Charles Bukowski | Acrylics on canvas | 100x140cm


“I’ve never been lonely. I’ve been in a room — I’ve felt suicidal. I’ve been depressed. I’ve felt awful — awful beyond all — but I never felt that one other person could enter that room and cure what was bothering me…or that any number of people could enter that room. In other words, loneliness is something I’ve never been bothered with because I’ve always had this terrible itch for solitude. It’s being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I might feel loneliness. I’ll quote Ibsen, “The strongest men are the most alone.” I’ve never thought, “Well, some beautiful blonde will come in here and give me a fuck-job, rub my balls, and I’ll feel good.” No, that won’t help. You know the typical crowd, “Wow, it’s Friday night, what are you going to do? Just sit there?” Well, yeah. Because there’s nothing out there. It’s stupidity. Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupidify themselves. I’ve never been bothered with the need to rush out into the night. I hid in bars, because I didn’t want to hide in factories. That’s all. Sorry for all the millions, but I’ve never been lonely. I like myself. I’m the best form of entertainment I have. Let’s drink more wine!”

Charles Bukowski

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anonymous said:

You need a fact check on your post about the Israel/Hamas ceasefire. "Israel only respects force. As negotiating for 20 years has not accomplished a quarter of this." Ummm actually, Israel has always made it clear in negotiations that they'd be willing to give land to Palestine in exchange for peace. Israel has always been open to negotiations, it's Hamas that needs to come to the table.

Oh, you want to play this game do you?

Ok, Mr./Mrs. Fact check, how about you fact check this:

Since negotiations began between the PLO and Israel (1993), the number of illegal Israeli settlements has exploded. The number of settlers has risen from 262,000 to a massive 550,000 settlers in occupied territories, including East Jerusalem. Please tell me how this is a sign of good faith on Israel’s part in negotiations? Please tell me how you are going to “split” the cake you’re already eating?

Israel has continued its practice of ethnically cleansing Palestinians from Jerusalem, it is estimated that between 1993 and today, over 1600 Palestinian houses in Jerusalem have been demolished. It is also estimated that around 90,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem alone are at risk of homelessness due to Israeli policies and laws of discrimination with housing and demographics. Please tell me how this is Israel’s willingness to negotiate.

The borders agreed to by Israel in the Oslo agreements has shrunk more and more every year, with Israel annexing more and more land every year and using it for its own needs. Please explain to me how this is helpful to the negotiations Israel so obviously wants (according to you).

As a matter of fact, did you know that Israel actually expands its settlements more rapidly during peace talks? It’s true. Because they feel like they have more wriggle room because the Palestinians don’t want to make a fuss and be blamed for failure of negotiations even though Israel is being a colonial cesspit about it.

For instance, during the last talks Israel approved a /record/ shattering 14,000 new settlement units. WHILE negotiations were going on.

How is that for good faith? How is that for Israel only wanting to negotiate for peace, and us savages being the ones refusing everything?

Hell, even Netanyahu himself said that there will never be a Palestinian state. This is the person we’re negotiating with. Where on earth do you get your news from?

We’ve been LITERALLY negotiating for 20 years. Literally. What have we gained. Please tell me? Less and less land, more and more settlers. More IDF, more occupation.

Hamas HAVE been on the table for the last 20 years. The PLO had the mandate to negotiate in the name of all Palestinians, including Hamas. Hamas has even said it agreed to the two state solution. Stop blaming everything on Hamas because it’s an easy target.

Never in history has an occupied population been held responsible for the safety of its occupiers. Never. As long as there is occupation, there will be a dozen Hamas’.

