Cheo Hodari Coker Will Serve as Executive Producer and Showrunner of ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ For Netflix

“Netflix & Marvel Television announced today that Cheo Hodari Coker will serve as executive producer and showrunner of the anticipated series, “Marvel’s Luke Cage.” Coker is writing the first two episodes of the series that will premiere in 2016, everywhere that Netflix is available.

Most recently, Coker served as a co-executive producer on the second season of “Ray Donovan,” and prior to that was a supervising producer on the critically-acclaimed, fourth season of the drama “SouthLAnd.” Coker was a part of the “SouthLAnd” team that earned the show a 2012 Peabody Award. Coker also garnered a 2013 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing for a Dramatic Series for his work on that show.”

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Explanation (oh lawd)

Fair Warning: I am going to have to break your guys’ hearts for a third time tonight. Read through the entire post before responding.

About numbuhone.tumblr.com: As many of you have speculated over the past couple weeks, this blog is, in fact, a very elaborate fanblog. For those of you who were wondering and want to go to bed, here’s your answer straight up. I posted “stay tuned” in the event that 12 AM PST would reveal that “no plans for a series” would turn out to be the April Fools’ Joke, and that if not, you’d at least get the truth from me, so here you go.

I was a fan of the original KND years ago and grabbed this URL in 2013 just in case I ever wanted to use it. When the teaser leaked, I randomly got the idea to create a (seemingly) 100% authentic and in-character blog and just ran with it. Using a hell of a lot of Photoshop and, occasionally, various drawings/screenshots already in existence, I created a significant amount of mostly original content to build hype.

I am truly sorry nothing ended up coming of all of this. When I started this blog, I did not expect:

A. Absolutely no show, movie, webseries, anything whatsoever other than a video essentially saying “jk”.

B. Some Tumblr pleb pretending to be me doubly-deceiving the entire website.

My original plan was to come clean after the countdown anyway (since I expected my “fanon” to be contradicted, and also this turned out to be way too large of a timesink), which wouldn’t have been nearly as painful if those two things hadn’t happened. Still, if you guys hate my guts right now I totally understand. This blog’s seeming authenticity was meant to be more about exciting you guys rather than deceiving you, but feel free to send anon hate anyway.

About the other Numbuh 1 blog, numbuh-one.tumblr.com: Like I said before, this blog has never been affiliated with me or anyone affiliated with the show. It started off reblogging my content trying to pass it off as their own content, then made that (IMO) lame cypher, then acted like a fanblog, then pretended to be a voice actor from the show. Everyone totally ate it up even though it was obviously fake. I mean, come on, answering questions about 274’s sexuality, but questions about Father’s pipe were “spoilers”? Has no one heard of a non-disclosure agreement? Anyway.

Conclusion: I cannot describe how much fun this has been over the past few days. Whether you’re from Tumblr, Facebook, 4chan, 8chan, or anywhere else, I’ve really enjoyed having you all as an audience, reading your tags and posts, seeing your reactions and roleplays, and just being a part of this hypetrain in general. If you have any questions (or hate-mail) regarding me, the blog, or any particular posts, I will finally be answering asks from here on out, and may make an appearance in the 4chan/8chan /co/ threads as well. Obviously I’ll post anything official that comes up as well, as I’m still not convinced this is all Warburton and co. have for us.

And I know Change.org petitions rarely change much of anything, but if you want to show CN the hypetrain is still going, sign here: https://www.change.org/p/cartoon-network-greenlight-galactic-kids-next-door-series

Thanks again guys. Sorry things turned out so disappointingly.

The world’s oldest living person, Japan’s Misao Okawa, has died from heart failure at the age of 117.

She died in a nursing home in Osaka, the city she was born in on 5 March 1898.

She is survived by three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Ms Okawa was recognised in 2013 as the world’s oldest living person, as well as the world’s oldest living woman, by Guinness World Records.

The oldest person who has ever lived according to Guinness was Jeanne Calmentof France, who lived 122 years and 164 days. She died in August 1997.


Every year Forbes does a Hip-Hop Cash Kings list and Drake has managed to make it for the past few years. They also do a Hip-Hop Cash Princes list and for the first time PARTYNEXTDOOR makes the cut.

Last year was a big year for Party as he dropped his second mixtape, ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR 2′ and embarked on his first solo U.S. tour ‘PND Live’. This year he extended the tour by adding additional U.S. and overseas dates. Party also produced three tracks on Drake’s hit mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” and is featured on two. He’s been hard at work and Forbes has recognized that as he makes their annual Hip-Hop Cash Princes list. This particular list is mainly comprised of rappers, but Party represents for the r&b singers.

“Signed to Drake’s OVO sound, 21-year-old rapper and singer Jahron Brathwaite has only put out two full-length releases as PartyNextDoor in 2013 and 2014. His unique mix of smooth late night drugs-and-sex music has helped him bubble up slowly, playing sold out dates in the U.S. and producing 3 tracks on Drake’s recent If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.”


The Haleyscomett-Art Foundation is your source for all things Markiplier and Darkipleir related. Our mission is to advance public awareness of Darkiplier and his not-so-evil-and-cries-a-lot counterpart, Markiplier. The public will be treated to various kinds of artwork found in the tabs at the top of this blog or by typing in key words down in the search bar at the bottom of the blogs page. Founded in 2013, the owners of this foundation still have no idea what they’re doing but highly encourage public interaction as it makes running this foundation a lot more entertaining.


ah jesus this is late but whatev!!

happy (late) #transdayofvisibility. i’ve come a long way since starting high school and finally being able to transition to male. i’ve known i was a dude since i was 3 years old and i would yell about being the birthday boy. one of my favorite cosplayers actually helped me realize that being ftm is like. a thing. i’ve been to therapy, and the therapist finally got through to my parents about who i am. i finally got to start taking testosterone on march 15, 2013. shortly after that, i got my first tattoo!! i’m proud of how confident i’ve become.

i went from being the quiet shy “girl” to the kinda loud and excitable dude!

i don’t think i’ve shown my pre-transition pictures to a lot of people, but it feels good to see how far i’ve come. 

(the top two pictures are me now, if that wasn’t clear lol)