dean/cas fic: Ángelus Dómini (3.3k, nsfw)

ángelus dómini; 3.3k, nsfw, soul bond, implied bottom Dean, spoilers for 10x23


The darkness rolls over the Impala like a wave.

Dean grabs Sam’s arm, his fingers twisting in Sam’s sleeve. His first instinct is to make a break for the cantina, but the smoke is too thick, is coming in too fast. Everything is black. The Impala jolts as the ground lurches and groans underneath it.

Sam scrambles into the back, coughing and pulling his shirt over his head, and Dean sprawls across the front seat, hiding his face from the smoke. His whole body is shaking, but he keeps his breathing slow and even so he doesn’t waste the clean air inside the car. His mouth tastes like dirt and ash. The place where the Mark should be aches like a phantom limb.

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Last nights 10k pack at NCAA. That’s me chillin in the back for over 5000m. Then with 3k left each lap got faster and faster to fight for a top 8 All-American finish. I let all those girls do the work for me at the beginning, I stayed patient, and closed faster than anyone in the field. With 150m left I was in 5th and that’s when the voice inside my head said “Come on Kate. Don’t settle. This is your dream. Everything you’ve worked for. Make it happen.” Then next thing I knew I was bent over the trash can with a 3rd place finish. My only thoughts were I fucking love running.


my 1st @emanithegoddess was deleted (@3k) because people kept flagging the pictures I posted from the #sayhername protest I participated in on May 21. please tell me what’s so offensive about our nipples!??! I chose to take part in this protest to end the commodification and exploitation of black women and girls bodies, yet you continue to censor us, you continue to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. you have no problem with the sexualization and objectification of our bodies, why do you have a problem with us liberating ourselves? what are you afraid of? i made a new IG @emanithedivine, please follow it!!! #freethenipple #blacklivesmatter 

Emma and how she “sacrificed herself for those she loved”

I’ve seen a lot of disgruntled comments about that one, and I’ve debated whether I should bring this back or not, but for anyone interested in reading an essay I wrote a while back (I’ve since edited it to include the finale, because it’s pretty relevant) on why some people are so determined to not see the romantic side to SQ, I’m adding it below the cut; the original essay was 1500 words long, but it’s now it’s nearly 3k, so yeah. It’s mostly for me, and a way for me to explain it to myself, and make sense of what/why people react the way they do.

To any of you familiar with feminist writings, the text I use for reference is Terry Castle’s The Apparitional Lesbian

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‘Young Explorer's Adventure Guide’ Anthology Needs YA Sci-Fi/F Stories - Pays 6 cents/word

Dreaming Robot Press, an indie sci-fi/f publisher for YA and middle-grade readers, is seeking submissions for the 2016 edition of the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. The anthology will be a collection of sci-fi/fantasy stories aimed at a middle-grade and young adult readership; therefore, the protagonist needs to be 9-12 years old.

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Como eu prometi está ai o pack especial pelo tumblr ter chegado a mais de 3k seguidores e a artista escolhida foi a lana, eu espero que gostem porque demorei pakas pra fazer hahaha.

No pack contém:

  1. 32 headers
  2. 14 rad/kawaii headers
  3. 11 lyrics ehaders
  4. 58 icons
  5. 16 kawaii icons
  6. 12 funny icons

Pra conseguir o pack você tem que:

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kissficlet #3: Solar/Moonbyul (1.3k)

blotthis said: Moonsun: solar confesses.

[I’ve actually had a vague outline for this ficlet in my head ever since the car trip episode of Beagle TV! But I only ever wrote a few paragraphs, so I took advantage of this prompt to write the rest.]


Byulyi leaned back, avoiding the whip of Yongsun’s hair as she tossed her head to the side.  “Why are you so cruel,” Yongsun whispered, only her dejected cheek visible.

Byulyi leaned forward in her seat to lift a lock of hair away from Yongsun’s cheek. Laughter ruined her attempt at a serious masculine voice as she murmured, “How can anyone trust you when you lie so often?”

Yongsun made a wounded sound and cast herself sideways, clutching at Wheein across the narrow aisle between the car seats.

“Unnieeee,” Wheein objected, sleepily fighting her off.

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Today’s workout

I ran/walked 3k, did 5 full push-ups, 15 knee push-ups, 10 tricep dips and 10 up-down plank moves.