Israel does not want peace. The sooner you get that through your head the better off in life you will be. Next time you tell me to “ummm actually,” or tell me to fact check, how about you actually do some basic research that goes back longer than a year. I can drown you with facts, don’t patronize me.

my friend who went back to england a few days ago wrote me a really nice letter and i stuck it on the wall because 1. i’d just cleaned my room and had no where else to put it but i didnt want to leave it just in a draw so i was like whatever i’ll just put it up and 2. ive explained everything i needed to explain in point 1 i dont even know why i started using numbers anyway mum was in my room in a good mood and was like aw can i read this and i was like ok and then she started reading being like awww awwww and then she read the part that was like ‘ive never met anyone who drinks as much as you and taylor’ (which was a joke i think and most the time we hung anyway it’d be bc we were drinking with a group of people) and anyway mum was like so shocked by that and was lecturing me for like 10 minutes about how i shouldnt drink so much and blah blah blah anyway it just reiterated the fact that its impossible literally 100% impossible to show your parents something cool or nice or just ANYTHIGN without them turning it into a lecture or ending the conversation saying theyre worried about u. u could show them a picture of a cute dog and the conversation would somehow lead to what ur doing with ur life and what ur exact plans are for the next 40 years of ur life in detail 

[FANCAFE] 140918 IU replies to fans' comments (Part 2) - 12:48 AM


IU: It’s getting late. Everyone go and sleep. I’m going to bed now.


IU: Revealing all my photos -insert selca-


IU: Brave Charity


IU: Jeju island sketchbook


IU: MBC Sangam


IU: The day I wore the red shoes tee to bed.


IU: This morning


IU: Today’s breakfast.


IU: The fanmeeting title I proposed to the company that got rejected -inserts picture ‘IU’s Good Day’ with all the ㅇ s written as the number 6-


IU: This turned out well, but a photo that lacks individuality.


IU: Bbuggu in the laundry basket


IU: Something I eat when I’m bored.


IU: That’s all.


IU: Exit photo -inserts photo of her sticking her hand out to stop the curtains from closing at her small theatre concert-

Translated by squishy with love

nhlstnhlst said:

i never saw a horse trying to find his true Self why should I ?

Is a horse orchestrating genocides, polluting the planet, working 9-5 jobs, or living in a general state of violent confusion?

Consider this:

1. A person juggling a dozen bean bags without realizing it. 

2. That person then realizing they are juggling a dozen bean bags and starting to falter. They are excited to realize how incredible their feat of juggling is but also filled with hope and fear. They hope to continue juggling and fear dropping the bean bags. This added hope and fear then causes them to falter while juggling. 

3. The person regains a state of unwavering composure. No longer are they caught by a mental imagination of the future, called hope and fear. Their full attention is engaged in the act of juggling but their sense of self is rooted in silent presence. The juggling remains smooth and continuous. 

The horse is like number #1. The majority of humanity is at the stage of #2. The spiritual way helps to stabilize us in #3. 

Is anything changing? The juggling in the beginning and in the end are the same. And yet there is also something different. There is a different quality of awareness. 

Recognizing the reality of existence is not a “should.” I would never say that someone “should” be more spiritual or something like that. It’s just an inevitability if we want to free ourselves from unnecessary suffering and uncover the vast potential of harmony both within and without. 

We are either living in ignorance or we are aspiring for clarity. Your True Self™ is not elsewhere to be found. It is not hiding. If it were, “finding” it would be much easier. What makes it seem so enigmatic is the fact that you are and always were that Self. The path is about finally coming to know that as it truly is, without the constructs of name and form.

I think most people come onto the path for different reasons. They want more peace, less anxiety, more love, less fear, or healing. But sooner or later the path will overturn every concept you have about yourself, the world, and reality itself. 

Namaste :)



I love Arizona Wilderness.  It offers that special something which non-wilderness areas can’t match. I should know because I came from Illinois where I hiked many miles of forest and meadow trails.  The hiking was a lot of fun, but I never knew how great hiking could be until I discovered the Arizona Wilderness.

I am blown away by the plethora of Wilderness areas in Arizona.  I can drive from Phoenix in any direction and be in a Wilderness area within an hour.  What is more surprising is how fast one can disappear into these areas and be surrounded by the most amazing scenery anywhere in the United States.

