Consider what all your old apartments would say if they got together to swap stories. They could piece together the starts and finishes of your relationships, complain about your wardrobe and musical tastes, gossip about who you are after midnight. 7J says, ”So that’s what happened to Lucy; I knew it would never work out.” You picked up yoga, you put down yoga, you tried various cures. You tried on selves and got rid of them, and this makes your old rooms wistful: why must things change? 3R says: ”Saxophone, you say? I knew him when he played guitar.” Cherish your old apartments and pause for a moment when you pass them. Pay tribute, for they are the caretakers of your reinventions.

sometimes when I’m smoking I get in that stage where I’m like “I’m such a bad kid my parents are gonna hate me I hate smoking” then afterwards I’m like HEY THEY HATE ME ANYWAY AND I LOVE SMOKING


Found this… my eyes

Well, this is my fantroll Eriluxia Ampora!
She’s the child of Eridan Ampora and Sollux (<3< Of course!) and her quadrants are
Matesprit: Gamzee
Moirail: Karkat
Kismesis: Vriska
OtherThing- Equius and Tavros
Bio: Other then that stuff, she always tends to hangout with Karkat, she sometimes has bows on her horns. Sometimes, but forgets alot. And she has a genetic messup and got light purplish horns. Her blood color also happens to be rainbow. |-|3R QUIRK IS T|-|IS /\/\3SS @F L3TT3RS. And her trolltag is Trolltag= caligulasArmageddons. Her title is Maid of Love and she lives at the land of bows and dresses. She also braids her hair, not often though. She’s a lazy bum at points. She also likes to stalk Gamzee while not with Karkat, because Gamzee is her Complete Waifu! She also knows all of the 4 kids! Also, her lusus is a cat. Because cats are awesome, oh yeah! John has a crush on her!

Her hair is lump



Contrails are really cool.

Doing the intercept mission, I wanted to see if I could knock out the two F-16s that come after you once you shoot down the F-5.

Shooting down the F-5 was no problem. When it came to the F-16s, I ordered my wingman to engage bandits. Fortunately, he targeted the F-16 I wasn’t, so when we were in range we simultaneously fired on each F-16. I shot a radar guided R-3R (AA-2) while my wingman shot an IR guided R-60M (AA-8).

My missile hit first against an F-16 evading in a horizontal left turn. Meanwhile, the far F-16 went into a climb and started dropping flares to evade my wingmans AA-8. The AA-8 hit its mark shortly after.

Me humillaste, me mentiste, mentiste al resto respecto a mi.
Ahora miro hacia atrás y no sé si viví en una obra de teatro con alguien digna del oscar o en verdad fueron ciertos tus sentimientos, porque a pesar de mis fallas, los míos fueron y son ciertos, no sé si te odio o te amo, si te quiero lejos o a mi lado, en España o a una calle de distancia, en el 3r piso o en el 2do, en la universidad o en el colegio, en Quilpue o acá en Viña„, Pero si sé que si vienes te abro (la puerta), te dejo entrar y hacer como si nada, si me dices “ven”, iré… Sé que si me hablas respondo, sé que si me pides algo lo hago, sé que si me pides disculpas las acepto (Si te preguntas por qué, lee la primera línea), si no quieres nada, me estoy acostumbrando hace un tiempo, si estás con alguien ya lo sabía. Sin embargo veo mis faltas y sí, fuí un imbécil, el que dices mi “amigo” te mintió, parece que tanto tanto no es amigo mío, porque no besé a ninguna de las dos que dijo, por eso no irrumpí tanto en esa aclaración, ahora expuesto a que leas esto probablemente mañana, pasado, o en 3 días y luego lo comentes con tus amigos/as, tu grupito… Aún así, expuesto a todo, a servirles de risa un par de recreos, o quizá no, lo tomo como una vía de desahogo, desahogo de lo que no te pude decir, de lo que probablemente no te diré y una desahogo que imagino tenerte frente a frente, cruzar palabra como quizá lo haremos o quizá nunca más… Cada uno cuenta su parte del cuento y la mía es que fue algo inolvidable, pero tú… reeditaste cada cuento a cada persona al parecer y eso me hace dudar de si en verdad conocí a la duquesa catalana o sólo conocí a la Julieta… si ves esto y me respondes excelente, si no, que te valla bien, no es un pié para volver a todo o a algo, es una forma de como dije, desahogarse, los mejores deseos te halla conocido de verdad o no, éxito.
PD: Siempre odié a los gatos culiaos (excepto los Egiptos) y el chocolate de menta culiao.

Para Helena, que era inalcanzable y se dejó alcanzar.

So excited sending these repurposed concho cuffs! To Japan thank you,again! @3r_s 🙏
And to Minnesota (1/3)
⚠️only 8left!!
Shop link on profile.
Ship worldwide.

What Happens In Bangkok, Part 1

“Hey, you in Bangkok sweetie. There’s a reason they don’t call it Bangcunt.” 

But first things first, I’m the riles, no loljk.

Temple hopping as it was part of the tour.


You know how old timey photographers would take photos of you then later on put them on the street as 3R or 5R photos with fancy borders for you to buy

Well in the temples they put them on BUTTON PINS.


I should warn people though to bring socks because at the end of this tour I felt like the soles of my feet were burnt like a tongue when eating soup that’s too hot. You have to leave your shoes outside and walk on concrete so for the sake of your feet, wear something.


The first street food that we tried was this, I don’t even know what it is but it tastes like lumpiang togue though it’s made of pork. Actually it’s deep fried pork spring rolls with a side of shredded cabbage. Our driver, Mr. Man, also treated us to some banana cue, Thailand style, which actually looks like banana fritters, and are not as sickly sweet as pinoy banana cue.


These guys who look like the Huns are statues all the way from China in the oldy times.


The reclining Buddha was so freaking huge.





There was a ceremony going on so we didn’t get to go into most of the temples in the grand palace.