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Both Diego and Damien was in just chatting away casually until a loud thudding echo into the room from the door.
Diego stood up and opened the door to answer it to be greeted by a new face he grinned “Hello! erm…you got the wrong place? Not seen you around here hehe!”

What is Disposal? 

By Klara Friman

In a previous blog post, What Happens to our Broken Phones? we promised that we would explain the different steps in the waste management hierarchy set up by the United Nations (UN). Mentioned were Prevention – also referred to as Reduce – which together with Reuse and Recycle are the three preferred ways of handling waste. These are often abbreviated to the 3R’s. Unfortunately, there is still waste which hasn’t been prevented nor reused or recycled. The 3R’s are a good vision to keep in mind, but sadly does not work in today’s reality. Our waste is therefore, within the UN waste management hierarchy, ordered in a fourth and fifth step, Energy Recovery and Disposal. 

It is now time to explain a little bit more about the least wanted, but still very common, fifth step: Disposal, as in dispose of.

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if non-black tumblr can’t be funny w/o speaking in a stylized way that we don’t use out loud, how about instead of stealing/imitating aave, let’s |3R||\|6 |34( |< |_337 5P34|< instead… try ‘PW|\|3|)!!” instead of ‘dragged’… 2001 was a special time in all our lives let’s cut out the appropriative crap and relive the magic

Someone message me, an anonymous person. This is the first time I receive this kind of message from @omer_jtt/om_3r. In this world nobody knows when it will be our last day here on earth. So instead of being bad, make an extra effort, be nice to all the people you will encounter, since you don’t know if that’s the last time you will see them. To this person from #PAKISTAN may your Allah bless you and your family. If you cannot raise your kids as a good person, now or in the future, I suggest you can give them to the orphanage or a home for kids. So that they will teach, learn a good moral, manners and attitude.
Thank you for the words.
If that makes you happy. So be it. Make sure no one will do the same to you, as you did.
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Sooooo…. would anyone be interested in a free M8-3R astromech droid code from the NYC Cantina Tour? I also have spoilers for 3.0, but you can get a lot more of those from the podcast guy who I was standing next to. I have very little patience for SWTOR!Revan stories, what can I say? Would rather talk favorite class stories, companions, and keybinds with other people over loads of free drinks.

But yeah— I have two codes— who wants a blue and yellow round-headed droid?