I have hiked Eagletail Mountains Wilderness where I have seen mule deer, wild horses and ancient petroglyphs. I have spent time in the Superstition Wilderness where Gila monsters wander. I’ve walked the Upper Burro Creek Wilderness where wild burros will keep an eye on you while you hike. I have been lucky enough to see the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, where the number of hikers is limited to 50 a day.  I have spent time in the Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness, where one can hike in the river all day admiring Mother Nature’s magnificence.

Arizona Wilderness allows me to explore areas rarely hiked, make new discoveries with every step, immerse myself into the wilderness and experience the wonderment of canyons, rivers, deserts and mountains less traveled.  When I am in Arizona Wilderness I feel the child come…  I get to play all day.  What a great feeling!

-Larry Zuiker, Arizona Wilderness Visitor 

By zarah5

AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Must-Read

Notes: 128k and finished only just this week! Stupidly lovely AU (inspired by the tv show Scandal) that’ll run your mind for days. xx Liz


Disney is letting their big hit go—over to Fox. The network confirmed Monday that Lea Michele will sing the Frozen smash “Let It Go” on Glee‘s final season.

That’s particularly interesting in the light of Disney-owned ABC rolling out a major Frozen arc for fairy tale hit Once Upon a Time this fall, with live-action versions of Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) in Storybrooke for the first half of season four. Producers have already ruled out attempting any musical numbers in their Frozen arc.

Of course, since Glee isn’t expected back on the air for its final 13 episodes until next year, it’s not like they’re likely the two shows will be throwing chilly looks across the broadcast schedule at each other at the same time. Bonus coincidence: Frozen star and “Let It Go” original vocalist Idina Menzel has played the birth mother for Lea Michele’s character on Glee.

Michele broke the news with this hint on Friday:

“I don’t care.. What they’re going to say.. Let the storm rage on.. The cold never bothered me anyway…”

— Lea Michele (@msleamichele) September 13, 2014


You know what’s wonderful? New clothes that really fit. For a long time now, I’ve been wearing stuff that juuuust fits, because I was stuck on being able to say I wore the smallest size. Ridiculous. I’ve heard for years that it’s better to wear a size up because wearing clothes too tight makes you look heavier than you are. And it’s true.

So, I went with what genuinely fit. I bought six new tops that sit comfortably around my torso and a few incredibly flattering pairs of jeans, all one size up from what I was wearing.

I feel like a new person! I’ve worn a new outfit every day this week and I feel more beautiful than I have in a long time. It’s so freeing to let go of size number. I am never going to cling to that again.

[FANCAFE] 140918 From.IU - Six years old~~ - 12:32 AM


We’re 6 years old now~~~~keke
Ah it’s here again. September 18th! In the past year, we’ve worked hard so let’s celebrate among ourselves~~~hollollollo
Umm usually on one’s birthday, the number for the date looks bigger compared to the other days on the calendar, but Sept 18th is becoming another familiar date like May 16th. I have two birthdays!! keke Ah I’m in a good mood. We’ve depended on one another for the past 6 years (Some people joined us along the way, but I’m just going to type it as 6 years). Ah 6 is such a solid number. If the number 6 already feels this way, then 7, 8, 9 would be really solid~ I feel at ease.
Ah today I felt really~ at ease! I hope our Uaena will feel that way too! I’ll do a good job at the fanmeeting to keep up this mood. I’m sorry we could only allow so few fans to participate, but this won’t be our last fanmeeting! I haven’t seen you guys in awhile, so I’ll toss these concerns to the back of my head for a moment and have a good time at the fanmeeting! I released many songs this year, but I haven’t really had a chance to really sit down together with my fans, which I felt was a pity. I really missed you guys! So I’m really excited right now! Full of energy ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! keke Whether you’re coming for the fanmeeting or not, since we’re all Uaena, thinking of yourself as being here in spirit ㅠㅠ  I’ll create another opportunity for us to meet again soon. I’m grateful for simply the existence of our Uaena! I’ll stop by often today, so let’s chat a lot? For now, good night everyone ^_______^

Translated by squishy with love

staliaaaaaaa said:

STOP HATING ON MALIA. you do all that shit talking about Malia all season and the FIRST person ready to jump on a bitch for scott was MALIA. She jumped before anybody could even blink, at her own daddy, the only person who knows anything about her mother, she was ready to get in that ass for scott, her alpha her her man’s brother from another mother.