I did a flexibility session but even by just stretching lightly I tweaked a muscle on my left thigh… I’m sooo tight :(

I also meditated for 5min.

My first Foggymatt fic! I love this ship so much and can’t stop thinking about it and this prompt on the kink meme jumped out at me immediately so I just had to write 3k words for it! Enjoy :D

For this prompt on the Daredevil Kink Meme:

“A few days after the dust has settled from everything with Fisk, Matt and Foggy are spending some quality time together, working on their relationship, when Foggy asks something along the lines of, “So, in the interest of full disclosure, are there any other big secrets I should know about?”

Turns out, there’s just one: Matt serial dated in college because he never trusted anyone enough to get to the sexual part of the relationship, and he definitely didn’t feel comfortable enough to have a one night stand with some stranger.

It doesn’t help that he’s been head over heels for Foggy since oh, the moment they first met.

(So, oops, that makes two big secrets, not one, but Matt’s taking that one to the grave.)

Foggy is an excellent problem-solver, so, naturally, he asks, “But you trust me, right?”

What kind of question is that, really?

They do the do, and Matt’s last secret just kind of slips out, because feelings.“

I fully acknowledge that I am going to sound like a broken record, but my timehop had me feeling… well.. I’m not quite sure. A variety of things. Because this time last year (near to the minute) I was reveling in what was the high of my best race ever. Period. I broke a school record, crushed the field, and walked away with a title I had dreamed of for years. Not to mention qualified for a national championship.

And now, a year later, I’m sitting in my closet writing this, staring at my medals, at my closet door masked with bibs, hip numbers, etc., thinking about all that has changed.

I’m still the same girl. I know I have races like that in me. I know I will one day race the steeple again with a feeling of strength, confidence, and determination, rather than the anxiety, reluctancy, and insecurity that the 3k brought me (or I brought to it). I know I can achieve a new pinnacle for myself. 

I think what has changed is that along my journey to high school senior year glory, I had every possible ounce of support from a variety of sources. Along with sappy instagrams, and gleeful Facebook status, my timehop was full of inspiring, appreciative, and encouraging messages from family, friends, and acquainted observers. In college, my support group was hundreds of miles away. I couldn’t run to the MC of the meet to request a song (pro tip- they don’t really play songs in college). I couldn’t find my pre-race nerves being calmed by the ever corny jokes of the familiar faced officials. On the starting line, I was standing next to experienced strangers, instead of girls whose times, attitudes, and hometowns I had memorized. We all adjust. I’ll find these things. I’ll find new cheerleaders, and new competition. New inspiration, new goals. 

But right now I’m working on being my own cheerleader. Being my own competition. Like I keep saying, there are so many things I’ve become interested in besides running. High school was a great environment for me to focus on training and racing. But in college, there is SO much more to be offered. My school has insane resources, and I am constantly amazed by them. I really poured myself into my school work this past semester and it paid off. I had a 3.89, a huge jump from my 3.44 in the fall. For me, that was my steeple.  At the end of the day I just continue to be so happy that I am healthy enough to even run. I’ve seen so many injured teammates this year that it really has made me appreciate all my body can do. 

Yes, I want that competitiveness back. I want to prove to myself, my coaches and my teammates (both new and old), that I am where I belong. I want to prove to myself I can run that 7:16 steeple again, and then some. 

Until then, I will enjoy the ride. If I’ve learned anything, had any major revelation it’s that- enjoy the ride. Trust the process. Yes, I should get my edge back. It is not a bad thing to want to be better, to return to greatness. But it is bad to be miserable during the process. I don’t want to become consumed with these goals of mine, to be sent into a spiral of self-judgment and anxiety. 

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Don’t forget to breathe.

Reached 3k followers today-thanks everyone! I hope you are feeling strong and happy and if not then you feel stronger and happier very soon wonderful people

#PURPOSE // why do you run? Do you run to get to a marathon? Is every run another check-box along the way?

I run simply to get to that place of freedom in running again. My runs are planned and calculated so that I can return to running - without any limits. It sucks that I need to limit something I’ve been missing for so long - but right now I just love the music my pounding feet are making ~ even though it’s only for 3k or 5k in a slow pace.