Wim Delvoye carves beauty into the mundane 

At Galerie Perrotin Paris

Upon entering into the gallery, a set of five aluminium rimowa suitcases are present. though recognizable in form, delvoye has emblazoned their surfaces with imagery that range from his own, personal coat of arms, to miniature persian patterns. each hand embossed travelling case thus is transformed into bas-relief sculptures which speak of a globalized world.

Absurdly intricate details drawing from art and architecture movements of the past — most notably sacred gothic architecture, to 19th century sculptures — combined with subtle influences 

The belgian artist employs these themes and genres by reinterpreting and visualizing them through daily objects, deforming these motives that drive his work to recreae a genuine cabinet of curiosities of wunderkammer. galerie perrotin in paris.

1….6..rimowa classic flight multiwheel,  2013
aluminium repoussé
hand embossed aluminium
7.8..suppo (karmanyaka), 2012
9.10. double helix alternation current, 2009
bronze nickelé


To understand the scale of response the world must mount in orderto stop Ebola’s march across Africa (and perhaps other continents), the world community needs to immediatelyconsider the humanitarian efforts following the 2004 tsunami and its devastation of Aceh, Indonesia. The U.S. and Singaporean militaries launched their largest rescue missions in history: The United States alone put 12,600 military personnel to a rescue and recovery mission, including the deployment of nearly the entire Pacific fleet, 48 helicopters, and every Navy hospital ship in the region. The World Bank estimated that some $5 billion in direct aid was poured into the countries hard hit by the tsunami, and millions more were raised from private donors all over the world. And when the dust settled and reconstruction commenced, the affected countries still cried out for more.

In contrast, the soaring Ebola epidemic garnered only a negligible international response from its recognition in March until early July. The outbreak originated in the tropical rain forest of Guinea in December 2013, but local health authorities did not recognize the new disease in humans in the country until four months later. They can be forgiven a slow reaction, as Ebola has never previously appeared in the West African region. Shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared an outbreak of the same strain of Ebola that first appeared in Zaire in 1976, outside humanitarian responders appeared on the sceneto assist Guinea; they were the organizations thatdominated the treatment and prevention efforts throughout the spring and into the summer, as Ebola spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. During that time the outbreaks were largely rural, confined to easily isolated communities, and could have been stopped with inexpensive, low-technology approaches.

But the world largely ignored the unfolding epidemic, even as the sole major international responder, Doctors Without Borders (also known by its French acronym, MSF), pleaded for help and warned repeatedly that the virus was spreading out of control. The WHO was all but AWOL, its miniscule epidemic-response department slashed to smithereens by three years of budget cuts, monitoring the epidemic’s relentless growth but taking little real action.

Walt Disney Animation Studios attempted several times before to develop Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale “The Snow Queen” into a film in the 2000s but it never worked. They first tried it in 2002, and master animator Glen Keane infamously quit the project, then it was scrapped. “The Snow Queen” was resurfaced again in 2009 and John Lasseter recruited directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale (Beauty and the BeastThe Hunchback of Notre DameAtlantis: The Lost Empire) to helm the project. Producer Don Hahn and writer Linda Woolverton also signed on to the project, alongside Alan Menken and Glenn Slater who were commissioned to write the songs. In 2010, the film was put on hold, rather than be put back in development hell again, as Disney worked out a way on how to make the story work. On December 22, 2011, Disney announced that “The Snow Queen” had been put back into development, now entitled Frozen, with a different crew, and was scheduled for the 2013 holiday season release. It was, however, uncertain whether or not the project was still going to be in hand drawn animation or switch to computer animation. Twenty days later, on January 11, 2012, it was announced that the film was now going to be computer animated.

Bones Season 9 DVD Masterpost

Gag Reel (x)

Deleted Scenes:

The Secrets in the Proposal (Hodgins & Angela) (x)

The Master in the Slop (Brennan & Filmore) (x)

The Heiress in the Hill (Cam & Fisher) (x)

The Repo Man in the Septic Tank (Booth & Sweets) (x)

The High in the Low (Booth & Brennan) (x)


'Bones at Comic Con 2013' - not yet uploaded

'Walking Down The Aisle Bones Style’ - not yet uploaded

We’ve already basically seen most of the Comic Con featurette and we’ve seen quite a bit of the wedding BTS stuff too. I’ll try again to upload that today, but if not, hopefully someone else can do it. (The wedding BTS is ~8 mins long so I can’t upload it to tumblr which has a video limit of 5 mins.)