Okay first of all, I don’t know who you think you are but just stop.

SECONDLY, like I’ve said before this is MY blog, MY opinion so if you don’t like it simply unfollow me cuz I couldn’t give less of a fuck, 

Also, That was just jeff trying too hard to fit Malia in. One episode she doesn’t care at all and then jeff probably realised Malia is getting too much hate so he tried to change her character and forced it onto us. I WOULD BE OKAY WITH HER IF SHE WASN’T SLOWLY TRYING TO REPLACE LYDIA. Lydia will always be my number one. So please just stay in your own lane. Sorry not Sorry.

kdaziz said:

I found posts about physical shock in your tags, but do you have any tips on emotional shock? Specifically, if a nine-ish year old boy would feel emotional shock differently than adults? My character just watched a girl jump over a high railing, and I'm not sure if that would even be enough to exhibit the frozen/slow/shellshocked kind of shock.

First, trauma is not something where if you witness something bad enough, you exhibit a particular response. Emotional shock/trauma or psychological trauma- whatever you want to call it- manifests in a number of different ways and varies even further between adults and children.

Second, what used to be called “shell shock” is now known as PTSD. It has gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to the large number of veterans who have it, but you don’t have to be in war to experience it. It can happen to anyone who experiences a traumatic event. People who have been assaulted or have been in a severe car accident frequently experience PTSD.

Third, you just described your character witnessing another child leap to either her death or grave bodily harm. Seeing something like that would certainly cause emotional trauma. I’d suggest you do some research focusing specifically on child trauma before you proceed.

Good luck,


Recognizing Symptoms of Child Trauma

Child Trauma

Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Causes, Symptoms, Help

PTSD in Children and Teens

American consumer culture

The average American cardholder carries 3.7 credit cards.

The average American household carries over $ 15,000 in credit card debt.

The average U.S. household debt is 136 percent of household income, which means the typical American family owes far more money than it makes in an entire year.

The number of shopping centers in the U.S. surpassed the number of high schools back in 1987.

Women will spend more than eight years of their lives shopping.

The average size of the American home has more than doubled over the past 50 years.

One out of every 10 households in our country rents a storage unit to house its excess belongings.

Fancy // Ashton Irwin

Not requested. Feel free to leave feedback :)

It was fancy, that’s one thing you could say. Large chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, the wooden floor clad in a dark red carpet and the lighting dull.

Soft, sophisticated jazz music traveled through the smoke filled air along with the sound of whiskey glasses klinking.

You were dressed in a figure hugging black dress with a high neck line but an open neck – it was sexy yet classy. The red bottom of your black pumps matched the carpet, and the simple earrings in your ears glimmered when you turned your head.

Your lips were coated in a layer of your favourite chanel shade leaving them a plum colour. You knew you looked ravishing – and so did he.

Ashton Irwin.

The number one business man at the moment; and also the host of this party. He’d sent out invites on luxurious paper, inserted in an envelope with your name hand written in ink on it. When the intresting looking envelope landed in your mail box a few nights ago you were intruged – who actually sent letters these days, and even more so, who sent letters this beautiful?

The name at the bottom of the letter shocked you, but also excited you. Memories flooded your mind as the name brought you back to a few years ago.

You and Ashton had known each other a few years back, when he was nothing but a single guy living in a crappy apartment in the middle of town, his silly ideas nothing but just that. Nothing had ever really happened, just a kiss when you both were drunk off your asses and singing to 80’s songs downtown, but nothing else.

