving in with you soon, which was cool and all, you figured you could help her today maybe. 

==> But that wasn’t actually why you were really here, though. You had a small little bouquet of flowers, white ones, and a box of chocolate. You hope she’s not allergic, that’d fucking suck. Well, not really. You’d eat them. Either way, you knock on her door… thing. 

> H:3y princ:3ss, you awak:3 in th:3r:3? <

TBT: This year’s two BAFTA winners on this old photo 

- I noticed only recently, that Jack O’Connell is also on this picture.

Teenage Cancer Trust 2009 - An Evening Of Comedy - March 29, 2009 

TCT Special guest Anthony Whitehead (3R) poses actor Nicholas Hoult (R), Kaya Scodelario (3L), Jack O’Connell (4L) and Eddie Redmayne (L) during the sixth and final night of a series of concerts and events in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust organised by charity Patron Roger Daltrey at The Royal Albert Hall on March 29, 2009 in London, England.Anthony is an ex cancer patient and volunteers with the TCT. 

Source: Zimbio

Ask Box Is Now Open!

Hello people, 1 aM B3CK From the grave and missed my own fUneral. Now what to do? Do I pay a visit to those that have wronged me, or do I try to find some fun some other way? Alpha has joined the TheoCracy, seems Ms.Kais3R a5 well. The fair lot of you are in trouble, so now that I’M “dead” 1 5uppo5e I have plenty of freedoM now. But th3re’s just one thing I can’t figure out: what’s become of our Rebellion?

The after affects of the “accident” Hav3 Left me a bit unstabLe s1nce I wa5 forced to H34l from such a gRievous state. 1M stiLl myself, but th05e serums that were left 1n Boris’s aNd Hilda’s care were not as promisin6 as we hoped theM to b3. It seems PaR3nt never did get the perfect child they desired to h4ve, or maybe this is what they Planned all along? Only +ime will tell wHat will b3coMe of my s4nity and I. Anyways, onto something eLse shaLl we?

Feel free to stuMble into my presence and 4sK for my h3lp, +Hough tracking m3 won’t be so easy. Merely leave a me5sage at the emblem of the Crow which I’v3 sc4ttered throughout the city and I’M be sure to find you eventually.

F1nd this and I will F1ND yoU. Farewell.

Jack and Kim matching! :3

"Kim is the executive director of the Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation and, though Jack is president, it’s really her baby. “Jack always says he’s my fundraiser,” Kim says. “All the programs and planning and vision of where we’re going, where we’re heading, is kind of more my role. He chimes in every step of the way, but he’s not someone who is going to go, ‘Let me write this curriculum.’ The cool thing is, I’ll say, ‘Hey, will you write a song about recycling?’ And he writes ‘The 3R’s.’”