Now everyone wanted to work with him, everyone wanted to make his silly ideas reality. And he was happy to leave everything behind to go live the jet set life; you hadn’t heard from him in over a year and a half.

He had changed, you’ll give him that. Standing in the corners, grasping an expensive glass of strong whiskey in this large hand, you could easily observe without him noticing you.

His shoulders were a lot more broad now, he stood taller than before and with more authority. His hair were more unruly, which shoudn’t make any sense since he’s the one with a respectable job, but somehow it made sense when it came to him.

It all made sense with him.

He was wearing a fitted suit, the black black material slim but not tight around his well sculpted legs. You couldn’t lie to yourself, he looked absolutly breathtaking, and if he’d been a stranger on the street you would have wished to take his number.

But you used to have this mans number, before you got a new phone a few months back and didn’t bother to add it again.

Before you could glance away, his gaze flew across the room observing the people around him. He’d always been quite the observer – always noticing things about people you walked past on the street you would never had thought of.

Sometimes when you walked to the subway nowadays, you could miss him making snarky remarks or just passing his thoughts over to you.

His eyes landed on you, and his eyes trailed down your body.

You clutched the drink in your hand a bit tighter as he licked his lips and made up an excuse to the gentlemen next to him.

The room was full of people, yet his stare didn’t leave yours for his whole wander. It wasn’t long until he was infront of you, only a few feet away.

It felt like old times, but at the same time not.

He’d changed, no doubt about that, but you could still feel the slight shift in the air as you felt his eyes on you.

”(Y/N)”, he said, more like a statement than an conversation opener.

”The one and only”, you fired back, raising your glass before chugging down the remainder of the bitter liquid.

If this would have been a few years ago, the two of you would have crashed this party just to be able to stand in the back corner, consume too much of the fancy liqour and laugh your asses off at how pretentious the people here were.

”You’ve changed”, he spoke up. The words held an authority that along with his new found confidence almost held an intimidating undertone and you could see why a lot of people had so much respect for him.

”So have you, mr Irwin”, you said, not letting your voice falter. His eyes slightly narrowed at the nickname, something in the air changing. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you decided you weren’t going to waste anymore time on this new Ashton.

You gave him a quick nod before raising your glass once again, turning around to go find someone to talk to. You’d come to this thing to see it with your own eyes – see him with your own eyes – but now that you’d confirmed he had turned into one of the suit men you were not going to spend your evening missing the old him.

You had only taken a few steps before you could feel two strong hands on your waist, pulling you back making you crash into his broad chest.

”Where are you going, sweetie?”, he said. He knew you hated that nickname. He knew. You tried turning around but there was no use, the cold of his glass was cool against the thin fabric of your dress.

The hairs on the back of your neck betrayed your confident facade and rasied at the temprature, and you heard him lightly chuckle.

”Don’t call me that”, you shot at him. The words came out harsh, but not as strong as you’d wanted them to.

”Hmm, do you really want me to stop… Sweetie?”, you could feel his tounge trace a line up the shell of your ear.


Reaching a hand up, letting his slender fingers push your hair over your opposite shoulder before leaving a kiss right behind your ear.

”Answer me, kitten…”, he sounded dominant.

You didn’t know how to feel about this new Ashton; all you knew is you craved more and you defininitely didn’t want him to stop.

”Fuck, no Ashton”, you responded almost as a sigh before letting your head tilt slighly to the side as he cointinued tracing soft kisses over the side of your neck and exposed shoulderblade.

”That’s Mr Irwin to you”, he said before turning you around and pressing his forehead against yours. He stared into your eyes intently for a few seconds before grabbing your hand and dragging you with him.

It didn’t take long before you realized you were going to the bathroom, even that was luxourious, a large marble bench with two sinks sunken into decorated one of the mirrored walls. The whole floor and all of the walls were black and glossy – you could almost see your reflection in them.

As soon as you walked in he slammed the door behind you, turning the lock before pressing you up against it.

His forehead returned to yours, the curls around his temples now a bit matted to the skin.

His body was pressed against you completly and if you hadn’t had so many clothes on you were sure you’d been able to feel every little scar on his skin.

Soon his lips came crashing down onto yours in a feverish kiss, and before you knew it your legs were wrapped around his waist, your back hoisted up against the door and his hands roughly groping your chest.

He tasted bitter with an after taste of mint; like he’d drunk a glass of whiskey but popped a breath mint in afterwards (which was probably the correct explanaiton). You couldn’t get enough.

It wasn’t a slow kiss, it wasn’t a romantic kiss, it was a kiss full of passion and hatred; so much had built up ever since he ditched you and it was like you were both fighting each other – only doing so while making out.

He grinded into you making you release a moan into his mouth which he happily swallowed before repeating his actions.

”I fucking hate you, you know that right?”, you said when you pulled away to catch your breath. He nodded quickly.

”Hmm, I know baby, you hate me so fucking much, tell me about it”, he said against your lips before molding them togheter again.

This continued on for a while before you decided you were both wearing too much clothing, dropping your legs to the floor before kicking your heels off and pushing the suit jacket off his shoulders. As much as you loved seeing him in it, it needed to get off of him. He quickly understood your intentions as he pushed the jacket off fully and loosened his tie. You used it to your advantage, grabbing it and pulling him close to continue the kiss.

He was towering over you even more now once you’d taken the high heels off. He pulled the tie over his head before unbuttoning the expensive shirt he was wearing and flung it across the room like it didn’t cost an entire month of savings for you.

Within a minte or two the both of you were left in your underwear, his eyes hungrily wandering down your body.

Suddenly he grabbed your waist, surprising you as he twisted you around and pressed you flat against the door, making you yelp in shock.

He pushed his body up against yours once again, grabbing your hair and softly pushing it across one of your shoulders. You could feel his hard on diggind into your lower back.

”Are you gonna let me fuck you in this bathroom, sweetie?”, he asked mockingly. You could practically feel the wetness pool between your legs at the scene – never would you have thought you’d get so turned on by something like this, yet alone Ashton doing something like this.

A strangled groan left your lips as his hand came in contact with your bum leaving a firm slap.

”Answer me baby girl…”, he growled, leaning forward to suck on the side of your neck making you shift your head to the side.

”Yes… Yes, I am”, you choked out. He slapped you again.

”Who’s gonna fuck you, huh? Who’s gonna make you scream?”, he said, but you could sense his cockiness faltering as his hard on was digging into your lower back.

”You, Mr Irwin…”, you barerly whispered.

”What was that?”, slap.

”You, you’re gonna fuck me Mr Irwin!”, you cried out, surprising yourself with how desperate you sounded but you were in need of his touch.

”Good girl”, he hummed in your ear before turning you around once again.

His hand immediatly went inside the top of panties, teasing your clit lightly.

You could feel your knees going week as he suddenly pressed his index finger against it, holding it there.

”Now I’m gonna need you to be a good girl for me, get undressed and bend over that bench over there, okay?”, he mumbled into your ear before gently biting down on your earlobe.

You felt as if you could cum right then and there – all your senses hightened.

You quickly nodded before reaching behind you to unclasp your bra, letting it fall to the floor along with your panties leaving you completly bare infront of him.

You walked over to the marble bench, seeing yourself and him behind you in the large mirror.

Your nipples hardened the second they came in contact with the cold material making a soft moan leave your lips.

Ashton smirked at you before walking over, stopping behind you and dropping to his knees.

Before you could ask him what he was doing, you felt his tounge lick a stripe up your folds making a loud whimper leave your lips.

”Hmmm, you like that?”, he said against you sending vibrations through your body.

Fuck, yes Ash- Mr Irwin, please… More”, you pleaded.

He didn’t object as you felt his tounge moving to your clit, kitten licking it for a few seconds before letting his lips catch it and slightly suck on it.

You could feel one of his long fingers nudge at your entrance, pushing it in all the way to the knuckle making you squirm under his touch.

If his fingers and tounge could make you feel this good within seconds, you couldn’t even imagine what his cock could do.

”You’re so wet for me baby… So ready”, he mumbled.

He started pumping his finger in and out, soon adding a second one.

It didn’t take long until the combination of his skillful tounge and long fingers made you come undone – your legs slightly shaking as you hit your high. It felt as if the world stopped spinning for a second, and all you could feel was Ashton. Your back arched, giving him quite the sight, and a loud moan left your lips.

You barerly had time to come down from your first orgasm because only seconds later you could hear a package ripping open and him rolling the condom onto himself before pushing the tip into you.

”Oh, fuck”, you moaned, letting your head drop down onto the bench.

His fist quickly found your hair, slightly tugging to pull your head back up again.

”No, no, I want you to watch when I fuck you”, he said making your knees turn weak and you thanked the gods for the bench you were resting on.

He kept your eyes locked with his in the large mirror infront of you as he pushed in completly, stretching you out.

”Hmm, has no one fucked you proberly before? You’re so tight, I could think it’s your first time”, he growled, pinching your bum.

”It’s not my first time, you’re just… You’re just bigger”, you said, but it almost came out as a moan as he started trusting. It was only a few thrusts before he found your g-spot, grinning as you moaned loudly.

”Right there, yeah? That feels good?”, he said, triggering you on with his dirty talk.

He picked up his pace quickly and it wasn’t long before he was relentlessly pounding into you making the front of your thighs hit the edge of the bench but you coudldn’t care less because he was everywhere. You could feel the sweat from his abs drop onto your ass, him filling you up completly, his left hand rubbing your clit, his other hand holding your hair and his voice filling the air with dirty words and silent praises and profanities.

You were happy he made you look at him the entire time, since the sight of him alone could’ve made you cum.

His curls were matted to his forehead, a thin layer of sweat covering his entire body and his biceps and abs flexed as he concetrated.

”Fuck Mr Irwin, I’m so close”, you managed to get out, your hands desperatly searching for something to hold onto.

”Hmm, let go baby girl, come all over my cock”, he grunted out, not losing his pace as you let go. You could see a shudder in his body as the name he made you call him left your lips.

Your eyes closed in pleasure as an even more intense orgasm rolled over you, making back arch even further and strangled moans leave your lips.

You clenching around him made him come undone too, as his head dropped and soft grunts left his lips.

”Shit, shit, I’m gonna…”, he said, not being able to finish the sentence as pleasure overtook his body.

He sloppily rode out both of your orgasms before pulling out, tossing the condom into the bin.

”That was….”, you started, not finding the words to describe the pleasure you’d felt.

”Indescribable”, he finished off, laughing slightly.

Silence mixed with heavy breathing filled the room as you got dressed and you fixed your makeup.

Your back was turned to him, your eyes trained on your reflection in the mirror.

”I’ve missed you, you know”, he suddenly mumbled making your movements still. Your gaze shifted to your side, meeting his eyes in the reflective glass.

”I tried calling you a bunch of times”, he explained, brows furrowing.

”I changed my phone”, you answered.

You could see his cocky facade falter for a moment and see a flash of something in his eyes, you just couln’t quite put your finger on what.

Only a second later he was back to his, for the evening, regular behavior and a smirk was plastered onto his face.

”Well… Don’t change it again. You know my number. ”, he responded before turning toward the door. Right before he was about to turn the knob he turned around.

”Have fun at the party… Sweetie”, and right after he winked at you he was out the door.

You hated that nickname.

Written by Julia. 

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so i came out as trans to a tutor today at college and she gave me her email and mobile number and she said she’s gonna find someone for me to talk to about that stuff at the college and that she’s gonna help me and i am kind of proud of myself